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Zantac pulled off the shelves after FDA reports impurity could lead to cancer

Zantac pulled off the shelves after FDA reports impurity could lead to cancer

IF YOU’RE PRONE TO HEARTBURN AND TAKE THE POPULAR OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICINE “ZANTAC” FOR RELIEF… YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO FIND IT IN YOUR LOCAL DRUGSTORE ANY TIME SOON – AS NEW REPORTS ARE RAISING SERIOUS CONCERN…. OUR SYDNEY STALLWORTH TELLS US WHY. 3 LL: —-Drug stores across the country are pulling a popular heartburn medication off the shelves, as new reports from the FDA gain attention– finding traces of a chemical that COULD cause cancer. IT’S CALLED “NDMA” AND IT’S KNOWN AS A “PROBABLE” HUMAN CARCINOGEN IT’S BEEN FOUND TO CAUSE CANCER IN ANIMALS—- THE FDA HAS RELEASED RECENT REPORTS CLAIMING THEY’VE FOUND A “LOW LEVEL” OF NDMA IN ZANTAC, AND IT COULD BE IN OTHER STORE-BRAND VERSIONS OF THE DRUG. WE MET UP WITH PHILLIP RIGSBY, PHARMACIST AND OWNER OF THE MEDICINE SHOPPE PHARMACY HERE IN HUNTSVILLE.HE SAYS USERS SHOULD START ASKING QUESTIONS. Dr. Phillip Rigsby/ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy: “If they are on a prescription, they would need to follow up with their physician to see what he or she would recommend as an alternative to the ranitidine.” CVS, WALMART, WALGREENS, AND RITE-AID HAVE ALL PULLED ZANTAC OFF THE SHELVES, AND ARE SUSPENDING THE SALES OF THEIR OWN GENERIC VERSIONS. BUT DR. RIGSBY SAYS HE STILL HAS IT AVAILABLE FOR USERS, UNTIL MORE INFORMATION IS RELEASED. Dr. Phillip Rigsby/ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy: “The big box stores are pulling this medication just as a precaution as a precautionary. There has not been an official recall on some of the over the counter medications.” SOME USE THE MEDICATION EVERY DAY TO TREAT SYMPTOMS…. SO WHAT SHOULD THEY DO NOW? Dr. Phillip Rigsby/ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy: “The recommendation for this medication is not to stop it, but to talk to your doctor about an alternative while the FDA decides if this ingredient, which is NDMA is cancerous or not.”PUTTING THE VALLEY FIRST. SYDNEY STALLWORTH. WZDX NEWS. 3 AND ACTION IS 3 BEING TAKEN INTERNATIONALLY….. SO FAR, COUNTRIES LIKE CANADA, SWITZERLAND, AND EGYPT HAVE ASKED MAKERS TO REMOVE THE MAIN INGREDIENT IN ZANTAC—- FROM THEIR MARKETS. 3 TODAY HISPANIC ALABAMIANS SPOKE ON A PANEL AT U-A-H… WE’LL TELL YOU WHAT THEY TALKED ABOUT COMING

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