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Stomach Acid Remedies To Stop The Burn (And Fix The Problem)

Stomach Acid Remedies To Stop The Burn (And Fix The Problem)

Hey guys, this is Heather from healthyeatingstartshere.com.
Today, we are going to talk about some stomach acid remedies. And before you get to think
about antacids, let me just say that, although heart-burn is common, even more common is
actually an under-active stomach. Heart-burn can be the result on what you eat, as opposed
to having too much acid in your stomach. An under-active stomach can be caused by eating
too much red meat, too much dairy, too much processed foods, not chewing your food enough,
and also by stress. If any of those things sound common that would tell you why an under-active
stomach can be pretty common. The symptoms of having stomach acidity problems
would be gas or burping after meals, feeling heavy, bloated and sleepy after eating, or
feeling nauseous after eating or after taking your supplements. There is only one way to
know for sure whether you have over or under-active stomach, and that’s to do a hydrochloric
acid test. This is to determine what kind of stomach acid remedies you’ll need. What you need to do there is you take one
pill of hydrochloric acid, you can also do this with a little lemon juice or apple-cider
vinegar, but it’s not quite as effective. So you take one tablet of hydrochloric acid,
which should be about 500 mg or one tablespoon of lemon or apple-cider vinegar before meals
or on an empty stomach. If you feel a burning sensation up into your
chest that means you do have an over-active stomach. It means there’s too much acid
down there, and when you add more acid it could get out of control. But if you don’t
feel anything, that means you have an under-active stomach. So, what can we do for both of these things?
One of the most important under-active stomach acid remedies is to eat smaller meals. You
can eat more often if you need to — if you get hungry, you can have a snack in between.
But, I don’t want you to have a snack continuously throughout the day, because it will keep pounding
at the stomach acid and it will never replenish itself. Pick your times to have meals. They can be
small meals — breakfast, little snack, lunch, little snack and dinner. That is much better
than grazing throughout the day. Another thing you can do is to chew your food
more, and avoid those things that I’ve mentioned that cause an under-active stomach — meat,
dairy, processed foods, and too concentrated fats. Avoid a lot of oils, or potato chips
and things like that. Instead, get your fat from nut seeds, avocados — things that are
less concentrated in fat. Other stomach acid remedies that you can do
are not to drink too much water during your meals, because that could dilute the stomach
acid. Instead, take small sips of water and try to avoid ice water — when you’re eating
meals, ice water will stop the production of stomach acid. Those are the few things
you can do for an under-active stomach. If you do actually have an over-active stomach,
what you want to do is get some soothing foods. So, aloe vera in juice or gel can be very
soothing as well as raw cabbage juice, which doesn’t really sound soothing does it? But
it is, so you can try that. You also want to avoid overly salty foods
because salts stimulate the production of stomach acid. Also avoid concentrated fat
—that is the same recommendation for both because for an under-active stomach, fats
can squash the stomach acid that you have going on, but for an over-active stomach,
fats can actually stimulate the production of acid. And if you have too much acid, it’ll
keep stimulating it too much. Same thing with eating smaller meals and eating
more often if you need to — same recommendation for both because on the under-active side,
too much food can squash the stomach acid but too much food also stimulates the acid
production there. So those are the few things that you can do
for an under or over-active stomach, depending on what your stomach problems are. You can
find the entire list over at my website: healthyeatingstartshere.com. I want to hear from you guys and what you
thoughts on stomach acid remedies — whether you have under or over-active stomach, or
you’re just perfect. Hopefully you are but leave me a comment, let me know, and I’ll
see you next time.

48 Replies to “Stomach Acid Remedies To Stop The Burn (And Fix The Problem)”

  • If one were to do the vinegar or lemon test, would they take the tablespoon straight, or diluted, and if so, by how much?

    Also, does cabbage juice smell as bad as I imagine it would? LOL

  • Im glad you understand what drinking with your meals does! Many people give me weird looks when I say I do not drink with my meals and have really hard times comprehending how liquids arrest digestion. I also what at least 1 hr after my meals to drink anything to give my stomach time to do its job. You covered info that goes against the mainstream for sure. I mean, how many times have you heard people say "I need to wash this down" or a"I need something to drink" with their meals?

  • I have an overactive stomach, and I loved this video. Thanks for your knowledge.

  • @withchildlikefaith: what exactly does liquid do when you eat your meal? And whens the right time to drink water?

  • @jeshrio Imagine a pot on a stove with beans and no water. What happens? The beans burn. Now add the water…the beans cease to burn. A similar phenomenon happens in the stomach during digestion when we drink with our meals.

  • @jeshrio After you complete your meal, you would be better off giving your stomach time to properly digest its load by waiting about an hour before drinking anything. Doing this also gives your body time to properly absorb nutrients.

  • I never knew there was a difference in over/underactive stomach. No wonder the advice is so often contradictory. Thank you for this, I've had stomach issues for a while now, and I have some apple cider vinegar in my pantry!

  • Hi Heather, my husband had a good question. With the acid test, what should you feel if your stomach function is normal and healthy? Thanks.

  • Hi Heather, my husband was wondering with the acid test what should you feel if your stomach function is normal and healthy? Thanks.

  • Guys The number 1 way to cure heartburn is to drink 1 OUNCE of apple cider vinegar, trust me it works 100%

  • I have wierd stomach symptoms now after i stoped drinking. My stomach burns, aches, and i burp and have diarrhea, these symptoms are not all the time but when they happen i always feel dead tired.

  • My diet is vegetarian however I do eat some junk food. I also take in lots of salt intake. My stomach is burning and bloating. I was put on dicyclomine and pantoprazole which has done nothing yet for my symptoms. I truely enjoy your wisdom. Very educational video. I will try the acid test. I have been taking also the aloa in liquid form. I do eat lots of process food as well due to cost of food. Do you know if the ultra sound on stomach provides info on those symptoms that I listed above.

  • I had an egg yesterday night and the pain that I was having managed to wake me up and made me vomit, i'm not feeling as bad as before but I still feel kind of bad, anything that I can do about it?

  • heart burn is actually caused by what you eat.The most common cause of heartburn is either
    1.spicy foods
    2.foods with citric acid(lemons,limes etc.)
    (just describing it in depth)

  • Hi,
    This is good info, In summary for an overactive stomach like mine, where I cannot have orange, pineapple or lime until lunch; the 2 tips below are useful:
    1. Dont drink cold water while eating, cos that disturbes the acid regulation.
    2. Salty foods can increase acid production.

  • One of the reasons why we feel burning sensation in our chest is because of weakened esophageal sphincter. This causes stomach acid to travel from stomach into esophagus thus causing buring sensation. Procedures such as fundoplication strenghten esophageal sphincter thus providing relief. Another way to achieve some remedy is to actually increase gastric PH content by blocking production of gastric acid (prilosec). If your GI system is overactive you get diarrhea or underactive- constipation.


  • Kind of confusing. What causes an "underactive" stomach to produce reflux symptoms?
    What causes an "overactive" stomach to produce reflux symptoms?

    What about digestive enzymes? They help digestion and raw vegetables have a lot of enzymes. So why is cabbage juice described as "soothing" for an "overactive" stomach when it has a lot of digestive enzymes and would appear to help an "underactive" stomach?

  • Fantastic !!! this is so helpful and it describes the symptoms I have ! thank u Heather ! you are brilliant and gracious and kind and wonderful !

  • hello madam i have gastric acid please can me what kind food can eat me everyday because if i eat to much my stomac realy fain

  • i have over active stomach acid. i get hungry too fast, one hour after meals no matter how much i eat it's so irritating. previously i wasn't like that, it started after a day of consuming fatty foods. since then my stomach acid's been very active. says here i shouldnt be eating all the time but if im hungry i need to eat. how??? 

  • But wait…it can be tricky. They say that if when you take the HCL pill, if we feel a burn, it means that we have too much stomach acid…not necessarily. Because if someone has gastritis or an ulcer, it could give that person mixed signals, making them think that they have too much acid, when they ave too little. Your thoughts on this?

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