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Tapping through Pain – EFT with Brad Yates

Tapping through Pain – EFT with Brad Yates

100 Replies to “Tapping through Pain – EFT with Brad Yates”

  • HI Brad. I have just started using your EFT videos and I have just worked on the pain I have and I have to say it worked really well. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for this helpful video, I just learned about EFT yesterday and i saw so many different ways to do it. I learned that i should start with the negative tapping focusing and saying whats bothering me then do a round of positive tapping saying only positive things. Honestly it felt really weird. Also results are temporarily resolved, example neck pain reoccured. Any hints on that? And how many issues can you tackle a day. For example neck pain then its lower back pain etc…thanks!

  • why are u so fearful about being sued? Even your use of "complentary" comes from this place. It is not complementary, it is alternative. If this works, it means all the injections, surgeries, ablations and drugs have been missing the underlying cause….that the origins of the pain are psychological. Plus, I doubt that anyone is gonna have much of a case if they ignored their cancer because of a utube video!!!

  • Brad, do you ever just think in a deep hearted way, how many lives you touch? "You are Loved" by many…thank you for giving your gift <3 My pain is better, my heart is happy <3

  • Really enjoyed the session and the messages. Used it for quieting toothache down, feeling better now. Thank you, Brad!

  • Thank you for posting this video Brad. I have tried EFT in the past but this was exactly the right time and exactly the right wording for me to really experience a sense of relief. I am grateful to you!

  • Thank you very much Brad. As an EFT therapist I very often use your videos which I consider a fantastic blueprint for any EFT session. This video on freeing pain has turned out to be really effective on many of my patients. We all are gratefull for your brillant work!

  • Brad, can we tap for more things, one at a time? First, there is a session for love and then (or after couple of hours) we tap for health or whatever? I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you,

  • I am deeply grateful for your compassion and insight. I just went through this routine only twice and I already feel better. I have spent a couple thousand dollars on the pain I am dealing with, to no avail. I have great faith in this and will continue to use it. How many time would you recommend to do this a day? In gratitude.

  • Hi Brad, thank you for this video. I woke up this morning with quite an intense pain in my stomach. I tried following other tapping video for pain but your scripts speaks the most to me. I felt so much better after watching this video and tapping along. I was a bit surprised. I am new to tapping and still a bit skeptical aboutIt but this experience really convinced me now. Tapping really helps. Thank you Brad. Keep up the good work!

  • Tooth ache went from a good 6 to a 1. Thank you so much. I can sleep. Still a little throb in the back, but not painful. 😊

  • Thank you Brad my pain went from intense it is hard to move to almost completely gone. This really works! God bless you!

  • How often can you tap on daily basis done it bout 4 times today is this ok and this worked for my headache thank u tried 4 with other eft workers finally done yours once and it worked thank u very much am sticking with this 😊

  • OMG thank you. I'm not sure how it happened, but today I leaned back and then tried to get up quickly and something on the right side of my lumbar popped. I've felt nothing but major pain since. I tried physical therapy exercises. I tried meditation. I tried to apply a cold compression to stop inflammation. Nothing got rid of the pain as much as this did.

    Sure, it's not gone, but the pain went from a 9 to a 5 in one session. I think that's huge progress. It helped release a lot of other pain, mainly from stress like tense shoulders and neck, that I was feeling. Thank you so much Brad. Love you!

  • Hi Brad, I love your work, your videos are so calming and I do a different one everyday now. I've had this weird pain in my jaw for the past two days, I did this video two times in a row, took a nap and woke up feeling alot better. Thank you for sharing, EFT is something everyone should be aware of. Thanks again !

  • That was such a beautifully said tapping guidance. Thank you <3 I am a therapist and have begun to teach this to my clients. It is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Truly appreciated.

  • I have a broken filling bc i grind my teeth in my sleep & it's been steadily getting more uncomfortable, but this TOTALLY helps every time; the earliest appt i could get for a fix was Jan 4, so I needed something to tide me over…

    Thank you for all your tapping videos, Brad; I can do this stuff myself too but you're my fave tapping guru to work with on a daily basis!
    Thanks for all you do, bless you Xx

  • Thank you so much! I’m so glad i found this video and discovered your work! You take a unique angle that I much needed!!

  • Omg I had a stomach ace for days and and after doing this taping it felt a little bit bedder in a few hours no joke

  • TAPPED. Pamela Mills Chelsea McCormack 20/177 280118. Did this 1 with a downline that doesn't want to build the business right now. She told me that a local Naturapath used this exact same technique on her just recently. Yes, the word is getting out.
    Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tapping, I get to do so many more fun things now that I am Tapping every day.

  • Thank you Brad this is my go to video for the pain I feel and each time I’m freed from my pain.You are a true angel

  • Thank you Brad, this is the third time I’ve used your video for my toothpain and I heard my higher self say, “set a dentist appointment”, when I committed to taking care of the thing that my body was trying to remind me 😝 2 rounds of this and it’s a dull 1, down from an extreme 8. In the moment I would have said it was a ten if I didn’t know any better, definitely up there with the worst pain of my life. You’re a miracle worker Brad! Thank you 🙏☺️

  • Do you two until the pain is at a 0..someone has told me to tap for 20 minutes every day for a year to shift back pain.

  • Thank you. It's 1:19 a.m. i just finished this tapping routine after being awakened, as usual, by pain that normally keeps me awake for hours-even with medication. The relief is lovely. I think I could probably go back to sleep now but I'm going to repeat it once for good measure. ☺ Thank you.

  • Thank you for these EFT videos. You are comfortable to be with. I have the tapping technique down but often get tripped up for words. And I need to release soooo much. You give me the words I need. I am very grateful.

  • Thank you so much for this, I was having unusual hip pain that was unbearable. After doing this video once it went from a 9 to a 7. I'm going to do it some more and hopefully clear it out completely.

  • Of all the youtube tapping guides, this fellow is the best.
    Something to do with how nonjudgmental his spirit comes through.

  • Hi Brad,

    this is a well over-due 'Thank you very much' for your videos.I have been using them for many years now and recommend them to friends and relatives too.I'm sure you've helped me clear many emotional issues to some degree and I'm still working on them. They also help relieve some physical pain-so thank you very much again! Much love & blessings, Karen Law, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. :)))

  • I’ve back everyday for the last two weeks. I’m so eternally grateful. I’ve had ibs , anxiety and ulcer and the pain is decreasing everyday

  • Thank you so so very much this helped my cramps alooot THANK YOU I pray for you to have a blessed and happy life♡

  • I truly find your videos very helpful I'm inspired to help translate it to my language Arabic for all my friends who don't speak English,how can I do that? I want to put the translation on this same very video
    Does anyone know how?

  • Hi Brad, Thanks very much yet again. I have chronic pain and this always helps relieve it a bit. Do you know why it doesn't clear completely please? I do eft for emotional release also -so I would have thought after many many years of clearing it should all be gone by now? Merry Christmas & a very Happy 2019! Best Wishes, K.Law

  • I woke up with a bad sinus headache, so bad I was crying in front of my daughter which I dislike doing. Then I tapped along with this video. My daughter joined me. Now my pain has almost completely subsided and we both feel at ease and peace this morning. Lately I've been using this videos to address days when I feel high anxiety or low confidence. Never did I use it for a headache until now and wow, I'm very happy to be at ease. I still have some minor cold symptoms but at least my head doesn't hurt like it did! I love your work, Brad Yates, my daughter does too. So grateful to have you here, and for my dear friend who introduced EFT & you to me!!

  • Dang i shouldn't have taken a Tylenol before tapping to this but anyway, i took it just minutes before tapping so i doubt my pain reduction is due to the medicine. A few minutes into tapping i already felt my headache subside, and after the entire season (a mere 9 minutes!) the pain level went down to 3 from 9. Amazing!

  • I have had trigeminal neuralgia for almost 10 years. Neck pain for 1 year and have tried many things and this worked for me. Pain free for a few weeks now. I only did it 4 times back to back. Thanks for the video. I’ve been sending this to everyone I know with pain.

  • I’ve come back to your videos time and again. When I think I’ve dealt with my issues, pain starts showing up somewhere else in my body. I start tapping and the tears start rolling. I feel so much better afterwards because I know my subconscious is finally allowing the issues I’ve not been dealing with to come to the surface. Like the peeling away of each layer of an onion each issue that has surfaced and recognized has finally allowed me to come to a place of acceptance and healing. This technique is truly amazing.

  • Slick😏. Nice to meet you, subscribed. And I think an Angel wondered me here, and there's a 222 for comment🤗. (Angel#) Thank You.

  • another wonderful video. I have back pain and this reduced my pain from a 7 to a 4 with just one round. I will be introducing my patients to your videos via my blog. Thank you again, Brad. You are a blessing.

  • Just came across this, suffer from Fibromyalgia and will try this tapping routine on a daily basis starting tomorrow.
    I am hopeful that this will work,

  • I use your video everyday and I have gone from immobile and in great pain to being able to walk around with only a light waist support.
    EXCELLENT video, thank you!!!

  • I hv being followed this taping while u doing …but can't speak any words …plzz display on the screen while u r speaking words …Thanku for useful vdo its realy help to patients. ..👍🏻

  • At first I was pretty skeptical but I thought I would still give it a chance.
    So I started doing it on a daily basis, no exceptions. (Important:stick with it)
    I have to say that my fibromyalgia pain has decreased so much that I am doing yoga on a regular basis again and I also have gained back my energy. It's mind blowing.
    I would also highly recommend to check out books by Nick Ortner.

  • I love and use EFT all the time…and love Brad Yates' videos. I also found this EFT source to be helpful as well: https://bit.ly/2rh18qo

  • canceling plans again because of upper body chronic pain-( delayed reaction ;((—— I need this session . thank G-d for you, my foam roller ~~and prednisone as a last resort— . I hope to be able to teach my class in the morning – ?snow day?– ty for all you do my friend & for being there ps after thought- The pain is worsened by anxiety & stress- that's a given- but when 4 AM comes as does the burning sensation. . . . it's rough- A slippery slope I live between my profession in fitness and chronic pain that rears its ugly head at 1 extra bench press. The positive is it makes for a 'spot on' fitness trainer/instructor- The understanding of pain issues and modifications—-

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