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What is Kennel Cough? How to Tell Whether Your Dog Has It And How to Prevent & Cure It + Competition

What is Kennel Cough? How to Tell Whether Your Dog Has It And How to Prevent & Cure It + Competition

Now most of us dog owners will have
heard of the term kennel caught You maybe wondering how to tell whether your dog’s got it, what helped to prevent it or what symptoms to look out for and we’re going to be answering all these questions in this week’s vlog now kennel caught is the
common name given to infectious bronchitis in dogs It’s very similar to a
common human cold or chest infection The most obvious symptom of kennel cough is
a real hacking cough and now this can either be dry and hoarse or it can be
productive where it can you can get some mucus and it can sound like they’ve
got something stuck in their throat Now whilst it is a nuisance kennel cough
often is not a problem for dogs it’s just like a common cold we humans get
them all the time; however, if your dog is a puppy, elderly or is already suffering
from an illness, kennel caught can develop into pneumonia which can be really
really dangerous for your dogs A dog’s respiratory system is actually designed to
protect against the invasion and infection; however, certain
environments can leave them vulnerable to infection now these include things
like being surrounded by cigarette smoke or dust and being stressed by busy
environments there are a lot of different things that can actually
affect their immune system Now some of the infections that can cause kenel cough actually included in the basic vaccinations that you give your puppy These injections can be done for your dog once these four weeks old and this
is going to cover him again for 12 months and then you’ll need a booster jab If you think that your dog has contracted kennel cough then there’s
nothing to worry about usually in cases of kennel cough it’s
going to be really easy for your dog to actually recuperate from this you just
need some rest if your dog is perky and eating well and
is probably no need to call your vet’s Now you can get some antibiotics for
kennel cough and also cough suppressants and anti-inflammatory can be given to
your dog just to make them a little bit more comfortable during this recovery In most cases kennel cough will disappear within three weeks Now you may remember from last week’s video that we had a special competition
on and we’d like to announce that the winner of last week’s competition was
Erich Rycroft so he’s going to be getting his Kong
Lion Toy that Albert’s very interested in send through the post to you just as soon as you sent through your address to [email protected] But fear not we’ve got another competition on this week and this time it’s in for a chance to win one of these bone chew toys So if you and your dog would like to win this please do just comment your best doggy tip or life hack in the comment section below
we’re really looking forward to reading them and we’ll be announcing the winner
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  • You guys are so amazing thank you for educating us about these things so we can look after our furry babies.

  • Just downloaded paid subscription for iPhone- I take y'all everywhere we go.. my Ethan and I love lounging and listening to the arrangements offered.. thank you again from this over-bearing puppy parent..
    any chance you have a senior arrangement, Ethan is 11 and has been dx with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome:(

  • Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on the best way to combat their fishy breath attributed to cleaning their anal gland?

  • Hack:
    If your puppy is a stubborn pill taker, a good way to get them to take a pill is by covering it in peanut butter

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