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What Is Fibromyalgia? | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

What Is Fibromyalgia? | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

Hi I’m Dr. Ho, if you like my show, please
press the button below and subscribe. Now what is fibromyalgia? Now when we talk about fibromyalgia we’re
dealing with four major health issues, we have chronic pain, bad circulation, we have
lack of restorative sleep, and chronic fatigue. We don’t know what causes fibromyalgia but
a typical fibromyalgia patient would tell me they have pain in the shoulders, back of
the neck, behind the shoulder blade, across the lower back, in the hip area, and they
may also get pain in the chest muscle, in the shoulder muscle as well okay. The pain tends to migrate from one region
to the other area especially during the night. You know most of my patients with fibromyalgia
they tell me they toss and turn all night, they can’t sleep and by the morning time they
are totally exhausted. Chronic fatigue sets in and the problem is
it’s a vicious cycle, when you don’t sleep, your body don’t heal itself, it doesn’t reduce
inflammation, you get more muscle tension, more muscle spasms, with that you get worse
circulation, and more pain. This is a very viscous cycle and often my
fibromyalgia patient also get headaches and fogginess that we actually call fibromyalgia-fog. So it’s basically due to tension in the neck,
causing a pinched nerve, which causes the slight migraine-like symptoms, so if you have
fibromyalgia you have to learn what to do to help yourself. Thank you for watching my show, if you like
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