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What about a Single Knee to Chest Move? | Back Pain Relief

What about a Single Knee to Chest Move? | Back Pain Relief

11 Replies to “What about a Single Knee to Chest Move? | Back Pain Relief”

  • Hello Eric _ you are so right ! Thumps up for this ! Two weeks now since I felt down the stairs and hit my QL and deep spinal muscles ! I cant bring my knees to chest . It hurts so much not even double or single ! What can I do instead ?? I have been doing some Mckenzie stretches but would love your advise ; if u can . Still trying to recover at home . Will go to therapy this week . Thanks again for this video !

  • Very sorry for late response. You are on the right track! The Mckenzie options typically work best so hopefully if you are seeing a Physical Therapist they can teach you how to progress. Otherwise, if you have a sitting job make sure you are addressing your posture. Use a Lumbar Roll and sit all the way back in your chair.

  • You could remove your back-pain once and for all by replace your diet plan a little bit – I've try and now nearly relief all the pain. In my opinion you should try it

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  • Recently done these in the night for severe sciatica, they were given to me on printout from physio. Have I done any damage.

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