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Sports Medicine and Asthma 5 – Penn State HEalth

Sports Medicine and Asthma 5 – Penn State HEalth

You mentioned primary care sports med. I do the non surgical medical side to sports medicine. And asthma is one of the biggest things
we treat. There are some world famous athletes, Jackie joyner-kersee, Greg
Louganis who are asthmatic. I’m an asthmatic. Exercise induced asthma. So I
can sympathize with this. It’s getting you under control the best way so you
can exercise and be the best you can. You can very for some just you know one of
the basic inhalers as you needed about a half an hour if you have the exercise
induced type, if you have a type that is a little more chronic there’s other
medications we can use to keep it under control so you can exercise and do the
activity you want to do. I mean, you have a lot of athlete not just will gain is a
good example many are swimmers, runners, football players. I mean it’s just so
much you can do. There’s really no limits. It’s just getting it under control and
that’s you know where the medical side is going to come in for treatment.

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