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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

System Unboxing and Setup – Try it for 100-nights!

System Unboxing and Setup – Try it for 100-nights!

Welcome to the MedCline family. Let’s walk through just a couple of recommendations to get you started experiencing optimal relief right away. It will be helpful to read through the user’s guide booklet included in the box. Your MedCline Reflux Relief System includes an incline wedge with insert pillow and a wrap-around body pillow. Remove each of these items from the box and carefully cut and remove the plastic shrink wrap. The body pillow and insert pillow have been compressed quite tightly and will need about one hour to fully regain their shape. After waiting, vigorously shake and fluff each pillow to free the stuffing and maximize comfort. Any new foam smell will dissipate after a few days. Once all the components have been removed and are fluffy and ready for use, Place the incline wedge on your side of the bed near the headboard. Ensure it is right side up as indicated by the orange sticker. Next, insert the insert pillow into the inner cavity at the head of the incline wedge. And finally, place the body pillow on top and in the center of the incline wedge. Start using MedCline by placing your hip at the end of the incline wedge and inserting your downside arm into the space between the insert pillow and the incline wedge. Lie down while allowing your elbow to ultimately rest on the mattress. Once you have settled in, your lower arm and shoulder should no longer be supporting your weight. Ensure that your arm is straight down so there is no pressure on the underside of your arm. You may need to scoot up to accomplish this. This proper arm placement is very important as this maximizes comfort and prevents sliding down. The body pillow is adjustable and may need to be fluffed up or flattened out for optimal head and neck support. Your lower arm can either be positioned down and through the lower opening or bent and flexed upward while grabbing onto the pillow. Try both to find what is comfortable for you? Lastly, keep your knees bent during use to avoid discomfort in the lower back MedCline can be used on your left or right side and you are free to switch sides throughout the night. Those using MedCline for acid reflux relief should start by sleeping on the left side. Clinical studies have shown that for most patients reflux relief is best achieved by sleeping on the left side. The length of time you need to use MedCline each night may vary. Most reflux episodes occur in the first half of the night, therefore, you may only need to use MedCline for the first few hours of the night. Keep in mind that is perfectly normal to take time to adjust to the new sleep position created by MedCline. We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you. If you would like suggestions on getting comfortable, or if you have any other questions, please give us a call at 1-800-610-1607.

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