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Surprises for Obese Daughter

Surprises for Obese Daughter

(audience applauding) We’re back with Julie and her daughter is 11 years of age but already weighs 286 pounds. She’s a lovely individual and she’s actually here with us today, so Miranda, come on out and join us. (audience applauding) Can I get a hug? Yeah. Welcome, it’s so good to have you! Well you know, your mom and Dr. Jampolis have both been saying what a wonderful person you are, and we are just honored to have you out here on this stage. You know, and I’m just so proud of you, for being willing to come here with your mom, cause I know you’ve been through so much. Are you excited and ready to make some changes with your family? Yes, I am. And you know that no matter what, none of this changes who you are as a person. We don’t want you to change that at all. But one of the biggest things that we want to do is just give you and your mom and your dad, we want to give you all some tools. And help all of you, together as a family, learn a little bit about things you can do to be a little bit healthier. And also just to embrace, clearly, the love in your family. Is that something that you’d be excited about? Yeah. Mom, you’re excited about it? Yeah. It’s, you know, we’ve gone to dietitians, we’ve done everything. And it’s just, nothing seems to work, you know. I mean, yeah, they’ll tell you what to do and how to do it, but then they just, you know, be on your way, and it’s hard to, you know, do it on your own. And when you’re insulin resistant, or diabetic, it is even harder really. But I guarantee you, it may seem hard at the beginning, to consistently make those better choices, but it’s gonna get so much easier. And the longer that you do it, it’s gonna become a habit, and you’re gonna say to yourself, I hope, like a few months from now, “I can’t even believe I used to fall back on that stuff.” cause as a mom, it’s hard. My kid begs me every single day, my six year old, to go to McDonald’s, it’s a battle every single day. Yep. I know, Miranda, I know you can do it. I know you, I don’t know why, when I met you, and your love of Tae Kwon Do, and the fact that you’re a brown belt, and your love of cartooning. You have so many passions, and you’re great at what you put your mind to, right? Yeah. So you’re gonna do this, I know you’re gonna do it, I just know it. (audience applauding) In some ways, I always say, the toughest step is the first step of all. And the two of you just walked out here on our stage, and now you have the weight of The Doctors and all these people who love you and care about you behind you. (audience applauding) So, we’re going to be with you every step of the way. First things first, we’re The Doctors, we’re going to hook you up with a gym membership, so you have a place to go and work out. (audience applauding)
Yeah. For the whole family. But we also want to make sure that you have someone to work with you, all one-on-one, throughout this, so our friends at kurbo are going to provide you with a year of one-on-one nutritional and fitness coaching. (audience applauding) That’s going to give you a full year, to work your way into, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is going to take some time, but you’re committed now. We also are going to get your family on track, and it takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of commitment. Anyone out there watching knows, this isn’t easy. So our friends at Chef’d, they’re going to provide you with four months of healthy meals. (audience applauding) Oh my God. And the American Diabetes Association will be providing your family with your own personal health counselor. This is cool, because Chef’d actually has partnered with the American Diabetes Association to provide meal kits for families. This is about education. Today is your first day of your new journey the rest of your life. Are you guys excited? Yeah. Very. (audience applauding) I am just, I feel truly blessed to have met you here today, I’m so excited for your future. And we’re gonna follow along your journey. Thank you.
(audience applauding) Dr. Jampolis thanks for seeing her. More to come.

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