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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

The Brett Winterble Show – Dr. Gabbard Interview on MedCline™ Reflux Relief System (FULL INTERVIEW)

The Brett Winterble Show – Dr. Gabbard Interview on MedCline™  Reflux Relief System (FULL INTERVIEW)

I’m really excited to welcome to the
show somebody whose work I admire greatly because, I’ve been reading up on
what it is you do and you deal with something that is so important to this
audience and we’re going to share it with them in just a second. Let me
welcome Dr. Scott Gabbard from the Cleveland Clinic to the Brett Winterble Show.
How are ya?Brett, Thank you
for having me today. Really happy to be here and talk about something that’s
near and dear to my heart and I know its very important to a lot of the listeners
which is acid reflux disease.So, it might be burning your heart a little bit?Ha ha. A little bit, absolutely.Let’s talk a little bit about this,
because you can’t watch a television program, a news program, without seeing
coverage of this every single day. All kinds of solutions. Almost all of them seem to
be sort of drug-related, drug-connected, but there are other ways to to deal with
this right?Absolutely! Now, reflux itself is a huge problem. And it affects…
You know, if you read some studies, up to a quarter of Americans have some sort of
reflux on a regular basis. What reflux is, is when stomach acid and stomach
contents come up from the stomach into the esophagus and cause symptoms of
heartburn or the symptom of regurgitation, feeling things coming up.
Very common. Americans spend upwards of 60 billion dollars on treating and
testing for reflux disease. Its a huge problem, huge problem. The medicines work very
well, but the main class of medicines used to treat this disorder, called
proton pump inhibitors, have been around for about 30 years and in general there
safe. The problem is, is that more and more studies are coming out with
potential side effects. There’s been shown an association with kidney disease, an association with dementia, an association with bone loss. While they don’t,
maybe, directly cause this, there is association and a lot of unanswered questions.
So, we’re always looking for treatments that aren’t medicine.So, we’re
looking at a problem that affects, if not every single person, everybody knows
somebody that this affects. I know I’ve dealt with it in my own family. My wife
deals with it and has had this problem, and look, it can be a miserable
experience. But then you add to that the economic impact. And the cost!
60 billion! That is an unbelievable number to people.Absolutely. Absolutely.
So, one of the things that, us, in Gastroenterology speak a lot about are
lifestyle changes and non-medical treatments for reflux disease.
And that brings us to a company in San Diego that I actually met, now, two and a half
years ago, that makes a device that helps put you in the proper position, while you
sleep, to decrease reflux.Now, I’m glad you
bring that up and I’m excited to be talking about MedCline™, because of what
they’ve been able to do here. most people, at least in my experience…
you stack the pillows. Right? You put the arm, the pillow, the whole thing underneath you and you elevate the head. But, it turns out… and I know… Dr. Scott Gabbard from the Cleveland Clinic here… I know you’ve got a lot of
expertise in this area. You’ve got a lot of passion and that doesn’t work. I can’t just stack a bunch of pillows behind
my head and get the relief. MedCline™ is taking it in
a completely different direction.Absolutely. Now Brett, stacking pillows works for five minutes and then they fall down. You turn out of them. They work for a couple minutes.
So this company here in San Diego, Amenity Health, developed a
product called a MedCline™. What it is, it’s a specialized wedge, inclined wedge, positioner with a body pillow. It’s designed specifically to keep
you on your left side, at an incline at night. And, what that does is that basically
means that anything in the stomach, acid and food that you ate, falls down by
gravity and it doesn’t come back up into the esophagus.So, what I’m visualizing
then, and I’m visualizing the old approach, right, of stacking the pillows. Your just
lifting the head. Everything is still going to be coming up to that choke
point, for lack of a better word, where you end up choking in the middle of the
night. The MedCline™ is amazing, because it’s a
it’s a wedge that elevates, not just your head, but your upper part of your body, so
that acid is fighting gravity. That acid… It’s not going… it’s not going to happen.It doesn’t come up and if
a little bit does come up, again you have gravity that pulls it right
back down into the stomach.So, you’re here in San Diego
for an incredibly important conference. And I know you’re talking
about this approach, with MedCline™ to a number of these other professionals, these medical professionals that you’re with. Tell us a little bit about this conference
that you’re at and the reception you’re getting from these other professionals.Absolutely. So, in case any of
your listeners have noticed there’s all these billboards with little men dressed as colons all over town, today. Its
Digestive Disease Week for the next 3 or 4 days. And what this is, 25,000 specialists in the field of gastroenterology and surgery are here
and this is the largest worldwide meeting for gastroenterology. And so, we
have specialists from all over and we’re presenting a lot of our research from
the Cleveland Clinic on reflux disease. And… in fact, I’ve talked to many of
my colleagues from all over the world about the MedCline™. We did studies at
the Cleveland Clinic, where we took patients who are suffering from
heartburn, regurgitation, and even coughing, clearing of the throat at night.
Right.That persisted despite being on medicines and you know, taking medicines once or twice per day. These are really tough patience to deal
with. We found, once they started using the MedCline™, their symptoms
decreased by 75%,
Wow! which is unheard of.
Wow!These are the toughest patients we have .
Right.and their symptoms decreased by 75%. We’re very very excited. We went from doing
a study on patients with heartburn and regurgitation, then I went to my colleagues
in the ear, nose, and, throat world. We started doing cough and burning
in the throat, or clearing the throat; helped by 75%.
Wow!I then went to my OB and
gynecology colleagues. We studied pregnant women; same thing. You know, in pregnancy it helped by 75%. So this has been just… really almost a magical device.And, I’m not hearing the magical phrase
there; side effects. There’s no side effects, because you’re not putting it… What is? Proton… torpedo? What
was the term you used there?Yeah, no. Absolutely. I mean, you know, this is one thing that’s huge. And really,
you know, as gastroenterologist, again, a lot of my patients are asking me
about side effects, because they’re hearing about these studies in
the news of side effects and there’s a huge push to get patients off of these
medicines. You know, if you’re going to be on a medicine lifelong, you worry a little
bit. Again, there’s none of those long-term side effects with this device.
It works amazingly, amazingly well. We’ve been really happy.And the beauty of the
MedCline™ and I’ve got personal experience with it. My wife uses it. Is the
fact, that you are able to use it till you get the relief, and then you don’t
necessarily have to stay on it all night. You do it till you get the relief
you need and then you’re able to to function without any of those side
effects. It is remarkable! Visiting with Dr. Scott
Gabbard from the Cleveland Clinic. Now, I need to do a
little scientific question for you… What does GERD stand for and how
do I know I have the GERD?So, I’m getting quizzed.How do I know I’ve got the GERD?Sure. So GERD is
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease and, again, like I mentioned before, this is when
stomach contents come up from the stomach into the esophagus. There’s a
valve. There’s a ring of muscle at the bottom of the esophagus, which should
prevent that from happening, but, due to overeating or due to, you know, lifestyle changes that a lot of us make,
That valve opens when it’s not supposed to. That’s what reflux is. There’s no
medicine that works on the valve. So, there’s nothing that FDA-approved that
stops the valve from opening. So our treatments have been to decrease the
amount of stomach acid So that… things still come up, but there’s less acid. That’s the medicines. Problem is, they have the side effects like you mentioned, and, you know, the MedCline™, like
we said, really helps to prevent the stomach contents from coming up into the
esophagus.Well listen, this is a remarkable creation. This is a remarkable
solution. I know when I go… I’m a numbers guy. And when I go through the
numbers that we just went through, and that is, 60 billion dollars a year being spent to
try to find relief. That has side effects. That doesn’t necessarily really deliver
what it is you’re treating. You’re treating it but… you’re not minimizing… you’re not
getting the the prolonged relief. The fact that you have seen consistently
75% in terms of a relief number and this is working for people and you got the
testimonies. Do you really have a patient that has named
their MedCline? Is that actually true?I do have a patient who has named her MedCline™. She’s married. She has a husband and the MedCline™ I think, he says is the second
husband.Oh boy. See, this is what we got.She named her MedCline™ Henry.Henry! That’s a very nice name. You could…Henry is a very nice… very nice device.Absolutely. The beauty of that is, the husband gets to sleep while Henry is helping his wife
sleep because she’s getting the relief.That’s my next study.
I have to study the spouses of everyone with MedCline™ and prove that they’re getting a better
night’s sleep. So, there you go, that’s my next research project.I think we’re gonna get you on it.
All right, Dr. Scott Gabbard with the Cleveland Clinic. Listen MedCline™ is an
amazing, amazing invention and I’ve personally seen the relief, that my has wife has
received. You have seen it in a number of your patients and in your studies. Let me give you a closing thought on this. This is by far a revolutionary pathway forward and it’s something, I think, most people ought to be exploring, if they’re
suffering from GERD.Absolutely. I think now in the medical field, we’re trying to
maximize lifestyle and non-medical treatment for reflux disease. So, if you
have… if your listeners or if I have a patient who has nighttime
symptoms, you know, on a regular basis. I think this is a no-brainer. It’s a really
good device. It works much better than a lot of the other inclines that I
have had my patients try. They always complain about falling down from an incline. This… the way that the MedCline™ is
built, it keeps your body in that optimal position. So, this for me has been
an absolute home run. It’s made my job as a physician much easier, because I take very difficult patients that are sent to me from all over the country and I
prescribe them the MedCline™ and they’re just unbelievably happy.Well listen, Dr. Scott Gabbard. He’s in town. He’s from the Cleveland Clinic.
He knows what he’s talking about. And MedCline™ is a remarkable product.
It’s a remarkable way to get the relief that you might be seeking. And let me tell you
check out the website at goodnightheartburn.com goodnightheartburn.com and
you can find out so much more about this amazing product. Thanks so much for coming by and
welcome to San Diego.Brett, Brett. Thank you for having me and if your listeners have any questions our website at the Cleveland Clinic is
www.ccf.org/digestive. That’s the main website for the digestive
disease section at the Cleveland Clinic.Fantastic! We’ll, We’ll
definitely be keeping in touch. Dr. Scott Gabbard. Cleveland Clinic.
Thank you so much.Thanks Brett.Thanks a lot. I’m Brett Winterble. It’s the Brett Winterble Show on
the AM 760 KFMB.

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