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Update: Coughs, sneezes and Brexit

Update: Coughs, sneezes and Brexit

Well, it’s been a while
since I last made a video, and some of you may have started to wonder
whether I’m still alive. Well, I am, this is me, and this is a video, so everything is fine. There are two reasons for my lack of video. Last week I was unwell. Not very sick —
it was just a cold — but every time I tried to speak
I had a coughing fit, and that was not very good for making a video. The other reason is that I have been coping with
the pig’s breakfast that is Brexit. Mostly, I’ve been watching the news
with a growing sense of disbelief, and even drafting blog posts
that never actually get written because all of a sudden something else happens
right out of the blue that brings the country of my birth
to a new humiliating low. One of the consequences is that I am
right now in the process of getting my application for
German citizenship through. Some of you have asked me about this, so the situation at the moment is
that I am a British citizen, but I hope that very soon this will change. I have most of the paperwork. It’s just a question of passing
a language test, which will be in May, and a citizenship test, which will be in June. And to be honest, the citizenship test
is just a bit of a joke. It’s a series of general knowledge
questions about Germany that reveal absolutely nothing about
how well-integrated you really are. It’s full of questions like: Germany is (a) a republic, (b) a monarchy, (c) a totalitarian dictatorship, (d) an avocado. One good thing is that I will be
allowed to keep my British citizenship. Normally, Germany does not allow dual nationality
for non-EU citizens, so normally if my citizenship application
is approved after Brexit, I would have to renounce my British citizenship. But in view of the unusual circumstances, when I went for my preliminary interview
I was able to sign a document so that no matter how long it takes me
to get my application in order, I can keep my British nationality. So thank goodness for that. Meanwhile my British passport is about to expire, so I’ve had to apply for
an extension to that as well. Just too many things happening all at once. Here, though, Germany could learn
a thing or two from Britain. Just this morning I received
a text message from the Passport Office saying that my application had been approved, and they would let me know
when they’re ready to send my new passport. Now why can’t we have
that level of service in this country? Ironically, my new British passport
will be in the burgundy design. The new post-Brexit blue passport is due
to be phased in in October. So right around the time
that Britain leaves the European Union, I’ll be picking up a brand new British passport with the words “European Union”
printed all over the front cover. So that’s the state of affairs right now. Stay tuned for more videos coming up… soon.

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  • If you renounced your British citizenship, do you lose all of your rights of a British citizen? Like, would I still be able to live there without a Visa? Or does it just mean I wouldn't be able to vote in England?

  • The German Citizenship Test HAS to be simple, because otherwise at least 80 % of all born Germans would lose their Citizenship.

  • Good luck to you during your most troubling times. Poor Sir Winston must be groaning in his grave. He almost single-handedly saved his beloved country only to have it come to this.

  • Hi Andrew! Congrats on the chance of being "bi-national" ! 🙂 And good to see you are well again. Ich gebe zu, jedes mal wenn ich Brexit Nachrichten anschaue, musste ich an Dich denken und war ein wenig in Sorge. Ich freue mich also sehr das Du offenbar einen guten Weg gefunden hast. Service in Deutschland, grins……dazu sage ich mal lieber nix, sonst wird mein Kommentar zu einem Roman! 🙂

  • If the citizenship test will be a breeze, then you should take the alternative test as proposed by DW's "Meet the Germans".
    Good luck packing your avocado in your shopping bag after being scanned by the Octopus Cashier:

  • Congratulations. If you want a grin watch any clip of the Bundestag tag on you tube and then immediately follow it with Bercow's "you are not traitors" speech to MPs (today 21st.March BBC site). The German Government is so quiet and polite. Weird. Now in the House of Commons they still have the white line to keep MPs two swords lengths apart – after all it was brought in during the run up to the civil war. Good time to bail out Andrew – in Ulster and Scotland you can see they are itching for trouble and here in the South you can cut the atmosphere with a knife – I saw two groups of Englishmen (sober, daylight) having a free for all fight over Brexit.in the High Street. I had to walk round them to get my beer.

  • Somebody left the citizen thing to the last second 😀 Lucky that they still consider the UK inside the EU for this purpose 🙂
    This raises the question: should I go for Irish citizenship?

  • Klar, die können Artikel 50 auch immer noch absagen, wenn sie wollen, und dann passt der reisepass in RAL 4004 bordeauxviolett.

  • I admire your nerve…I would have done this the moment the UK triggered article 50. Better save than being sorry.

    And be just glad that your new citizenship won't cost you an arm and a leg….

  • Herzlich willkommen, zukünftiger "Neu"bürger. 🙂 Ein großer Gewinn für Deutschland und den Freistaat.. Ja…. leider ist das Internet in Deutschland leider immer noch Neuland….siehe auch die aktuellen Diskussionen über die EU-Urheberrechtsteform. Da können wir leider nicht mit dem Passport Office mithalten.

    Schön das Du da bist. 🙂

  • Ok…deleted previous comment as I wrote it before watching the video through till the end. I'm shocked how long it's taken you to get citizenship. I finally got mine two weeks ago – and I thought that was bad. It took six months just to get a preliminary interview and then another six months to sit all the exams and get all the paperwork together. Then the authorities sent me a letter saying they wanted a Steuerbescheid when I hadn't even done my tax returns for the previous year. Finally, handed that in at the beginning of September last year – only for them to them say they wanted proof of income for the last three months.
    Good old German bureaucracy!

  • Was für ein Vorteil hat es für dich die britische Staatsbürgerschaft zu behalten? – Also jetzt ernst gemeint. Außer vielleicht Konten in Pounds weiterführen zu dürfen, mit Geld was immer weniger wert wird drauf… Aber das dürfte dir jede Bank ausstellen.

  • I don't understand Germany's sudden policy change on double citizenship. is this just for brits because of Brexit?

  • I'm sorry fellow British citizen, but as a native German I must advice you that 2 things can't be changed in Germany (no not the Articels 1 and 20 of our consitution) the rude and shoddy public service and the punctuality of the DB. After more than 20 years living with us I would guess that you know why, only in the improbably case that if not: What did we have in common from the North to the south, from the east to the west, if not oure bureaucracy and the DB "service".
    This two things are the core of our national identity, so do never expect things that could be rated as service from the holly public bureaucracy.

  • It's a shame Austria doesn't usually allow dual citizenship. I wonder what the citizenship test is like in my adopted country? I can imagine some kind of multiple choice …
    Austria is also called:
    A Österreich
    B Ostrich
    C Australia
    D The Sound of Music Theme Park

  • Deutscland is definitely a totatlitarian avocado.

    All hail our President-for-life General Heinz 'Guaca' Mole!

  • Nau ju mäid mi daunlod se questionnähr. Truly amazing! What were they thinking? … smoking or drinking that is. 🤷

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