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What Are Probiotics And Digestive Enzymes?

What Are Probiotics And Digestive Enzymes?

Hello everybody! Thanks for tuning in to the episode of 2 1/2 in 2 1/2. Today, I’m going to be talking
about what is digestion. Of course, I always tend to talk about digestion, but more
specifically, I’m going to be talking about probiotics and enzymes and what
are probiotics and enzymes. Well, the biggest difference between what a
probiotic is in an enzyme is is one is living, and one is not. Probiotics are living
things; they’re living bacteria, living fungi, & yeast that line our intestinal
tract. Enzymes are not. Enzymes are not living things. Enzymes, what they are is,
I call them the “scissors of the food world”. Now what does a scissors do? If
you look at this. This is a piece of apple. it’s very gross, but it’s an apple. But the scissors helps to break down the foods and make it into smaller and smaller
pieces. Well that’s what enzymes do. Enzymes break down foods just like the
scissors does with this apple, but it’s also, you know, when your apple turns
brown, those are from the enzymes in the fruits. What is a probiotic. Probiotics, as
I said, line your intestinal tract, your small intestine, your large intestine. A great illustration, that I use is, you know, picture them in your intestinal
tract, really as the toothbrush bristles on a
toothbrush, and what they do is they line your intestinal tract all the way down.
And what happens, as foods come, you have
enzymes that are in your bloodstream that go to break down foods like
this, like the scissors. And as food goes down your intestinal tract, what happens
is that these little villi, They secrete enzymes to help break down the foods, but
these villi, what they do is they protect foods from getting lodged up in here and
creating little tears and getting into your bloodstream. What happens is one
foods get in your bloodstream, or at least little particles of food, getting into your
blood stream. That’s how you get allergies, and you know all sorts of
problems. So these probiotics that line your intestine that move
around like this. And as food comes down, they protect yourself from
getting food poisoning, which is when bad particles come down. And the
probiotics help, as I said, help break down those foods so they don’t get into
your bloodstream and cause problems like food poisoning. It also strengthens your
immune system. Again, all the bad things that go down through your body, the
probiotics stop those bad toxins from getting
into your bloodstream. That’s a very important part of being healthy is
having a strong immune system. They also help with B vitamins. If you’re
deficient in b vitamins, you may look at strengthening up your
probiotics or immune system by taking a supplement that goes to support
those probiotics, but as I mentioned, it always it fights off your ability to fight for colds or allergies. If you have diarrhea or IBS,
look at probiotics to strengthen your immune system because most of
your immune system, roughly 70% to 80% of your immune system is
in your intestinal tract. So if you consistently have allergies every single year, you may want to look at taking a probiotic to strengthen that.
From an athletic standpoint, if you’re an athlete,
you may want to look at probiotics because what they do is they also help
to break down the sugars or those polysaccharides, and the amino acids, and the proteins because by breaking that down, your body can absorb them much
more easily and build muscle, burn fat, etc., so there’s a lot of benefits
to taking a supplement such as a probiotic or enzymes that can help break
down the foods. And that’s why I wanted to share with you today. So hopefully you
got something out of it. I’m kind of nutty, and I talk about a lot of things,
so hopefully in this this episode you at least learned one or two things, so if you
do, comment down there at the bottom. Tell me you like it, or you don’t
like it, if this is informational, or if it’s not. Please subscribe to my channel.
There was a
link earlier to talk about subscription so you know I’d certainly love to send
these out to you when they come out, but if you if you want something
that talks more about digestive enzymes I have an e-book that I’d be more than
happy to send with you and there’s a link right down here at the bottom just
copy and paste that in a new window and I’ll send that to you. There’s
no charge to do that, but just very informational. I appreciate you guys
taking the time and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Take care

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