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Stress Relief Dry Cough And Coughing Tension

Stress Relief Dry Cough And Coughing Tension

Hi welcome to Stressed Out Stress Free Dot
com My name is Vincent Woon. In this video I’m going to share with you on how to control
or how to take care of dry cough and also coughing. What causes dry cough? It could be you haven’t
drank a lot or enough water and sometime your throat just drieds off! It’s a really pain
in the butt because it comes all of a sudden and it attacks you and you have no control
over it. So what do you do? Let’s see what happens
when you cough. Let’s pretend this is your lungs that’s the muscles of your lungs,
when you cough! “ergher” “ergher” “ergher” “ergher” so when you cough
this way your muscles contract and what happens is it tighten up the muscles. So it tightens
up the muscles around the chest area and also your rib and it tightens the ribs, let’s
pretend this is the ribs and it tightens the muscles in between the ribs…what we call
the intercostal muscle What do you do after that? When all of a sudden your throat becomes dry.
First hinge you need to do is to grab a cup of water. If you do not have access to the
water you can start rubbing your chest area. What happens is it helps loosen up muscles
on the chest and it will slow down the coughing and if you have been coughing for awhile probably
one or two days, what you need to do or can do…when you start coughing is to rub the
muscles in between the ribs like such. Find the rib cage and go into the muscles
in the middle of the ribs like this. Let’s say the muscle is here go in between the ribs
to loosen up the muscle or you can do it this way too …in between the ribs but into the
muscle. When you do that it loosen up the muscle when you loosen up the muscle your
lungs actually move back to the normal position and it loosen up the whole chest area and
that helps reduce the coughing. This what I do when I have a dry spell or
when I start coughing. If you like this video please click on the like button and the tweet
button to share it with your friend and if you have any comment please leave it in the
comment box below and I see you in the next video

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