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Why Young Women Should Worry About Heart Attacks

Why Young Women Should Worry About Heart Attacks

oh ouch that was weird. I hope I’m not having
a heart attack. haha its funny because I’m not the typical
at risk demographic, right? oh no. maybe i am. Hey everyone Julia here for DNews let me throw something shocking at you, Heart
attacks are the number one killer of both men and women in the U.S. Yet young women
UNDER the age of 55 are twice as likely to die after being hospitalized for a heart attack
as men. Every year 15,000 women will die from heart disease. A new study from the Yale School
of Public Health published in the journal Circulation suggests the reason might be because
younger women put off getting help. The researchers interviewed 30 women who had
heart attacks. They asked them why they delayed getting help. They mostly said their symptoms
didn’t look like they do in the movies and they didn’t want to raise a false alarm. In Hollywood, a man, usually older, gets shooting
pain the left arm, intense pain in the chest and he collapses. We’ve all seen that before.
But heart attacks in women look a little less dramatic. Women experience more mild discomfort
which can be easily dismissed as something else. Symptoms can vary pretty widely in women.
Some look suspiciously like anxiety attacks. Shortness of breath, racing heart, sweating,
feeling of impending doom. Sometimes women experience nausea or pain elsewhere besides
the chest, like neck, shoulder, or jaw pain. So why don’t we see this kind of heart attack
on tv? Well. The problem in short, bras. Before anyone can use a defibrillator on a
woman, the bra has to be taken off because the metal underwires could conduct electricity
and cause serious burns. and you can’t exactly show a topless woman on cable tv. This lack of information leads women to put
off getting treatment, which is a huge problem. The national institute of health describes
a heart attack as when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly
becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen. If left untreated, sections of heart start
to die. Health professionals strongly suggest seeking help with in an hour after the onset
of symptoms. This critical period is called the golden hour where chances of surviving
are the best. So ladies, and gents. Learn the symptoms,
know your risk of heart disease. If you think you’re having a heart attack, call 911,
right away, chew or crush an aspirin to prevent more clotting. Don’t take no for an answer,
don’t let anyone dismiss your symptoms, and demand to see a doctor immediately. Switching gears to a much more upbeat topic
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100 Replies to “Why Young Women Should Worry About Heart Attacks”

  • For the greater good and sake of women's health they should show topless braless young women in heart attack situations on cable TV and show them often. For health.

  • So, apparently humans get their medical advice from cable TV fiction and your take-away from this is "patriarchy bad".  By the way, I don't know what proportion of people get their medical information that way I'm just granting it because there aren't any stats to back it up cited here, but your argument kind of hinges on it as being a fact.  Feminism is generally a pretty great idea and part of your argument isn't invalid despite being ripped off from, oddly enough, Seinfeld, but holy shit, let's try to see the actual problem here.  Namely, the dissemination of accurate medical information to the public is severely lacking.  This decade needs more Aaron Swartz's, if anything. 15000 women a year from heart-related problems?  Well then our first line of defense ought to be asking Grey's Anatomy to confront antiquated values of propriety in their next episode of plot abortion they call a show.  How does that sound?  Practical? Well-reasoned?  I fucking hope not.  Just to be clear, I completely agree with your point about our bullshit ideas about women's bodies and what is "appropriate" to show on television or in any medium needing to be trashed.  They're frankly dumb standards.  And yes, patriarchy bad and fire also indeed hot.  But 2 + 2 also equals 4.  Would you have included that in your argument?  No, because it's not relevant.  The leap you take, that no boobs on cable TV shows cause heart attacks, is not only unsubstantiated, but even if true is clearly (so fucking clearly!) not the problem.  The problem is that people are watching movies designed to entertain for their education.  That is so clearly the problem that it hurts.  Seriously, no.  Stop doing what you're doing.  Dear god, please.  Hold yourself to a higher standard than this.  Word count limit.  Fucks given limit.            

  • Well how are you supposed to know it's a heart attack if you regularly get anxiety and panic attacks which seem to have the same symptoms? 

  • How dare you, not Tara. That's your new name.
    We've progressed in our society to a point where we can show bare breasts on television in a medical setting.

  • Couldn't they show a heart attack where you don't see every little bit of action? Something like,
    "Ow, my jaw really hurts…"
    "Betty, you do realize that that's a symptom of a heart attack, don't you?"
    "No, I'm fine!"
    "No, I really think we should get you to a hospital."
    "You're over reacting. I'm fine!"
    "No, I'm taking you to a hospital, right now!"


  • then i have every week a heart attack… No i know i have Panic attacks and i have the same syntomes. i really hate it

  • Well, fuck. As if I hadn't had other things to worry about, now I have to start worrying about a possible heart attack. And to top things off, since anxiety, as well as neck and jaw (etc) pain was mentioned, now I have no idea whatsoever whether my symptoms keep on being anxiety attacks and jammed muscles, or a possible death??!?

  • Pizza Hut is going gluten free so while you are dying from a heart attack you can atleast not have gas problems

  • my ex talked a bunch of shit about me and then she had a heart attack a week later and died. her family was all mad when I said it was karma

  • I had pretty much all the sympoms but my docter sent me away after a quick heartscan because I was too young. I still get the chest and shoulder pain, cold sweat and sudden short breath regularly. Yet I only get treated for strenghtning muscles in my chest, which is not working… This is not making me really feel better haha

  • Her voice always sounds like she's always sick it's getting on my nerves I don't watch her videos I just hear like 3 seconds of her voice and I'm out sorry for of I have said but I can't handle it anymore

  • I feel the way this was presented might cause MORE panic attacks in people who belive they are actually dying whilst they are only having a panic attack

  • White people should worry about White genocide
    "Diversity" means CHASING DOWN Every Single last White person left on Earth.
    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, ALL and ONLY White countries are for EVERYBODY. 
    STOP White genocide

    "Anti-racist" is a code word for anti-White
    "Diversity" is a code word for White genocide

  • This girl I know is 13 and she gets these piercing pains in her chest that Make it hurt to breath and so it's harder to breath. Do you know why this happens and if I should worry about her?

  • The worst thing you can do for someone who thinks they are having a heart attack, is tell them they may be having a heart attack. This video needs taken down immediatly.

  • Im glad Lacy green wasnt the one talking about this, she would of turned this shit into a feminist movement  somehow.

  • ergh, watching videos on heart attacks makes me feel as though I'm about to have one due to anxiety 🙁 

  • Why would anybody assume the reason we don't know think to defibrillate women with MI's is that we haven't seen it on tv?  Does she mean on the news?  Why would a director of a tv show have any qualms about fake defibrillating her through her clothes?  Hopefully they don't actually defibrillate their male actors…

  • Yo, DNews, is wheatgrass actually healthy?  I would love to know if this is just a health movement trend.  Thanks

  • A special of Rosie O'Donnel's just aired a few hours ago where she talked about this. She had a heart attack and survived more than TWO DAYS before she got medical attention. She discussed this exact issue and told women to pay attention for these signs.

    I honestly thought that was what spurred this video. When I saw the title, I thought 'Wow, that was fast.'

  • Women can have heart attacks without using real life amphibulators on TV shows, seems like flawed logic to me.

  • Now that I think about it, I never really knew what the symptoms of a heart attack were. I just assumed it was excruciating pain in the chest. I had no idea it could be "mild pain."



  • Few months ago I had intense stomach and chest pains and I legitimately thought I may have been having a heart attack. I wasn't it was an itrritation in my stomach lining but I was still hospitialized for 2 days. Not fun.

  • Vitamin D, selenium, vitamin k2, magnesium and omega 3,  deficiency, too much calcium and omega 6 oils. 

  • Remember CPR now only consists of chest compressions and should be administered at the patients "nipple line" DO NOT do chest compressions too low or you may cause damage to underlying organs.

  • Lots of comments are saying "I've felt these symptoms for years so yeah…" so to those who are saying that, please make sure you get regular checkups and inform your local doctor. Having concerns and seeking help only for it to turn out as a false alarm is FAR BETTER then dismissing your symptoms and having serious consequences arise. Look after yourselves yo

  • How delightful, censorship has finally reached the fucking singularity, where now it may literally be causing people to die

  • Yeah, just call your doctor at the first possible bother. what? you've got seventeen thousand times your income in superfluous medical bills ? oh, well, too bad. 

  • is it just me or does the video doesn't load after the stupid allstate ads? been refreshing this for 20x and still the same shit.. i'm unsubscribing to this channel

  • Who says you can't show a young, topless woman on cable TV getting herself all defibrillated and such?  I say we need more of that sort of thing! Just think of the lives it could save, I guess…

  • My mother recently found out she had a heart attack after going to her doctor, because she had been having heart burn for a couple of days. She found out that it wasn't heart burn it was a heart attack.

  • That's very interesting. And that's an incentive for the now somewhat regular chest pains I've been feeling lately.

  • This "Information is MISLEADING sexist CRAP" Look it up CDC 2004-2013 Every year bracket, By gender, Men Out-die of every cause by 100% and then some, heart attracts, cancer, suicide.

  • Just goes to show that you can be as healthy as you want, but if your destiny is to die, there's no escaping it.

  • I would really appreciate it if DNews investigated the rumour that wireless technologies have an effect on our health.

     For example if your wireless router is located in your bedroom or if you sleep with your phone every night. Or both

  • "Don't dismiss your symptoms!… whatever in the heck they might be!" It sounds like we need some more information on what actually differentiates heart attack symptoms from just plain aches and pains. Or if there isn't a way to tell them apart, then it's not logical to tell women to get to the doctor any time they feel any pain at all. That's a waste of everyone's time and money.

  • Why does this channel continues to try creating terror in people by always sayig that you are not safe, you can die any moment. Just stop

  • I hate this Dnews title, no one should worry about their health, maybe be aware but this kind of scaremongering stuff just adds to anxiety

  • I still say have a few tests done. I've had several tests on my heart done, which showed it to be without issue. It really helps to curb the anxiety.

  • TV people get creative about not showing private bits all the time for other scenes. like really…. you just have to have the character using the defibrillator block the camera's view of the female character's chest.

  • "You can't show a topless woman on cable tv.." lol america, where you can watch the most violent movies on cable tv and no one says a word but everyone loses their shit when they see breasts xD

  • Holy crap! When I saw the title of this video, I thought it could be the study I was in!!! …. Which brings me to the point of my comment – I was the youngest person in this study (I was 28 when it started, in 2008, and had just suffered my first heart attack of four, total, over two years). Holy crap. 

  • I've had these symptoms when I wake up in the middle of the night.   Could I just be having bad nightmares that I don't remember or should I be worried?

    I do have really weird sleep issues and I often have visual or auditory hallucinations with sleep paralysis.

  • This was an extremely stupid segment. You've just managed to convince half the women watching this that actually have panic attacks that their next panic attack is a symtom of heartdisease ending with death. This will cause enormous amount of additional anxiety for the women who believe you. Shame on you!

  • But it's been disproven that using a defibrillator around underwire can cause serious burns. On Mythbusters the could barely give the human analogue mild burns with the metal right on the underwire!

  • The point is that you really can't have anymore advice than just be careful. Doctors are there to offer tests and diagnoses. The most common relation with heart attacks are blood clots in the leg. High cholesterol (LDL is dangerous, HDL Is good) ALONG with high blood pressure is something to be cautious of. High HDL helps maintain and lower LDL. So for everyone getting panic attacks from this, go do some cardio (raises HDL and lowers LDL). Some people have heart attacks without even knowing, and find out on accident. But if it's so mild, you live to tell the tale, so do what you can and let go of the rest. If you're so concerned, get an echo to see if there is any dead tissue or signs of a recent heart attack.
    Plaque usually builds and hardens over 30 years… Which is why heart attacks ARE rare for people who are young–young being in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s. It happens but the percentage of people aged 25 and getting heart attacks is 1%. Notice that she used the word "young" and then talked about people under 50. That's a HUGE range.
    Take care of yourself and have someone drive you to the hospital if you fear for your life. That's the best you can do.

  • So bras are not only bad for our breasts, but they get in the way of informing others about a life and death emergency? Let's then ask ourselves, who the hell invented bras and what for? Could it have been men? Could it be that they wanted women to hide the appearance of breasts and nipples, out of fear that seeing their natural form and movement would inspire unsavory thoughts and ruin society? Apparently, there was also a female brasserie inventor. She came from a Puritanical background!

  • i've been to the ER at least 9 times for chest pain & shortness of breath and got told its a panic attack/anxiety each and every time. i now ignore any symptoms and cross my fingers i dont die.

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