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Try not to VOMIT when you learn Ham’s sin! | Genesis 9:18-28

Try not to VOMIT when you learn Ham’s sin! | Genesis 9:18-28

Hey, everyone. I’m Rachel and today on Crack Your Bible we are just going to be talking about the latter-half of Genesis 9. Because, it is super weird and confusing. Now, Noah gets off the ark- let’s have kind of a brief overview- Noah gets off the ark and some time later he plants a vineyard. Noah gets drunk in his tent; Ham goes into the tent. Something happens and Ham comes out of the tent and he tells his two brothers, Japheth and Shem, what just happened, and they back into the tent, like they go in backwards, cover up their fathers nakedness, Walk out. After Noah comes to, he sobers up after some time, he figures out what Ham did to him and he flips out and then he puts a curse on Ham’s fourth Son Canaan and He says that Canaan is going to be a servant of servants He’s basically going to have to serve the others, so it’s very strange. So we need to, like, unpack this. Because this is one of the grossest stories Once you understand what is actually going on here in the Hebrew. Now first of all How did Noah get so lit that he’s drunk? Because this is really the first time that we see a godly person getting plastered and The Bible has no problem with people drinking I mean Jesus’s first miracle with him turning water into wine at the wedding at Canaan But, the Bible repeatedly says, like, “don’t get wasted.” And there’s a difference between having a drink and getting lit so What happened here? Noah gets out of the ark. And, Remember prior to the flood they had that Vault of Heaven around? So you’re going to have a more pressure on the Earth if you have that Vault of Heaven. The temperatures would have been different. And people say that it was most likely highly oxygenated. so you had things that grew very large and Carbon Dioxide more. So again, things grew large. So, once that Vault of Heaven fell down, you’re going to have lower pressure on the earth. You’re going to have a less oxygenated environment and Noah got off at Mount Ararat. So he’s at a higher altitude. What do those three things, less oxygen higher altitude, low pressure, what happens with those things? It’s called hypoxia. Altitude Sickness or why you feel more “drunk” on a plane if you drink the same number of drinks in an airplane compared to on the ground. It’s… hypoxia is where you’re getting less oxygen in your body, so you feel more intoxicated and This is what altitude sickness is. That’s why if you are up on a mountain, hiking and you’re drinking, you’re going to feel a lot more drunk, than if you are on the ground. You have less oxygen in your system You’re at a higher altitude, and there’s less pressure on your body So, Noah, in this new, place doesn’t realize that hey things are different. So you can’t drink as much as you used to and feel fine. So he goes into the tent and Ham sees his nakedness, comes out, and immediately tells his brothers. What, what does this mean? If you haven’t read the rest of the Bible like Deuteronomy or Leviticus, seeing somebody’s nakedness means that you’ve basically cuckold them. So.. For example. It says that “do not sleep with your mother or your father’s wife. Because, you will have uncovered his nakedness. It’s sort of like, in English, when we say this guy cuckolded this guy, it doesn’t mean that he like physically did something to that guy. It means that he slept with that man’s wife. So the act of doing something with a woman affected that man so the term is only between men even though it it means that something happened between one man and another man’s wife So, by uncovering his father’s nakedness what Ham did was, he went into the tent and he had sex with his mom or stepmom oh, I hope it’s a stepmom. I need to kind of backtrack a little bit because whenever you have this imagery with like the vineyard and wine… We see this in other parts of the Bible such as with King David and BathSheba and Uriah David expected Uriah to go drink and then have sex with Bathsheba and then Uriah didn’t so David killed him and took Bathsheba for his wife It’s also a crazy story now. This was basically ancient Hebrews’ ”Netflix and chill” It’s a euphemism for, you know, we’re going to have sex . If you’re going to go into the vineyard if you’re going to Netflix and chill that basically means you’re going to go try to get it in. You’re going to have sex with somebody. Now like today, some people actually are watching Netflix and chilling But there’s also the connotation that you will have sex at some point during this event and likewise, with the vineyard symbolism, yeah, they’re actually in a vineyard, actually, they are actually drinking wine but it also notes that there is going to be sex happening. So we see that symbolism, or that imagery in this story. Noah has a vineyard, ohh like Netflix and chill, and he gets plastered. So when he’s about to have sex with his own wife, because God said be fruitful and multiply, you a Ham roll up and he rapes his own mom, and he comes up, and he tells his brothers. What? This is all so confusing if you don’t understand, number one, rape and, number two, Mid Eastern culture. Rape is not necessarily about sensuality. A lot of times it’s about power and dominance. So, what he was doing was he was dominating , uh this is so gross, his own mom. But it was a power play to usurp his own Dad like “I slept with your woman. I slept with your wife, so now I’m in charge.” And we see this throughout the Bible, unfortunately, you see when somebody is going to over overrun somebody or You see somebody who’s trying to, like, get the upper hand or take over, they try to have sex with that person’s wives or concubines. You see this with the 12 tribes of Israel. Reuben, who’s the oldest son, he has sex with Jacob’s servant, Bilhah, who was also the mother of some of the Tribes of Israel That is a middle eastern symbol of like “I’m in charge now. I’m usurping you and here: I’m going to have sex with these women” When it’s your own mom like…uhhh You are disgusting. So What Ham did was he had sex with his mom and then told his brothers, like, “Hey, I’m in charge now. Just wanna let you know this happened, so it’s all about me.” This just confirms what I have always said about Noah, and his sons. They didn’t make it on the ark because they were just so pious and holy and wonderful No, they were the only ones who weren’t these demonic hybrids. Because we still see this egregious sin nature. I mean, we all have a sin nature in us, but clearly Ham is on another level. Because, he gets off the ark; he’s seeing what God can do, how God punishes sin and this is what he does. And it mirrors exactly what Satan did to God: where it’s like “I’m going to try to usurp you.” That was basically one of my first videos, where Lucifer, at the time, thinks that he’s going to overtake God. And we see the same imagery now, where it’s “Ham’s going to overtake Noah.” And it’s like, okay: There’s literally eight adults in the scene. You guys are that greedy for land. I mean you have the entire world and there’s eight adults. You guys can’t like figure this out Without having sex with your own mom, because you’re going to do a power play? Like, this is disgusting so His mom gets pregnant from this. And this is why the Bible tells us over and over and over “Ham, the father of Canaan,” so that it is not confused that Noah is the father of Canaan, even though it came from his wife. Gross. “Canaan” which means “humiliation,” I’m sure his mom really had a..(chuckle) had a good reason for naming him that. Canaan is now going to be the servant to his brothers, Shem and Japheth, and basically Ham wanted to overtake everything so that he owned, he was in charge of 100% of everything through this son and now Because he usurped Noah’s power, he wanted everything for himself. Just like Satan wanted everything for himself. And we see that now. “Oh, you’re going to do this well now your offspring, this son that came from this despicable act, is going to be the servant of everybody else.” And you know Canaan had a problem with sexual sin and we see this unnatural sex throughout Canaan’s descendants. The Canaanites were the ones who are mating with nephilim and produced giants after the flood. We see them going after false gods. And it’s just like, okay, so if Ham messed up, why is it that everybody in this line is.. they’re nasty? The only way that I can explain the Canaanites affinity for unnatural sex is Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Now, what does that mean? Basically, it means that you can pass on memories to your offspring without changing their DNA. Like the DNA doesn’t look like there’s anything changed, but clearly they’ve inherited a memory. So this shared bank of knowledge, some people talk about it, but it can even be things that are specific to your parent or your grandparents. For example, scientists have taken mice, and what they would do is they would spray a smell and then whenever those mice smell that smell they would get a shock and So they were conditioned to know “Hey, when I smell this I’m going to get shocked.” Now, when those mice has babies They just the babies and they just sprayed this smell on them and the babies freaked out even though they had no experience ever smelling this smell and experience a shock. But all they did was they smelled it and they reacted as if they were going to get shocked. So that is an example of Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance They have been given this memory, we don’t know how, from their parents. It’s just something that is in our genetic makeup it’s in animal makeup as well. So this could be one of the things That caused the Canaanites to be into unnatural sex. Ham was into it which passed it on to Canaan. Canaan was already cursed by Noah. And then they were really into sleeping with demons, sleeping with fallen angels, sleeping with their own family. Gross. And we see the same thing in other areas that we haven’t gotten to this. So Abraham and Lot: Lot was the nephew of Abraham and after Sodom and Gomorrah happened…. Gross. This story is so gross. So after Sodom and Gomorrah happened, Lot gets drunk again, there’s that symbolism…. and his daughters…eww again, it’s The kids to the parent – it’s so gross. They, his two daughters, talk amongst themselves, and they’re like “Hey, we’re the last people on Earth.” Because apparently they didn’t realize that this was just a localized event. Their dad gets drunk. They’re in a cave with him and they both sleep with their dad. And they produce the Moabites and the Ammonites: also, people who were into crazy sex and worshiping demons and all sorts of stuff. So we have the Canaanites, the Moabites, the Ammonites, all descended from products of incest and they are all into unnatural, weird, gross sex. and God… God wants them gone, like they were the enemies of the Israelites throughout the Bible. Gross Gross Gross Gross Gross So that is basically the ending of Genesis 9. We have Ham trying to usurp his dad; and he does this by raping his own mom, and then telling his brothers about it. Noah finds out when he sobers up: his wife is pregnant. She produces this baby: Canaan, and he wants everyone to know: “This is not my son. This is Ham’s son” There is a curse put on them and Canaan is going to have to serve his brothers…eww..half-brothers. And you see that because Ham wanted all of that land, he’s going to usurp his dad…. that land that the Canaanites had… is going to go to the Israelites, later down the road. God gave them a time for repentance, because even the offspring… they were into some crazy stuff. God gave them 400 years to kind of repent, come around, and they didn’t. So that is why God is constantly allowing the Israelites and the Canaanites, Ammonites, Moabites to go to war because they were into some crazy, disgusting stuff. So when people are like ” oh why does God allow, you know, women children and babies to die?” Uh.. you don’t even know what they’re all into. Like… they’re all hybrid-demon-creature things, and they’re all incestuous, disgusting fools. So that is basically the story of the latter-half of Genesis 9. We can finally kind of start to wrap-up the Noah story Tell me below if you’ve ever heard that story like that before or if this is new information for you Please Like, Subscribe and Share, and I will see you later. Bye

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  • Shem & Japheth walked in backwards to cover THEIR MOM, aka Noah's nakedness, rather than joining in!

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    ❓Were you aware that "uncovering Noah's nakedness" and "covering their father's nakedness" had a double meaning prior to this video?
    "You are not to have sexual relations with your father's wife. It's your own father's nakedness." – Leviticus 18:8 ISV

    Absolom did the same thing as Ham when he tried to usurp his father David.

    "So they erected a tent for Absalom on the palace roof and Absalom went in and had sex with his father's mistresses right in front of all Israel." – 2 Samuel 16:22 ISV
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  • This does make perfect sense. Ive never heard this but ive heard a theory that ham tried to be gay with noah and i didnt believe it. I thought the sin was the fact that he looked at his naked dad then told the other 2 brothers to go in and look, which would have made them commit the same sin. But they covered him honorably without looking so it seemed like ham was being immature saying "haha dad's naked look you guys!" Instead of just covering him and not telling his brothers. Handling that situation wrong was sinful but was it worthy of a curse on your kid? But i never understood what is ham supposed to do when he walks into a tent and his dad is naked and then hes automatically a sinner for seeing it? And i never understood why canaan got cursed when he didnt do it, like why didnt ham get cursed directly? So i thought, maybe noah was saying canaan is going to be cursed because hes from ham and ham is clearly the bad apple. But ham has other sons that dont seem cursed. Whats weird to me is how canaan is mentioned before the vineyard story. It says 18 noahs sons who came out of the ark were shem, ham, and japeth. Ham was the father of canaan. Then it goes into the vineyard so i got the vibe that canaan was already there, rather than being a product of the drunk event, but not necessarily. It could have been explaining who canaan is. Your theory explains it more than anything i ever heard, its just so gross!

  • Adam and Eve’s children were boys …how did they mate and make more people like girls …and mate with who since they just came from Adam and Eve making them the first people after Adam and Eve🤔

    Enlighten me

  • Wow i didnt really understand why he was cursed he saw his father naked and covered him up with a blanket. Now i see why. It was never explained in plane detill like that by the ministers. But i did kind of thought something happen with his father but didn't quite know what it was so sinful. But i did understand about lots daughters getting there father drunk and sleeping with him. Either way that was really bad and its called incense. 😒

  • This seems like a logical explanation, but the word in Leviticus is "uncover" the nakedness. Genesis says that he "saw" his father's nakedness. 2 different words with 2 different meanings…

  • I drink but occasionally, and don't lose my mind and black out because the alcohol intoxication. Also, alcohol make me weak to commit stupidities. I use to it when I "WANT" to relax and don't forget about "RULES".

  • Nothing true to Gods word is being taught here. This is a disgusting made up story with no biblical facts. Reading the bible is not a hidden agenda to Gods people , just the unsaved. Paul talks about God not being the author of confusion. Noah became the first husbandman and grew a vineyard. He got drunk due to the process of making wine had not been done since the flood. Meaning that everything changed after the world wide flood causing a total new eco system of the earth, so the process of how strong the wine was made different in its process. Noah drank probably the same amount in his past , but did not realize how strong it was and got drunk quickly. That is why you do not hear of Noah being punished for drunkenness. Ham saw his fathers nakedness and told his brothers instead of covering him. The insult was therefore made to his father. Shem and Japheth then walked into the tent backwards and covered their father for respect, because of what they did they were blessed by their father were Ham son was cursed.
    This is according the customs of the time. Later references of the nakedness of a father meaning someone sleeping with his wife , has absolutly nothing to do with Noah, but is in Leviticus under the new law given. This law was at a later time. Disrespecting the father at the time of Noah actually could of resulted punishment under death. This is why it can cause problems in studying Gods word and picking verses from different areas, causing confusion or misleading of the scripture.

  • sister not many daughter's of zion like yourself possess the wisdom you do. Subscribing now. Great work! Shaloam sister

  • I don't normally comment on these type of videos, but find it baffling that Lot's daughters could get him plastered and have their way with their father and they are in fact rewarded as their kids become great leaders (despite the fact there were definitely other people around). However, in Noah, the plot changes completely. It's all disgusting and not valid for spiritual inspiration. Same book of the bible btw.

  • You definitely earned a new subscriber today…your work and the way you corroborate your research is pretty AWESOME!!!!

  • what so gross about it? human race came from adam and eve, after cain, then who became his wife? probably his sister? or he had also a secret affair with his own mother eve? if the bible was true account of our origin then we are all the children gross sexual relationship. Maybe god re create other human to avoid genetic abnormality that did not mention in the bible.

  • HI RACHEL, How did earth populate without INCEST if ADAM & EVE had children, who did ADAMS & EVES children marry/reproduce with but not their own family, THIS IS NOT A SARCASTIC QUESTION BTW, AS NO ONE HAS GIVEN ME A PROPER ANSWER, Thanks RACHEL

  • Only the Israelites can explain the Bible, all the Caucasian race has ever done with the book is deceive the world with it, remember this is the same people who push a so called white man being Christ and there is not one verse of scripture to back it up, so watch for wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • U gotta let the athiest speak up otherwise there is no debate, why even God let's satan speak so we can bring him down with the Holy scriptures as Jesus did.

  • Hummmm I always took it as Ham committed sodomy on his father who was drunk & passed out…. but this is an interesting take also…. but another things is…… it seems cursing/punishing Ham would have been more appropriate & had less of an effect on future generations, then cursing an innocent child who had nothing to do with anything….. Because when one is persecuted from birth for something they did not do….. they tend to go bad…. hence the child DID go bad………. Things like this puzzle me greatly

  • The bible is full of cursing violence and killing from god.where is all the violence and killing from the Devil ! He just made job suffer and put a star in the sky 😂😂😂

  • My kids use to get sick when they started to ride in the car. They would throw up and theybwanst even sick before we left out the house. They had motion sickness.

  • So did Ham have fallen angel blood? I'm confused. If he was Noah's son, n had pure blood, what does that have to do with 'bad blood'

  • What about the offsprings? Say this didn't happen then, was it going to happen later on down the road with the offsprings generation?

  • I enjoyed your explanation greatly as I try to study The Bible from an Agnostic view and have never been able to understand how people blindly believe these Horrors within The Bible and stories like Noah and The Flood are the greatest Paradoxes ever written. God supposedly creates the people of Earth and then he doesn't like what he sees and so destroyed the whole mess but ends up with a bunch of rapist heathens who are inbred and Demonic~!!!!! Seems the believers aren't using the Brain that this supposed God gave them and they "cherry pick" the parts of The Bible that makes them feel good. Thank you Rachel for all your work on this and you help a lot more than the believers as you can see here. I have subscribed to learn more as time goes by.

  • OMG. That is sooo disgusting! I'm 54 and I'm on my fourth time reading my Bible from front to back. I have never understood it to mean that! I read a little bit every day, and I won't go on social media until I do. I honestly don't know how I found this video, but I like the way you talk and explain things, so I subbed already. I've been saved almost 16 years now, and my heart aches when I think about how much Jesus loves me, and how much I love him.
    P.s. I love your merch, and can't wait to order something.

    (Omg I'm still grossed out, and shocked by this!)

  • I never heard the story told like that. It made so much sense to me and it makes sense period. It answered questions and concerns I had about the Caananites and them giants after the flood. Thank you.

  • If you really think about it,we are all the product of incest,Eve was made from Adam's rib,Cain and abel's wives were their twin sisters,Noah's children went off and created the various tribes(races)from their offspring and on it goes. Why should it shock you,obviously quite acceptable at the time.

  • He was wrong right off the bat when he said why would the serpent be cursed to crawl on the ground when that's what they do be he didn't know that cause he wasn't in the garden at that time so how would he know how God had snakes move around then

  • So was the mother drunk also? Because it seems to me if she wasn't drunk , why did she allow this to happen?, also why wasn't the 3 sons and their wives drunk? Why was it only Noah who was drunk from this heighten altitude? I believe the devil entered Into the ark also with this
    family he didn't drown in the flood with the world, understand all the animals were inside with them including snakes

  • I recently read a study about this that suggested that Ham gossiped to his brothers and his son Canaan overheard and did something inappropriate with Noah while he was unaware. Can you elaborate on your source for your conclusions? I would like to consider all of the sources. Thank you.

  • l never heard anything like this with Ham, now it makes sense, knew about Lot's daughters, now this makes sense too, the 3 different tribes and why they lost favor with God. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  • Bar regulars who all seem to know have hooked up with each other already, is what comes to mind here. Also gossipy schools. If your hearts too tender to ever out perform a love rival's challenge to break what you worked for anywhere similar to there, consider yourself lucky, the trade off of sanity aint worth getting your thing wet if theres a history of irrational in the momentism.

  • Ham only heard and acted on Canaan's words telling Noah to steal something secretly hidden, so that Canaan was cursed.

  • God created Adam and Eve, In order to get world populated they get married to themselves and when we got the Law it becomes unlawful to get married to blood relatives. That were not the order from God.

  • So Lucifer was the most beautiful angel ,God tells his people that beauty is vain,real humans slept with these angels coz they saw how beautiful they were.

  • Looking at the big picture is Good. what's new for me is hearing that some of the -ites are family-so that was nice.-Ernie Moore Jr.

  • Thank you for explaining this to me as I had no idea what had happened there.Like others in comments thought it was only that Ham viewed his father naked and wondered why Noah was so angry to curse Hams son. I considered myself quite knowledgeable at understanding scripture and feel a bit silly now having learned this from a woman and a younger lady as well this video is from summer 2017. On positive note at least your a really good looker & I must say I'm impressed & look forward to watching more of your videos.Thanks again Rachel, may God bless & Peace from Mission B.C. Mark G.

  • Rachel I need some help,please,I am not a teacher like you. Or any kind.I keep having this problem in my relationship because of the very thing you said. I too believe having a drink and feeling maybe a buzz is not sinful. Yet when someone over drinks and has blackouts becomes abusive not hitting but with words and horrible things that come out and the next day he doesn’t remember it at all.,yet I retain every bit.,I’m told I am making things up or the best thing is well,I mad him mad she I made him treat me and curse at me. If I had not been a bitch is what I am called then he would not have to behave as he does. However in all reality he needs to stop because when anyone has to,start drinking the minute their feet hit the floor in the am. If they are off. If they go to,work depending on what time their shift starts. If at 12 pm then he will drink several drinks before going to work. Yet I do not have in my Scripture Arsenal the scriptures I need to prove it to him. He said if I could produce scripture that say s your not supposed to be drunk. Yet with anyone if you say a great person in your daily life that is until you start drinking also,I never know which drink it will be it could be the 10 th one or it could be the 14 th one. However anyone and this is for all who read this. If you drink a 1.75 Liter every 2 days you have got a problem. Also I get told well,God went to. Oath and he was a drunk yet he asked him to build the Ark. from what I remember did Noah get saved after he was called by God to,build the ark. I thought I knew so much about my Bible yet now I realize even tho,I was in. Burch everytime the doors were open. Not a one ever explained stuff the way you did. I asked the question yet never received any answers. The family church doesn’t like for anyone to disagree with anything the Minister teaches. So if you start trying to explain something. It doesn’t make them very happy.mso,I left. I do not hate the people because it has been a big part of my life those people who attend. However if they are being led wrong I always felt I had to speak up and say what was preached is not what the Bible meant. Such as the tithe thing. He has agreed he drinks to much yet stick to the reason is I made him do whatever he does. I’m told just because he screams and curses and gets into my personal space he says that is not being abused. Because he has never hit a woman and I who has been thru both kinds.of abuse. I rather be hit knocked out cold rather than for example. I’m in bed asleep I have 3:Furbabies who,sleep in the room.He gets in from work it’s about 11 pm or 12 pm. I am asleep as well as are the Furbabies. He comes in turns the big flat screen on. Which wakes me up and I find this very disrespectful and also not being considerate. So I get woke up the 3 Furbabies starts to bark because they get woke up as well., takes a bit to get them calmed back down. I would never do this to him if it wast him asleep and me coming in from my job. I mean he comes in and eats something I’ve cooked. Watches TV in the family room for about 2 hours then comes in here to the master bedroom which is so quite due to now the house was designed. I feel,this is very disrespectful to me. I’ve asked him to move the big tv into,the living room because I no longer watch much tv except for a few shopping channels. The rest just upset me. So many stupid shows like Naked and Afraid. Or the one where these guys compete with pain from being attack by all kinds of fish,other animals due I want to watch a Cz person who is stupid enough to,be on a reality show. Either totally naked or being attacked by the snakes ,spiders and everything else.we no longer have many shows that are entertaining because I do not like to watch the Kardashins. Or the LMN shows which has a 95% of Cz women who are blackmailing people,cheating,killing well,it does not put me in a very loving mood. So I will,never understand how a person can go from heaven to hell in a matter of time. Verbal abuse is still,abuse. Especially because since I do not drink or smoke, I’m in my correct mind and I remember everything.So he has finally admitted he is an Alcoholic. He has this idea Nat all women are bitches because they all have asked him to stop drinking. So,it’s been a problem not just in our relationship. He say drinking calms him down. It’s causing him health problems".so,any help,your be greatly appreciated. 💞💞

  • Authoritarian leaders of the Lord's Recovery Movement of Witness Lee depend heavily upon a mutation of the commonly accepted "Noah cursed Ham doctrine" in order to discourage group members from un-covering the leaders' many hidden sins. What Rachel Stephens shares here makes total sense, and comes across like a cool summer breeze! BTW: The Lord's Recovery Movement uses women as slaves to do all the work, but never allows them to teach the Bible to anyone except children. MM

  • Okay. I was reading Leviticus 20:11 which clearly defines what it means to uncover your father's nakedness. Now I am wondering…maybe, just maybe Mrs Noah was not the biological mother of Ham. What if his mother died and Noah remarried?

  • Thank you for the more depth understanding.🤗🤗🤗which explains all of the burnt offerings for sins. And GOD still forgave us. WOW!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! HALALUJAH!!!

  • Leviticus tells us to know a man’s nakedness is to have sex with his wife. Canaan was born from incest that’s why he was automatically cursed.

  • well, this is some new information for me.
    It was not possible to imagine this stuff.
    thanks for sharing the information.

  • Hi Rachel ! I’ve never heard this story told this way before but i have heard a lot of wrong teaching pertaining to it. Such as all blacks people are descendants of Ham and that justified slavery in America :/ or that it was homosexual sin and that would justify violence against someone who is! Its sad how people twist the Bible! Thank you for being an instrument of truth!

  • In Satan's viewpoint, all he knows at this point is that someone will come from a particular lineage that he must stop…the question is who. With Cain and Able he was sure it was Able and puts it in his heart to kill his brother….nope….it was Seth…the third son. Now its Noah's sons….surely it must be Ham……Nope…it was Shem….He tries again with Nimrod….nope…it was Abraham….I love it…Satan is playing checkers and God is playing chess. When God says something…its gonna happen

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