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The Natural Human Diet: Blood Type, Fibre, Digestive System, Eskimos

The Natural Human Diet: Blood Type, Fibre, Digestive System, Eskimos

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  • All dog breeds have the same organs, they require different diets. The bacteria and the mouth and throughout the body is different and different races of humans. You can tell someone's race by the flora of the mouth.

  • Thanks man for all the information and videos, it all makes sense. Been vegan for a few years and grew too thin despite eating lots of grains, legumes etc. For the last few days I transitioned to raw meat (muscle) from the supermarket and beendrinking some raw eggs from the supermarket and have a bad diarrea. Is that normal at the begiining, what do u think should I do?

  • I was vegan for 2 years. I developed acne, excema and bloated frequently, fatigued, I even think I developed fibromyalgia. Going back to meat and starting raw milk I instantly feel better and more relaxed and I don't break out anymore!! What do you recommend I do for dandruff? I haven't used shampoo or conditioner on my hair for 6 months anyway but I've always had dandruff and I don't know what to do about it.
    Also, why do I wake up with bodily aches?
    Whenever I eat raw eggs I bloat, why is this?

  • where do u buy your organ and meat and fat? do u eat these animal fat fermented? how do u buy it or make it?

  • Hey Gatis, Do you still not brush your teeth? I understand youve introduced orange juice into your diet. I eat orange juice as well, along with unheated honey, and I get grime coating my teeth if I don't brush. I don't eat any fiber. Wondering If you experience this.

  • I ike to watch you’re videos at night. I just put them on even if I watched them before. Sometimes I fall asleep. But hey, you’re music at the end almost gives me a heart attack!

  • Your channel is awesome, I have always wondered why the "healthiest" food (veggies) taste like utter garbage and fruits make me sick to my stomach and bloated. I thought there was something wrong with me and my digestion, and forced myself to eat these anyway. NO other animal goes around forcing themselves to eat foods that taste disgusting to them. This is really eye opening, thank you.

  • Can you name the speakers, so that I can look them up? Yes, I know the first one is Denise Minger. The second is Amber O'Hearn.

  • hilarious my mother is always taking fiber for her constipation, constipation which she keeps complaining about despite the fiber she claims is the solution lol ive tried to tell her & she can not hear me haha!!

  • I have a question about frozen meat. My husband hunts (venison) and fishes; but our meat ends up frozen. Does it still have everything we need nutritionally speaking? And all the bacteria we need? I believe freezing destroys some stuff. What are you thoughts since this is our lifestyle. Thanks!!!

  • Every animal needs fat and protein either by directly eating it from animals or converting it from what ever they eat.
    Vegans are not out smarting nature. Naturaly vegans will die on a vegans diet.

  • Vegan never put a natural plant near their mouth? So sea weed, salads, nuts and fruits are all processed? What about patatoes?

  • I hardly ever fart, I've always eaten lots of meat. My teeth fell apart because of medications I was put on as a child that caus3d dry mouth. I'm pretty healthy otherwise. Very strong for my small frame.

  • The more I read and listen and research, the more confused I get. Everyone screams that they have the right answer, and everyone cites studies and sources for their own agendas. How the hell is anyone supposed to know what to eat? :-/

  • The government tells us so much lies and we follow it , so glad for this channel I am unlearning everything right now

  • I have a problem with this… cows eat what they are supposed to — and they FART like hell !!!!… some points are spot on, though….

  • Wow, mind blown. I'd already come to my own conclusion that we must have eaten meat for a long period of our species;' existence as we inhabited places where there was next to no plant food yet the fact that our body produces an enzyme solely for the consumption of cholesterol is the nail in the vegan coffin.

  • Cheers Sv3rige. So many lies across the board in all industries it seems.
    I guess trophology doesn't matter if one is eating raw meat or even keto/paleo.
    One thing that always perplexed me (well made me laugh anyhow) is when people (vegans I mean) cleaned out parasites – isn't that cruelty to animals?

  • I've been following different diet plans and everything is evolving all the time , but one thing is for sure when I meet a vegetarian, right away you get the sence that something is wrong , I always thought it was because I take pleasure in eating meat and didn't want to face the facts but what it probably was is my intuition kicking in, At the end of the day I feel bad for them because their sense of compassion and love of living creatures is valid ,but it's ill placed and an ideology , There has been studies done and even plants feel pain and suffering , just because they don't have eyes ears ,nose and a mouth doesn't change the fact that you are killing something to survive, everything kills,eats and digests!

  • Have been a vegan once, for 2,5 years. I was fatter than ever in that period of time 🙁 All the other vegans I knew then (very few) were fat, too.

  • What does one do if they get constipated when they consume too much protein? I’ve always been forced to eat more plants or else I get miserably constipated

  • I think I will go get a nice juicy steak!.. But seriously, this is common sense. What do you think primitive man ate? What would you have eaten if you were trying to stay alive when you couldn't always be sure about your next meal? The answer is you probably ate the most efficient food you could find. Meat, marrow and animal fat have a lot of calories and food value per ounce compared with plants. Humans have shorter digestive tracks than other primates and herbivores in general obviously because we came down from the trees over the course of tens of thousands of years and found ways to catch and eat animals and insects. But our digestive track is also not as short as carnivores like dogs or cats so we are not meant to eat a "meat only" diet either. We also undoubtedly added whatever roots, berries, nuts and leaves we could gather and early humans could survive only on those plant based foods of course if needed. So overall we ate whatever we could with a percentage of meat preferred when possible. So a balanced meal is probably the best solution. Eat a nice sirloin steak with baked potato and string beans or small salad. How about a fresh tuna or wild salmon Sushi roll with brown rice, avocado and sea weed. You will most likely feel very satisfied and full for hours and feel great the next day too.

  • I eat lots of MEAT- I have a huge Boner all the time-fuck lots of girls, Rage at work and get alot done! I`m alpha male and have a big fuckin ego! Eat more meat!!! Vegans are weirdos!

  • When humans evolved on the african step there where not enougth vegetarian stuff to eat and we had to eat meat, later we left africa but not farming but hunter and gatherers. Later with farming we started to eat more grains but it doesent mean its natural. A small amounth was ok but not to make it dominant. I think we ate much more fish from the sea and rivers, hunted animals and even some insects.

  • Wait, we’re you eating raw chicken? Is it a myth one can get salmonella and that it makes you sick? Please I want to know

  • on vegan diet I never got my full calories, cuz i knew that the food i eat isn't healthy for me either.. was a hard time man , suddenly my mom got me some things from the local organic farm and I was so thankful and saved! I love animals but thats not the way to go. I ll never forget my first raw milk and egg after 3 years, what a blessing..

  • Red meat has been the primary food source for humans around the world for thousands of years. Even before civilization was made, humans worked together to capture and kill bovine to share among the tribe. It's what we've evolved to eat.

  • When I went vegan for a few months at the age of 17 my already acne prone skin went nuts and it got worse and I heard from an other friend that her skin got acne too we both went back to a diet that contains meat.

  • I agree with a lot you have said. Food shouldn't cause us to become bloated and gassy and have actual pain. I think for shits and giggles, I am going to try and experiment. Eat what man ate one million years ago. They hunted meat and the woman gathered a few berries. I want to try meat and a few odd berries diet. See how my gut and body feels

  • What about healing the body when your sick? I have a damaged illeocecal valve and can’t eat or drink anything without bloating. I’ve tried just about every cleanse diet out there nothing has helped. Maybe a change to a raw meat diet will heal me?

  • I seen your 4 videos of vegans being malnourished, you should do one on the light twins. I saw 2 of their videos, years apart, and they used to be ripped and healthy looking, not look terrible.

  • Hey can you send me a list of the awesome emotional-black-metal and DSBM bands and songs you're featuring at the end of yur videos please? Can you name the songs/bands in your video descriptions. I was Vegan for a year because I love animals more than people, but it messed my stomach, body and teeth up, and gave IBS with awful stomach and intestinal cramps. My main issue was not eating animals as such, but more the meat industry and modern farming practices, the way they treat live-stock and milking animals is repugnant to me, not to mention all the hormones, pus, and very poor treatment of their animals and the appalling mass slaughter houses and bad transit conditions. Then I discovered bow-hunting along with sling for smaller game, and sometimes shot-gun; and raising my own healthy, very well treated and fed animals, and also chickens and ducks etc which I never slaughter or eat as they are for eggs only and they live an amazing happy well-fed life with pond and stream access all-day and safe, dry, warm hay and raised hutches all night; I also have goats which I keep for milk and companionship only who roam the woods during the day and are never slaughtered either; also I do not and never will use traps for hunting. I only eat animal fats and protein, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, milk, cream, oils from olive or coconut, avacado, olives, nuts, herbs and spices, and sometimes a little fruit or berries but not very often – and of course, Mushrooms once a month or so for the psychedelic spiritual effect. The answer is to band together with like-minded people and buy land. Varg Vickernes from Burzum has a great set up and land with his family.

  • Ignorant people need a church to lean on. This is a typical example of what replaced old time religion: the new religion of food. Get a life!

  • Certain plants are useful to our species only for inducing psychedelic experiences – to lift our filters of existence every once in a while … Keep on fighting sv3rige. BTW, Acid Disease is an awesome song. m/

  • What about blood type "O". So is this man in your video.saying we humans should eat MORE meat and fewer veggies? I like meat a lot and would be willing to eat a good deal more. I eat fewer processed carbs (bread, noodles, boxed food from the store, exc) and more veggies but have a good deal of meat as well. Feel better eating this way and lost weight very fast.

  • Yup eskimo heart disease and tooth decay both proportionately increased with carbohydrate or sugar consumption https://openheart.bmj.com/content/3/2/e000444.full yet vegans cite eskimoes eating close to 200 grams of sugar a day as proof that the traditional eskimo diet (extremely low in sugar and carbs) causes heart disease lol.

  • My daughter studied nutrition. Worries me, she has bought into the B's…of course she feeds the kids.. it's all crap.

  • I'd like to experiment with different types of diet approach say for 3 months at a time – that should be enough time to notice how a person looks/feels but i'd also want to know which test [eg blood markers] to take show that a person is healthy or not – that way, there is some concrete metric as opposed to how a person looks or feels [which can be a bit subjective, if its not an extreme case]

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