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Trying Not to Vomit at CRAZY Indian Amusement Park

Trying Not to Vomit at CRAZY Indian Amusement Park

I hate this. Why am I here? Why am I here? Oh god! Oh shit. We all have dreams as kids right and one of my dreams is always to go to disneyland. That was one of my my top desires as a kid. I never got there as a kid. The closest I got to an amusement park was in Australia when our parents took us to to move the world and dreamland. So, my childhood wasn’t bad. I just never got this disneyland, but I did get there in my 20s that their dreams stuck with me, right. So today, let’s go and explore wonderla theme park, an Indian theme park here in Kerala and I have chosen possibly the worst day ever to come here. There are so many people here. There are literally tens and tens of buses parked and when I got here. I like nearly facepalm myself. I’m coming on a Monday. So I thought we’d be okay and it’s a bit wet, but oh, no, there’s literally thousands of people here before it’s even open. So when I bought the fast track ticket, okay, it’s double the price but you get in front of the line first. And for me to go on all these 40 rides here and get out of here and get to the airport in time, I had to do that. All right, I got through without any queues. I gotta drop these bags off. And basically, the park is separated into two different paths. You’ve got the dry rides and the water rides. And actually you need to go on the dry rides first before you go on the water rides because they won’t let you on the dry rides if you will, okay. So, that’s going to be the strategy. This is what we need guys, we need this rollercoaster. Oh my god hear the screams. I hate all this, why am I here? Why am I here? Oh good! Oh shit. Oh my god, now we’re going backwards. I got a headache. We’re so freakin high. That was the recoil ride and I forgot to tell you I absolutely hate heights,. But I love the adrenaline rush of these things gives me right like you could hear me screaming the whole time and slurring the whole time right. It’s awesome And it’s a small roller coaster but its intensity is like a hundred and ten percent. Half the time you’re going backwards and you’re being twisted around. I guess that’s why they call it recoil. Oh God! My stomach, my stomach do not eat before you come here guys. Okay, let’s go on the next high-intensity ride that I can find I’m gonna be sick. Okay, so so far the equinox 360 is the most incredible right here. I actually still feel like I’m gonna be sick. It’s worse than five days on a bumpy cruise ship. It is so bad. They pin you up in the air upside down and just spin you round and round and like figure eight. This ride is crazy. Oh my god! Everybody thinks I am PewDiePie here. The amount of times I have been asked ‘Are you PewDiePie?’ And that’s because there’s so many kids here, right? A lot of the younger kids think I’m PewDiePie. Sometimes I just tell them I am I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah, what’s up? Take a selfie. Brofist! The flash tower it throws you up and throws you back down like three Or four times and actually I have to be really careful filming here. They won’t let you take selfie sticks of phones up there. Lucky I’ve got a tiny GoPro that I can carry with me. What I have notice so far is if this place is freakin huge. It’s fourteen hundred rupees for the fast track ticket or 750 for a normal ticket. To store my bags it cost 400 rupees for a massive lock and a here There are a ton of kids here. I’m actually enjoying all the schoolkids being here actually. They are good fun and they just want to have a laugh. Feel like I’m at school again with all these kids. So if you want to see like where the space is, it’s situated on top of a hill. It’s built into a hill wonderla. Water rides are gonna open at 12. So then we’ll start the party there as well after all these dry rides and besides all the thrilling rides they have here, They’ve also got rides like for normal people who don’t want all this adrenaline. Okay, they’ve got like go-karts, they’ve got a caterpillar roller coaster. They’ve got boat ride. They’ve got all sorts of stuff. It’s not just all this crazy stuff. Okay, everybody’s catered for here which is, just a cool thing. My god, I am upside- down. I had a butter and deep fried idli for breakfast. Oh god! I am gonna be sick. Oh my god These extremes of pain, absolute pain, sickness. I am trying not to be sick right now. Okay, I’m gonna have to stop this crazy rides now, I fell sick. Like I never used to get sick like this in these rides, but Yeah, right now I’m feeling super sick. I’ve been on a cruise ship for the last five days traveling where Lakshadweep and the first day was bad. But these rides are bringing it all right back, Manisha would absolutely hate this place, my wife. She gets seasick and carsick very very easily. Oh my god, let’s go eat some food and then check out the the water rides here. And there are a ton of restaurants here as well, as they are rides. So, 40 rides here all together, okay. This place it’s absolutely fun. You can just see by the kids here. The kids are in freaking heaven. How did they get to come here during school time? I cannot have any food after those rides. Wait, what you’ve got here is you’ve got dosa, you’ve got yogurt, you’ve got fries. You’ve got a store as well and there must be about ten restaurants here. There’s a pop- corn store and an ice cream store. There is even more out this way as well. And these places they’re all over the parks. There’s always food nearby. Right now I’m just going to grab a drink and Yeah, that’s all I can stomach right now. Let’s go on the water rides. The water rides are gonna screw up my stomach as much as those ones did. And I’m extremely surprised that everything is priced really, really reasonably here. I don’t pay over the MRP for anything else, right? I got a bottle of water and I gotta an ice cream and that’s just 90 rupees like less than two dollars American but all that you wouldn’t even get a sprite can two dollars back home in New Zealand from where I’m from. So yeah, awesome day on the food as well. I’m really, really surprised about that. You know like cinemas, theme park usually they screw you on the food. But yeah, not the case yet. This place just gets better and better so they have wave pools here as well. This place has absolutely everything. I’m so happy to be here. Now if you’re wondering why everybody is wearing full-on clothes some woman even wearing their like salwar- kameez. Well, I guess it’s just cause people are a bit more conservative here. They don’t want to show any flesh or anything. It’s a bit different to overseas. It’s okay. I’ll go, I’ll go shirtless. What’s the point in getting my my top wet as well. Down here, we have the pendulum, the boomerang add the vertical full slides. All the adventure slides come and it’s also a rain disco here. We are gonna have to head up there rain disco, right? So that guy just tried to come in front of me even though, okay. Okay, I’m ready. All right, here we go. We’re not going, I am too.. Even though that guy have had tried to push in front. What was he thinking? What a rush. So people trying to push in line in India is not uncommon. You have seen it in my other blogs. I have caught that on camera before. There it is again. You gotta tell them ‘No’. You gotta butt in and say no, no, no. You’re not pushing in. That’s not how it’s done. So I said to him straight away. No, no, I have been waiting and then the other people stood up and said no you wait kid. So yeah that’s how it is. You learn to be really a for fright here in India because if you’re not for fright, if you’re not ready to take an action, people who’s trampled all over you and you’ll always be at the back of the queue, okay. That’s just the way it is, what to do. So the slide start all the way over there. You can’t see the trees are in the way. And you’ve got the more slides. Yeah, Wow. Look how fast these are gonna go. More, more, more. Than behind you’ve got all the adventure rides. It’s boomerang. Oh my god, I am gonna hit the top. I love this. What is this? Wow This is some trippy slide. Look at this. That was it? Okay. All right, I expected more from that one. These places make me feel like a kid again, you know. I felt like I’m 12 again and And having the time of my life. So adults, don’t be afraid to come here let your inner kid out. Like Ya, let go. Be a kid again. Enjoy There are a ton of pools here as well. For everybody to enjoy if slides aren’t your thing. I can’t film in there though obviously because You know a lot of woman in the pools. Oh wow! This one’s good. Oh shit! I can’t see anything. Oh my god! That was great. Thousand wipeouts at the end These next slides are the long platforms. It’s a straight down as fast as you can go. There we go. I got a win. Oh, you better hit that. Hey, hey, you’re cheating, you’re cheating. I won. No, you won. I got second, even though they cheated, they started first. This one slide and I’m gonna race my throws from Tamil nadu, okay. We’re gonna race, okay. Okay who’s gonna win? It’s New Zealand vs India or Delhi vs Chennai, Okay? Ok, Let’s go. I’m gonna win this time. Oh, I’m gonna win man. I’m winning, i’m winning. I’m kicking their asses, haha Laugh there, what happened? Yes number one Delhi wins, Delhi win. Sorry, bro. Oh Man too much fun, too much fun. I’ve actually got the advantage because I’m a lot heavier than these guys. I’m like 30 kg heavier than them. So, it’s gonna make me go fast enough. Okay, the disco is started .Let’s get freaky. I’ve been waiting for this. They should do that in every Indian city. Why aren’t there more water clubs like that? Oh my god it’s so much fun. And the girls and guys are separated so there was no mixing, wasn’t exactly a dance club. Yeah, that’s the way it is. And I noticed the guys were going way harder than the girls were. The girls were just standing there. The guys are like were dancing hard. Cool in that dance club. Wow, what a day these kids are having honestly. I wish I was going to their school. A lot of them are from Tamilnadu. Whatever the government’s doing, whatever their school systems doing, it got their priorities, right? Guys are still going outside, it’s an entire dance party. Come on boys. I just realized that all the pools they are separated in half. So, half is for the males and half is for the females and I don’t know what that means. Like if I’m here with my wife. She has to be on the other side of the pool so we can’t swim together. I guess that’s what it means. So, Yeah, I don’t know why that is. Probably it’s something to do with The large amount of Muslims living here in Kerala. A lot of things are separated like that. Anyway what to do. It’s fine. You can still come here and enjoy the pools. But if you’re coming with girls, they’re gonna be on the other side of the near okay? How was that? Perfect timing That was only about half the rides in this amusement park that I showed you. There is so much more. to do here and now it’s time for the party to end. Dammit, I didn’t even get to show you half of the rides. That’s how big this place is. You need an entire day if you want to go to every single show they have, their every single ride they have, every single slide they have ok, so. Yeah, it’s a full-day thing get here when it opens at 11:00 and stay here till 6:00 then. For the value for money from a foreigners perspective, It’s incredible. I really, I just love going to amusement parks right and I’ll go tomorrow take you through more in India, yeah. Well, they have some more good times guys. And if you want to support the content that I create so I can keep devoting my life to showing you guys around incredible India, hit that join button below become part of the rock army and get a bunch of member only benefits. Thank you guys so much for the support. Long live India.

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