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TIF Procedure for GERD | Frank’s Story

TIF Procedure for GERD | Frank’s Story

>>If I were to rewind time and go back four to six years ago,
I could eat anything, have a few beers, have a glass of wine, Buffalo wings are a huge fan of ours, being from Buffalo, no problems. And all of a sudden, over the course of about six months,
this transition happened, seemingly out of nowhere. I really started getting random symptoms of burping constantly. I’d say I was burping a
couple hundred times a day and it would hurt, the back
of my throat would burn, from food coming up.>>He was always having
problems with his throat. It was always kinda hard to
explain it to other people whenever he had to step away.>>It was horrible. It was impacting my sleep,
my productivity at work because I couldn’t sleep, and it was a detriment to my productivity
and just my lifestyle. Had seen a gastroenterologist and he found that I had a slight tear in the valve that goes into your stomach. The gastroenterologist had mentioned that there is a new
procedure called the TIF that is an incisionless
procedure that goes into your stomach essentially
and forms a new valve and so not having to have an incision, not having to have the same recovery time sounded like something I was interested in learning more about. I found that there was one
person in the D.C. Metro area that had the ability to do it and it happened to be at Johns Hopkins.>>Hey, Frank, good to see you.>>Hi, how are you?>>Yeah, welcome, have a seat, thanks.>>She, kind of from
the onset, made me feel really comfortable and made it seem like there was hope, so for
the first time in a while, there was some light at
the end of the tunnel.>>The transoral incisionless
fundoplication, or TIF, is en endoscopic way
that we can treat reflux by placing a device into the stomach and we are able to fix
small hiatal hernias and by pulling down the
end of the esophagus, where the valve is, under the diaphragm, and creating a esophagal gastric plication and making a valve that is
about 270 to 300 degrees in circumference, it simulates
a surgical fundoplication, so it provides the
advantages of a barrier, but also does not really have
the associated disadvantages of the surgery complete
wrap, so the TIF procedure allows us to rebuild the valve from inside without having to make any incisions. Okay, hope you do well.>>Frank: Thank you so much.>>Thank you so much. Good to see you looking so well.>>Thank you. I came to later in the day and I was home at the end of the following day. Fast forward between three and six months and I’m able to eat normally
and I’m not burping anymore and I’m sleeping every night.>>You could eat Thai again.>>I could eat my pad Thai again. And peppers, onions, and tomatoes and everything that I couldn’t have.>>The first time I actually
saw him after the TIF was three months after
and he already was cured. He was sleeping through the night, he was working well, he just got engaged. I mean, everything fell into place for him and he actually honestly felt
that this changed his life and I was very happy
that it worked for him.>>Being able to run,
go jogging, be active, be outdoors, all the other crazy gadgets that I have to be active
with and feel alive. You know, it’s exciting. (tranquil music)

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  • Dr. Canto, this TIF procedure you offer become now standard of care, it is minimally invasive and we do thank you for using it and giving back to your patients their quality of life!
    Adrian Lobontiu, MD, FACS

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