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Two families share joy and pain after rare double-lung and heart transplant

Two families share joy and pain after rare double-lung and heart transplant

The first thing that always comes to mind
is loving. I mean, she was a family oriented person. I mean she loved being around family. She loved being around friends. Always happy. Courtney’s personality, she was sweet. She loved family. She would greet everybody with a hug. And when she left she’d always tell you she
loved you and that was just Courtney. So she was just a sweet, sweet baby. She’s my baby girl and she always will be. That was our one year anniversary was me graduating
from basic training, in the snow. We had, I want to say it was about a foot
of snow in Chicago. And one of our favorite pictures that we actually
have, me and Courtney standing in front of a snow bank in a parking lot. I’m in my dress blues. She’s in a big heavy white jacket that she
loved to wear. But it was cold. A lot of our family was here at UAB with us
that Saturday night. We were talking about how God had blessed
Courtney. How her life, for 26 years had been such a
blessing. And during that conversation, Courtney’s aunt
Rhonda mentioned that they had a member of their church, whose granddaughter had been
here at UAB since August. That she was very sick. That she had cystic fibrosis. While we were talking about how healthy Courtney
was, Rhonda said that this family has almost given up because she’s so weak that they’re
really concerned that she’s past the point of being able to accept organs. So when Rhonda mentioned that, again, she
didn’t mention a name. She told us about that person and that we
should pray for her and remember them while we were praying and thanking God for Courtney,
and we did. Next morning, Doctor Leopard came in at 4
o’clock to let us know that Courtney had suffered the hydrocephalus shunt failure. He told us that the organ center would come
and they would let us know some of the details regarding how organ donation works. Allan, again, met with, I believe he mentioned,
one of the nurses or one of the support staff at the AOC. Came and was talking to him that night. She mentioned that there was this one person
that they were really hoping the transplant would work for because that one person had
been there for a long time. Had been on the transplant list for an extremely
long time. When she said that, Allan said has she been
on the list 14 years? And she almost dropped everything she had
in her hands she was so shocked and she said that there’s just no way that you can know
that. Allen didn’t say anything else regarding a
name. We didn’t know a name, I think at that time
or Allen didn’t say her name. But the person said that we’re really hoping
that this will work out for this person. So after that, we really started praying as
a family and when I mean family I mean everybody who knew Courtney. We started praying that it would work out. The transplant and everything happened on
the tenth which was a Tuesday. I got home, probably about 10:30 that afternoon
or that morning, and I sent Mrs Dovey, Angelynn’s mom, a facebook message, saying “Hey my name’s
Allen. I’m Courtney’s husband. If you ever want to sit down and get to know
us as a family or Courtney, I’ll be glad to sit down with you and I would love to get
to know Angelynn and her family. Whenever they feel ready, I am ready.” It was three days after. It was that Thursday that I came up to see
her here in the hospital and it was her first day to walk. She had just got through walking and she looked
tired. I mean, but she looked good. She looked happy. You could see a smile on her face. And I knew when I walked into the room, that
Courtney was there. We have armbands that we got the day that
we talked about donation. We have an armband from Angelynn. We have an armband that has Angelynn and Courtney’s
name on it that says “Somebody’s Hero.” We’re wanting to make sure that we get these
to as many people as we can and again it’s helping Angelynn’s family but it helps us
so much to be able to show people these armbands and talk about Courtney in stories. Talk about donation. That’s my new testimony. That’s what I do every day. If I’m with you for a few minutes I’m gonna
find a way to work Courtney and Angelynn into the conversation. So God’s using it through me, he’s changed
me completely since Courtney went to Heaven. He’s just done such a mighty work in me and
we want to be sure that we continue to do His work through Courtney and Angelynn.

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