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Vitamin B12 – What Causes B12 Deficiency & Good B12 Sources

Vitamin B12 – What Causes B12 Deficiency & Good B12 Sources

alright b12 there’s a lot of b12 hype fear and paranoia floating around many people are told they’re low in b12 and then they freaked out because they’re told it could lead to permanent brain damage and all kinds of freaky things alright so let me just set a few things straight first of all anything that scares you like that comes from a society that’s fear-based and just loves conspiracies and drama secondly blood tests are a joke I mean if you get a blood test and tells you you’re low in b12 it doesn’t really mean anything serum b12 levels do not reflect true b12 levels since most b12 in the body stored liver and blood tests do not determine stored b12 levels blood tests are often useless and misleading anyway like for example the thyroid test there’s the thyroid hormone you go in the doctor’s office sit there they take your blood you’re stressed out stress raises thyroid hormone levels the doctor says you’re normal you go home third levels drop you’re tired you know or the insulin levels – in insulin raises when you’re stressed doctor tells you you got diabetes when you don’t it’s so misleading so I I personally say forget the blood tests I mean you shouldn’t be able to tell on your own third b12 is stored in the body for years and years and the odds are that in that time you’re gonna accumulate more b12 even though it b12 is b12 is simply basically bacteria poop and in the natural world the one we’re supposed to live in you pull a carrot out of the ground you brush it off there’s some dirt on it a few million microorganisms you eat it that’s b12 like a berry bush you go to berry bush you know there’s some dusts and dirts and microorganisms b12 but in the modern world everything is so washed and sterilized so many times not even counting the pesticides is spraying stuff to kill things you got there dead food bread pasta cookies bagels chocolate cooked food most of the processed foods that people eat nowadays are so devoid of living things of course there’s no b12 on it but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting b12 do you actually think in the five to seven years where b12 stays in your body that you’re not getting exposed to any bacteria or dirt pecky even your own gut bacteria your probiotics produce some b12 there’s bacteria they say vegetarians and vegans need to supplement b12 because they don’t eat meat that’s another joke ninety percent of America is meat-eaters in sixty percent of America’s deficient in b12 so that means half the median don’t have enough b12 why well let’s look at why meat-eaters sometimes have more b12 this isn’t rocket science meat is rotting flesh there’s a lot of nasty bacteria in me the minute anything’s killed planner animal it starts to decay decaying meat requires more aggressive and dangerous bacteria than plants do if you lived in nature only eating plants you’d be getting enough b12 there’s even b12 my green formula see you eat a great source of b12 those need to get my CMOS you know what I’m talking about you open that bag and it’s like well it’s like smelly it’s dirty it’s like that’s fishy see smell well when you pull something right out of the ocean that’s that’s what it’s like it’s full of b12 even after washing and soaking it multiple times you still some p12 stuck in the tiny pores there’s b12 and nutritional yeast and kale you know stuff from the store it’s got some dirt on the back you know in the stuff you know produce in the grocery they remember you also have five pounds of beneficial bacteria in your gut which also produces some b12 just feed it keep it happy it loves fiber eat fiber and grow your own b12 then there’s fermented and cultured foods a great source of b12 every little bit adds up and it stays in your body for years and years so chances are you’re getting enough b12 now it’s possible some of you are actually low in b12 so the real question isn’t where do I get my b12 it’s what’s robbing me of maybe twelve but how do I stop it right the answer to all your health issues shouldn’t be what do I take but what do I stop doing that’s causing the problem in the first place otherwise you’re simply just patching holes in a sinking ship the first place to look is your stomach b12 is acid dependent for absorption and that’s why older people have b12 issues because not because they don’t have enough b12 but because it can’t absorb into their body properly because their stomach acids too low because acid declines with age and then you add like absorbent foods like bread bagels and other wheat products that absorb stomach acid like a sponge and they also turn into sugar simple sugars in the body which feeds Candida yeast h pylori which radically depletes stomach acid then you add on top of that antacids baking soda alkaline water that all cancels out stomach acid most people have low stomach acid as a result from not knowing what and how to eat almost everybody even raw foodists or sugar addicts and they choose what to eat based on how it tastes not what it does for them and what they need really need resulting in a body that doesn’t work right even orange juice is 22 grams of sugar and that’s as much as a coca-cola you know their sweetener in all restaurant food they want you to like their food so you’ll come back if it’s not white sugar it’s like fruit reduction in some of the fancier places and in raw free places it’s like orange juice pineapple juice agave nectar honey corn syrup maple syrup cane sugar you know most people aren’t fruitarian or vegan their sugar ian’s anyway so if you want b12 tubes or if you need strong stomach acid and for that you need to cut down the bread to sugar and start adding more bitter things to your diet you can rebuild stomach acid by using more acids in your diet like apple cider vinegar and lemon ass lemon juice and you also need for stomach acids some sea salt B complex vitamins and fifty milligrams of zinc with one of the meals plus bitter greens like arugula endives watercress and my liver formula helps to do not drink alkaline water that just speeds up the whole mess of weakening stomach acid nutrient absorption and lowers b12 another thing that lower stomach acid is adria burn out the biggest factors being stress and stimulants like coffee energy drinks sugar you know all that stuff you guys do stuff like that you can strengthen your adrenals with adaptogenic herbs like licorice root ashwagandha schisandra berry stragglers jog Yulin nettle leaf Amla berry you can get all that stuff yourself or just get my adrenal Kid I already put all that stuff together for you also uh b12 pills sublingual methylcobalamin is what you want not the cyano Kolob Elliman sure you can pop it b12 pill but listen to what I’m saying simply taking a pill is not going to necessarily make you better if you don’t stop doing what’s causing the problem in the first place stop trying to hide your symptoms and get rid of the cause that’s the only real road to true health so watch this video three times go thumbs up on it send it to your friends and start helping to change the world people stop looking for something to take to fix a problem or symptom and just stop doing what’s causing the problem in the first place you’re welcome

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  • Capitalism trys to dictate what you buy and eat.B12 from what i know is in good soil,and fresh spring water(green the planet),eat marmite.Markus a question:if i was to make a pre workout smoothie would you use spirulina or seaweed for vitamins and protien.

    People been eating seaweed for thousands of years.

  • So good!!!! Thank you for existing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤

  • So why did I get severe peripheral neuropathy which has mostly cleared after a year of 2 grams+/day. The neuropathy developed while taking 800 mcg/day in supplement and resolved from much higher dosage. I eat mostly fresh produce as my daily diet.

  • May i have all the text in the subscription written here, please? I need to translate the text in italian. Thank you so much! These informations are Gold! You are the best!

  • I'll be 57 in 2 weeks.. I try to be stylish. I'm getting off topic but your hair style is really cool. It makes you look 25.

  • Our gut bacteria are in large intestin but our b12 absorption take place in small intestin. So the b12 produced by bacteria is not absorbed. If you are a vegan take b12 supliment.
    Best way to know b12 status is to measure homocystein level. As the activity of b12 in our cell go up homocystein go down. RDA of b12 is 4 to 6 microgram but supliment form of b12 is poorly absorbed, so we need 100 microgram b12 supliment daily

  • I am a vegan with hypothyroidism. Been feeling so fatigued lately to the point where I have to go to sleep any chance I get. After work, and after making food for my son, I feel sooo tired all the time. I just decided to take a b12 supplement that has been sitting there for a while and it has seriously helped me. I'm going to try the more natural way that you're suggesting to take once I'm done with this bottle.

  • I guess if you change your hair cut it would be better
    And if you go back a little more from the camera it would also be better ….
    By the way thanks for the valuable content …best wishes

  • by definition b12 is produced by microorganisms and thus culturing foods like coconut yogurt and other nut cultures and kefirs….there is no real B12 unless there are bacteria involved and microorganism promoters..

  • Thank you. And thx for the ref sources…..I wish we were not so purposefully misinformed here in USA. So many brave health warriors….. thx to you and Cara and also any team behind the scenes who help with research. Most grateful -Lm

  • One Vitamin you never want to be deficient. For years I was on B12. I learned that B12 gives me a serious stomach problem. Because I do not have time to grow my own food, I supplement with B12. B12 whenever I do not have a stomach full of food and I take it, I would get horrible stomach pains so bad that I could not walk. I stopped taking it for this reason. After many years not taking it, I am now diagnosed as having depression and Schizophrenia. I tried to get it from eating meats. It seems like it was not working.

  • thank you, so it is a lie that human body doesn't produce b12? bcz so many claims say that only animals have this feature.

  • bottom line, so many puzzles. truth ends out being "the proof is in the pudding", what works. Marcus, thanks for more clues amoung the forest of confusions.

  • Heres a really simple one just eat organic potatoes and dont over wash them. Sliced some up for my vegan pizza just now

  • If you do not like the idea of getting shots of B-12, you should be aware that intra-nasal (that is, by way of the nose) absorption is the next best thing. It sounds pretty weird, as duly promised at the beginning of this section, but it is an efficient delivery method for large-sized molecules whether you like the sound of it or not.

    Your nose has two choices:

    1) Buy ready-to-use, over-the-counter B-12 gel, which you will occasionally find for sale in a pharmacy or health food store. Some products come in individual disposable packets. These are pricey.

    2) Make your own B-12 intra-nasal supplement. It is cheap, easy and best done behind closed doors. Obtain your doctor’s OK before trying this procedure. Take any B-12 tablet (between 100 to 1,000 mcg) and grind it into a powder between two tablespoons. Add water, just a few drops at a time, to make a soft paste. With a “Q-Tip,” its generic equivalent, or your clean pinkie finger, gently swab the paste inside your nose up to a comfortable level. Do not push; use no force whatsoever. The excipients (tableting ingredients) are more likely to bother your schnoz than the B-12 is. If it irritates you, try using less, or a different brand of tablet. I’d try this two times a week for a month or two.

    Feel free to quit at any time, and get B-12 shots instead. Once in a great while, doctors (such as “Children’s Doctor” Lendon H. Smith, M.D.) will even teach you how to give yourself your B-12 shots, but that remains a singularly rare event.

    Hence this nose news.


  • Oh hon I love your channel but you're so wrong on this. I was of your same mindset and had to learn the hard way. I'm a 40+ year vegetarian now. I was on a whole food clean diet for 15 years and living in the countryside when I started feeling really weak in the late '80s. (I had not eaten junk or refined food since my teens.) I then moved to the US and still on a vegetarian diet but living in the city. Two years on I felt like I was dying. Doctors said it was stress-related. It took me 10 years of disability with almost no brain function left to think "could it be B12?" Well, no doctor had thought of checking my B12 until I insisted. I had barely any left and after treatment it has taken me years and years to start to recover. After treatment a blood test may show you have plenty of B12 circulating but that does not mean it is reaching everywhere it needs to reach. B12 deficiency is no joke. By the way, there is nothing wrong with my intrinsic factor.

  • Hi Mark (I think yr name is). good video. Look at FullyRaw Kristina's one on B12 (was before yrs). EXCELLENT, SHE GOT TESTED, NO B12 defic, & is fully raw on plant only type foods, no meat! YES, GOOD INFO!

  • What you said is correct, but at the same time we need a source of B12 that is reliable, so we definitely know we're getting B12. So I think it makes sense to take Methylcobalamin when you're over 45 years old, and any B12 supplement in general till then. I think it's better to have an insurance policy then to just hope you're getting B12 in your diet. Especially as not having enough B12 can lead to serious mental health problems.

  • First improve your digest system, that's right. Because our soils are not as alive as they used to be, before all the degeration, better make sure, you have to take a solid B12 source. The Vitamin B12 in B12 tablets is from soil bacteria.

  • I am completely off of bread sugar sweets candy processed foods like fast food no meat whatsoever. I felt a total cleanse…. ordered your kidney cleanse formula and I am so ready to do this full head on. Got heal yourself 101 and it is now the path for my life

  • I got alot of symptoms like fatigue, dizziness etc. Turned out to be b12 deficiency and i'm a "meat eater". I got b12 supplements and now i feel so much better.

  • can u maybe do a video on multivitamins/minerals? uve done vids on just about everything when it comes to food/lifestyle except that (that i can think of right now at least ;p)
    there is nothing from sane ppl here on yt – greger says not necessary but hes whole food religious
    only thing i heard is that copper and folate sups supposedly bad and zinc supposedly good
    (and yea i know whole food path is way better but i notice they have effect even with wild greens in the diet for some reason)
    b12 boring, i dont notice that it does anything if i take it or not (but i do, cuz yea im no weird savage that goes raw vegan for 10 years and wonders why nothing works LOL…dumbest way to fail)

  • "Meat is rotten flesh" he says,,, but i bet his mother ate meat when he was in her stomach and i bet he ate meat when he was younger.

  • What if you lack intrinsic factor and its genetic? Genetic low b12 and pernicious anemia caused by no intrinsic factor. I also get sick anytime i eat any kind of meat,

  • B12 is a not a problem if some raw orginic plant is eaten. B12 is produced by lactic acid producing bacteria and is produce in the gut by the bacteria. Any BI2 taken by mouth is not absorbed without that bacteria regardless of the source. In order to provide the environment. You need a high soluble fiber diet. Also avoid pasturized dairy ant to much meat that cause the over production of unwanted bacteria causing destruction of the good bacteria. The meat and dairy then rot in the gut

  • 0:56 my theory is,
    Some of the stress, may be, from not being outside ENOUGH.
    After 1977, people seemed to have gone indoors, even children.

  • I'm very anemic. I think my iron is effecting my vitamin b. I'm forever testing as vitamin b deficient. I will take b12 for a small period and see no results. Some of my ailments for several years are lips that heal and peal horrificly every 2 days, constantly cold (so much that I use a small space heater year round), limb numbness, very foul and clay color stools, extreme fatigue, white tongue.. Please help. I'm 37 and what my life back.

  • Hey Markus, I've found some great information about b12 and pseudo-vitamin b12 here (at around 43:10""): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvlaQJImt9w&t=2162s Maybe you can do a little update/additional video on B12? Even in the raw food world it's getting confusing sometimes 😉

  • I appreciate all of this. Organic celery juice in the morning, 1/2 hour before eating improves stomach acid. It gets rid of the junk food cravings as a result.

  • id imagine most animals get b12 from stagnant water sources (i dont think there was always a floating river available)
    and the animals we eat these days have b12 cuz they were injected with the stuff themselves xD

  • Vitamin b 12 is a lie
    There is no such a thing.
    If there is, why I can't find it in fruits and vegetables?
    Vitamin B12 is a conspiracy by the meat, fish and poultry industries

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