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What foods to avoid eating at night | Natural Health

What foods to avoid eating at night | Natural Health

What foods to avoid eating at night? It is essential that we avoid heavy meals
if we want to get adequate rest. Otherwise, we will overload the stomach and
take longer to digest. Many times it is time to sleep and we feel
like eating. One of the most damaging to health is eating
a large amount of food before going to bed and not discerning what foods to avoid eating
at night, as some of them hurt us especially because they require prolonged digestion. This situation can cause us discomfort and
insomnia. Therefore, consume a light dinner and rich
in complex carbohydrates and proteins will give us satiety to rest properly during the
night period. Eating at night: right or wrong? Many times, our level of life and work make
the only moment of family reunion during the dinner. During the day, you are likely to eat a snack
and look forward to arriving home for your “strong meal” of the day, which is usually
at night. However, this can cause us annoying side effects
that can prevent us from resting properly. Among other things, a heavy and slow digestion
will complicate the time to lie down. Indigestion can last you until the next day
and when you get up, you will not have enough energy to start developing your daily activity. What foods to avoid eating at night? A light dinner without overloads is the best
alternative to rest properly. Although it is difficult to completely control
what we eat when we are away from home, we can take advantage of dinners to take care
of our diet and help our health. For this, it is advisable at the time of dinner,
avoid the following foods: Junk food; It is not good at any time of the day, but
during the night, the so-called “fast food” will only provide refined sugars and fast
absorbing carbohydrates that will overload your stomach and will not allow you to make
a good digestion . In addition, we must not forget that products
of this type, even if they satisfy you, do not offer you the necessary nutrients to keep
your body in balance . Therefore, try to avoid foods such as pizzas, chips or hamburgers. Simple sugars, As mentioned earlier, simple and refined sugars
provide a fast and dense absorption for your digestion. These produce a high peak of blood sugar,
which promotes the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and digestive problems. In contrast, the complex sugars contained
in cereals and plant products will keep your satiety at bay during the long rest period. Red meats, Red meats are difficult foods to digest because
they have a large amount of saturated fats , high levels of sodium and proteins, all
this ensures an uncomfortable and prolonged digestion. Better opt for soft and low-fat meats that
help maintain your satiety and be beneficial to your health. Spicy, Spicy food will cause acidity and reflux,
so we should avoid eating at night. If you have a sensitive digestive system,
the spicy can cause inflammation and irritation during digestion, causing the appearance of
annoying gas and reflux . Especially if right after dinner we go to sleep in a horizontal
position. So the spicy and its derivatives are foods
that you should avoid eating at night. Sweet cereals; Sweet cereals bring the same problem for our
digestion as any other sweet, even more if it is an artificial or refined sweet, since
these acidify our stomach, causing the nutrients to undergo a process of degradation and provoking
the typical acidity of the stomach. On the other hand, the refined sugar of sweet
cereals, not only does not provide nutrients, but also, for digestion, our body needs to
spend calcium and vitamins of group B. Caffeine; Caffeine is found in products such as coffee
or tea, and as is well known, the function of caffeine is to keep us awake and alert,
so we may not be able to rest properly at night. Another recommendation is to avoid eating
large plates or repeat, it is better to eat out of necessity and not anxiety, leaving
the highest intakes for breakfast or lunch. Remember the phrase: “eat like a king, eat
like a prince and dine like a beggar.”

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