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Where is the plan to address high Māori obesity rates?

Where is the plan to address high Māori obesity rates?

The Government’s plan
to attack child obesity has been met with some criticism with Maori asking where is the plan to address
the high rates of obesity of Maori? Maori have long
been over represented in obesity statistics. There’s strong support
for the government’s plan to tackle child obesity in NZ, but what exactly does the plan
say about Maori? We have to look
at what’s going on among our Maori Pacific families, knowing all too well
that the rates are much higher for those who suffer from diabetes. The stats for Maori
are disturbing… At least 10% of children
aged 2-14 years are morbidly obese. 23% of all children
are identified as obese. 15% of Maori children
are morbidly obese. 25% of Pacific Island children
are morbidly obese. I remember when I was pregnant, and my midwife sent me
to the hospital to be treated for gestational diabetes. I was given a health plan
to safeguard me and my baby. Jamie-Lee Tuhoe
is four months pregnant, and believes the Government’s plan
to educate target demographics like pregnant mothers
will help the fight against obesity. Tuhoe practices
a healthy lifestyle, and as a successful
outrigger paddler, she knows all too well the benefits of managing her diet and exercise
routines but admits it’s a struggle. Food expert Jamie Oliver
is urging the British Government to introduce sugar tax
in an effort to reduce the same problem of obesity
affecting their child population. We need to look closely at it, many of our whanau are not aware
of the amount of sugar in foods and that’s the whole problem. Our Government however not willing
to budge on the tax issue for now. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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