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What is Kennel Cough Like? Signs, Symptoms and Treatments!

What is Kennel Cough Like? Signs, Symptoms and Treatments!

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax
My Dog, today me and Maya are going to be talking about a very common topic and
that is what is a kennel cough, now kennel cough is very popular
amongst dogs so today I’m talking about what that is and then what treatment you
can get etc so like I say if you would like to learn a little bit more about
that definitely do stay tuned for this video, before we do get started
though definitely do go down below to the comments and let me know a fact you
know about your dog, whether that is their favorite toy, what their favorite
food is, let me know all about your dog down below in the comments and if they
have had kennel cough in the past as well but for now let’s just jump
straight in, the first thing we are talking about is what is kennel cough
now kennel cough is an upper respiratory infection, what that sounds like is sort
of like your dog is choking, it is a very very forceful cough that your dog is
trying to bring up and actually most of the time it sounds a lot worse than it actually
is and sometimes people actually say it sounds like a goose honk as well, I’ve
actually never seen a kennel cough Milo has never had it or I don’t
think he’s had it, I’ve never had any other dogs that have ever had it before
so kennel cough is actually caused very much like a classic human cold as that
can be sort of caught for many different viruses, so can a kennel cough and there
was actually a most common cause for basic kennel cough and don’t actually
know how to say it because it is a very very long word I’m actually just gonna
pop it here a few guys to read if you know what that says let me know down
below because I cannot pronounce that word but that is the most common culprit
for kennel cough and you guys are probably wondering how do your dogs
get it, now most dogs can actually catch kennel cough when they breathe in
bacteria or virus particles and they are much much more likely to catch that in
many different factors and different environments as well, for example dogs
are very very likely to get kennel cough with exposure to crowded and poorly
ventilated conditions much like a kennel which is why they have the name kennel
cough, they can also get it when they are in cold temperatures and also if they
have exposure to dust or cigarette smoke as well which is something that a lot of
people don’t really understand and as well they can also get it through
travel induced stress, now obviously there are many different symptoms to
what you can experience with your dog when they do have kennel cough,
obviously the most likely one is they are coughing but aother ones can
include sneezing, a runny nose and also a discharge as well so definitely do be
aware of that, now in terms of treatment most of the time you don’t actually need
treatment dogs can actually get it over on their own, it’s not really something you
need to take them to the vets unless you are very concerned over their kennel
cough, however if you would like to speed up the process you can pop to the
vets and they will give you medication to speed that up but I like I say most
of the time dogs can actually get over it on their own and normally dogs
can recover within about three weeks although obviously if your dog is older
it may take a longer amount of time, plus if your dog is ill in other areas it
might take them longer to get over as well. But that is it for this week’s video, I
hope you learned a little bit more about kennel cough and what you guys can
look out for with your dogs, like I said I’ve never experienced it myself I’ve
been quite lucky with that but do let me know has your dog ever had
kennel cough or are you worried that your dog has at the moment and that’s
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well, thank you so much for watching guys and me and Milo here will see you next
week for next week’s video, bye!

13 Replies to “What is Kennel Cough Like? Signs, Symptoms and Treatments!”

  • My dog had kennel cough a year ago and it was so scary πŸ˜– she’s a 10 year old Yorkie and very tiny but her cough was huge and loud 😳 thankfully, she recovered quickly and was good as new in 2 weeks! We gave her some chicken broth with her regular dog food and it helped tremendously 😁!! Her favorite toy is her stuffed teddy bear 🧸

  • I have a 5 month old German Spitz and my dog had kennel cough 2 days ago.She recoverd from it tho.I didnt know that it was Kennel cough at the time so I tried to get info about it n thought my dog was reversed sneezing which is common in older dogs n I got very worried about my dog.After watching this I'm finally assured that my dog is ok. Thanks for explaining it 😊

  • My pup likes to destroy my shoes, wooden furniture, and scratch up my arms and legs. She's hasn't had kennel cough before, but thanks for the heads up.

  • Just a word of warning. My 9 year old Bearded Collie died from complications from Kennel Cough. He had been treated the week leading up to his death with antibiotics and got sicker and sicker. He ended up at the vets and died suddenly there while they were putting in a line to get fluids into him. So whilst it is pretty much like a cold it can lead to pneumonia and death in some dogs.

  • My Yorkie had kennel cough a few days after we got him. He was only 3 months old so it must have been stress related and being in a new environment

  • My girl Pomeranian got kennel cough from staying a few days in boarding. She was so sick and frightened not knowing why she coughed. I was furious she caught it.

  • My dog has these symptoms for more than a year now, I thought it is natural since he's already 9 yrs old… He looks young for its age actually and still enthusiast except that he cough and sneeze every now and then…

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