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Solving Obesity By Giving Fat Kids Letters Instead Of Candy On Halloween

Solving Obesity By Giving Fat Kids Letters Instead Of Candy On Halloween

halloween is coming up which means that
some people are going to do whatever they can to avoid passing
out candy because they’re cheap well at least let me speculating on this
next story a woman from Fargo North Dakota decided
that she is going to take the obesity epidemic into our own hands with her own solution
and resolution is to not pass out Halloween candy on Halloween if she thinks that someone is moderately
obese a instead she’s going to give them a note
letting them know they are moderately obese all that stuff
just great good way about handling children there I i hope u have many other out look we were when we were young we were more
farmer malicious think it’s a day okay be do you believe that %uh any
people mess with us on Halloween and did not give appropriate Andy there
will be retribution ever house is definitely getting act I’m not saying
that I’m an advocate for that type would be no we we do have some reject all I
getting big bullying kids that you think you’re fat at really that unacceptable behavior okay so let’s understand break this down
for so I like Ted hurt she got a range issues like well I
mean if you’re massively was obviously
getting a letter sorry sorry case letter okay but if you’re also moderately obese
mmm letter sorry okay and you can’t see what
she looks like oh yeah it’s all mother ship so if I
come to your door i’m looking for. dictate cap like that
back in the day at an art is now those kinda as the gold standard grade pick out for
stickers bars knives now by Staters but feel like I’d
like we get what you recall its way back in the day when I stress you as
a kid we get ready party for awesome but there are some things you
look bored an idiot like their care orange cone orange can be whatever that
thing is camcorder I hate that this army will give the
apples in a throw away the apples their IP razors and I am so you
obviously smash that on their side walk if they’re lucky lol right when he missed some woman were to
give me a letter for so the letter what little what we mean letter yea and then
I read it is a sorry you don’t get any candy has your fat ass our own that’s that’s why they may
mischief night when we I mean I know that this is 364 days later but
your house is a bit more so up yeah let me give her an
opportunity to speak for herself I do want to put too many words in her
mouth she tells a local radio station I just want to send a message to the
parents up kids that are really overweight I think it’s just a really irresponsible
parents to send them out looking for free candy just as all the other kids
are doing it yeah a you’re going to get a message
back IPA cruel people out there don’t get me
wrong I’m not saying that overweight children should be eating
candy there’s a possibility that this really does come from a good place but it’s not your decision to make they
have parents let their parents make those decisions
it’s not right for you and I to wait you’re not helping anyone by telling kids at their got that’s not
gonna somehow convince them hey maybe I should eat better their kids usually they’re a little more sensitive
than that yeah I love the idea that they really are cranky miss johnson down
there told me that I was fat on Halloween so
you know what I’m gonna get that’s really motivating me to get the in
better shape belly you putting aside the pic crew you know
they can around a marriage which opposition during the poor lady and
she’s got our own actions right but she’s gotta realize that even if she
met well she this you have no sense a pub
obnoxious this is two young children yep like you got a
better sense now okay he even if you’re heart’s in the right
place and its a good open question whether it is in this case
raid it you get a better sense on how to deal with it and how to address that
issue and it is a by basically slapping kids
across the face on their favorite holiday

100 Replies to “Solving Obesity By Giving Fat Kids Letters Instead Of Candy On Halloween”

  • You have to find the root itself. It's the parents' fault why their kid is fat. Don't they feel bad when other people call them fat? Or don't they have enough empathy to think of what's right for their children? Seriously, blame the parents.

  • It's not the parent's fault in most cases. Why? Look at what a kid's day is full of: sitting (about six hours in school and at least another 2 for homework), and schools practically feed kids growth hormones out of a syringe. The only way a kid will NOT get fat is if they spend those few hours left in the day burning a metric ton of energy, and eating balanced meals. The schools are a huge issue, and that issue needs to be addressed. Then work on getting corn syrup off the market.

  • Why does it matter to you what word is used when the one you like (obese) has the same meaning as the one you don't (fatass, fatty, chubby, lard ass, (I could go on for hours))? In the same sense, ignorant means the same thing as dumb, dipshit, dumb fuck, moron, ect. you can use them interchangeably,
    I don't see the difference, at the end of the day, you're still putting a label on them that means they are larger than the standards.
    Obese = to much fat. Fatass = to much fat. Difference? NEIN!

  • Ok first of all, you being asian doesn't matter. Second, the only thing "wrong" with calling a black person a nigger is that racist people find it offensive (why, they're racist). And shit man you just said you were barely over 200 lb in the 12th, you hardly had enough on you to change your shape if that.
    If nothing else, you've proven to me that you don't know what these kids are going through. THERE IS A REASON why kids are killing themselves and/or their classmates.

  • First off, that's my point. Being Asian doesn't matter in understanding what is racist to a Black person or not, likewise being skinny doesn't matter.

    Second, "nigger" is racist because it's an offensive word which is used disproportionately toward black people. It means an ignorant poor person, and its common use derived from the formation of ghettos.

    Third, 200lb is fat for my height and ethnicity. I'm 160lb right now which is still 10lb above average for my height and ethnicity.


  • Bruh, iheard about this lady on the radio while going to school, im a upper classman. I swear to god, if she did that shit to me, I would get my friends, and we jump that hoe!

  • Since you absolutely refuse to try to see the point here, I'm done. Oh, and you are using the word "racist" incorrectly; the word you're looking for is "offensive".

  • Offended? I make an example and you come to the conclusion that I was offended by it? You assume even more than I do.

  • When you do something like that to all of the kids and not singling out the fat kids; you still make your point, but without the mental abuse to the kid.

  • She could have gave out healthier snacks to everybody, that would have been better than giving kids that letter. She knew what she was doing, your heart can be in the right place, but you still can do a mean thing.

  • What if the kid is forbidden to eat candy the entire year, basically, but the parents loosen up on Halloween, cuz' "what the heck…"?
    Little did you know but, amazingly, candies are not the only cause for fatness…

  • Fuck fat kids and their parents who won't stop fucking. We live in an idiocracy because of TYT and other mainstream media assholes.

  • I really don't give a damn. She can pass out whatever the fuck she wants as long as it's not a beating sheep heart. Poor fat kid who will never be told his obesity is bad for him because the PR police think disease like gayness and obesity is fine.

  • Geez, what a Grinch!! I hand out little stuffed toys & glow-sticks, glow-bracelets & necklaces in addition to candy – the very least she could have done is buy cute pens & school supplies & hand THEM out!!

  • I don't think what the lady did was right in giving a letter but I understand why she wouldn't want to give these kids more candy and add to the problem…

  • Yea, not just emotional, but impressionable. When I was in preschool one of the teachers said "ew gross" when I was eating a tomato at lunch. Now 20+ years later I still haven't forgotten. From preschool until 4th grade I always hid my lunch so no one could see what I was eating. -_- One day I just realized, why do I care? And then I stopped worrying about it, but the point is you have to be careful when dealing with young children…

  • yeah kids walk haha… as opposed to biking? driving? And I find it pretty pathetic of the parents with the overweight kids to not control what they eat/ do. It is the parent's responsibility to set an example for being healthy. I completely agree with the woman here, but I wouldn't hand out notes because parents know if their kids are fat and they're just going to watch their own children develop diseases because they don't care. It's really unfortunate… I'm glad my parents cared for me!

  • This woman is sick, bullying children that SHE deems are over weight, who could be over weight due to a medical issue, or from medicinal side affects. I can't see how this will help fight childhood obesity, unless her ignorant letters drive them to suicide, that'd lower the rate now wouldn't it? Ugh, some people…

  • Actually, I have a degree in Psychology and also one in Comparative religions, which is pretty useless. Sweetie, if you are saying that the actions of this woman will do no damage, you're really uneducated and not the brightest crayon in the box.I would suggest you do some actual research(instead of guessing) and see that many psychiatrist and sociologist have already chimed in on the damage this could do. Go research and come on back and have a talk.

  • Actually, I doubt you will research, so here is a sample to get you started: "“It’s just that kind of thing that for some kids, if they’re vulnerable, might trigger major problems,” chimes in a professor of psychology who studies eating disorders in children." Also, "Dr. Katie Gordon, a North Dakota State University Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, told ABC 13 that children are very conscious of fitting in with peers, and this letter might hurt more than help." and on and on.


  • Damn, she could just give the kids a piece of fruit or something if she really doesn't want to give them candy.. But a letter saying your fat?

    jesus lady, why don't you just break out a hose and spray them with water?

    What a jerk..

  • You don't get fat by eating Halloween candy once a year.

    You get fat by overeating corporate shit fast food every day of your life.

  • Fuck…I support her.
    I feel sorry for such kids.
    They have parents who are brain dead in terms of healthy living.
    These kids have parents who never ONCE exercise, take them to museums, or really do…anything. They simply use junk food and the TV to substitute for their lack of parenting skills.
    If I was an overweight kid…I'd be happy(later in life) if someone OUTSIDE my family had told me I honestly have a weight problem.
    Maybe the method of delivery isn't kosher. But I get the sentiment.

  • this woman deserves the malicious troll of the year award. It would be much more clever if she gave the fat kids a carrot instead of candy.

  • What's great is that you seem to get more and more stupid as you go along. You're at a 1st grade level now so pretty soon you'll be typing baby talk.

  • Misspelling words alone does not mean you have dyslexia. I have been tested and diagnosed .Often even though I know exactly how to spell a word it is not what ends up being what I write or type ..it has to do with the way my brain decodes sequential symbols which make up words. Misspelling words is however a common symptom of dyslexia …if you struggle with spelling and think you are dyslexic then you should see about getting tested

  • and name some companies that make xs. because seriously the only one i really knew of was hollister/A&F but because of everyone having a go at the company where i live they no longer do xs but they do now do xl. the only way i can now get clothes is if i ask them to take them of the mannequin. how about a bit more give and take and those that are xxxl because they like food not because they have disabilities get off their arses and do some fucking excercise

  • J Crew, Nordstrom. Forever 21. Old Navy, Banana Republic, and all the other GAP stores sell XS. If you're looking for stores that sell 00s/0s/1s, try Asos.
    Maybe you have to order offline. At least you have options. At least if you want something, you can probably find a version of it in your size for a semi-affordable price. It's rare for me to be able to do that.

  • What about age, how young is too young? Is she going to hand my healthy, little, chunky-monkey, 1 year old girl a letter? And believe me, my little Ella had fun trick or treating, and yea she's chunky, but that all baby-fat from breast-feeding for a whole year (big-ups to wife for doing that). If she hand her a letter, I would defiantly go back that night to egg her house.

  • Yes, because candy is the main source of obesity and nothing else…

    If she wants give these letters, give them to the parents, not the kid. Otherwise, she can go fuck herself…

  • I feel like body fat is simply the body's way of absorbing high blood sugar which is an inflammatory insulin reponse. This lady may actually be doing the right thing if it's constructive criticism. LOL . Look at the way some parents feed their kids. I see it all the time on FB. It's ignorant and borderline child-abuse.

  • Instead of some shitty, dumbassed letters…
    how about some FRUIT…AND/OR *** HEALTHY CANDY ***, lady?
    I CAN'T FUCKIN' STAND people who are both stupid AND mean!

  • If she really cared about these kids, she could have had a zombie freeze tag game to burn calories or some shit. This punitive approach to obesity will do far more harm than good.

  • And next up is "Christmas canceled", kids need to learn how to earn stuff!
    Luckily i don´t have to be politicaly corect. So i can say, pour sugar in the tank of her car, egg her house, hook up a preasure pump to her sevage pipe and flush out her house. Go to a dog park, get the bags of dog poo, pour it all out on her driveway.
    And if you can, kick her in the nuts!

  • I think this woman was wrong to do what she did. However, why is there no discussion about how wrong it is to fatten your child until they have poor health and health risks? Obesity is hazardous to health. It is not OK to let children smoke, and it is just as wrong to allow your child to become obese. It's neglect.

  • damn it, if those fat kids spend all night walking around to get candy, im going to reward them for their exercise (with candy)

  • I think that junk food advertising aimed at children is at an all time high! That's the real problem here. Kids see spongebob squarepants on packages of m&ms so they become even more drawn to these sugary, fattening candies because advertisers pay millions of dollars to add licensed characters to their packaging in order to shamelessly lure them in. I don't think parents are the biggest part of the problem. I think what this woman chose to do is wrong, but I see where her intention is coming from.. parents need to start petitioning for more restrictions on junk food advertising aimed towards children. That's where the problem first begins. Children need to be protected from that before they develop such unhealthy habits!

  • Does this dumbass lady think that HALLOWEEN alone makes kids freaking obese! It's life habits, not one day. Also GIVE HEALTHY STUFF TO EVERYONE instead of malicious letters to some kids!

  • She probably spend the month of November cleaning up the toilet paper, egg yocks and shaving cream. Since she decided to be the towns bitch for Halloween. Send out a overweight child a letter to their parents.

  • wooooooooooooooooooow
    oh hell no
    i hope on halloween she gets letters.
    by letters i mean tying one to a rock and throwing it through her window explaining that the person who threw it is sincerly sorry for missing her face

  • That women should go to jail, i know you think that she's not supposed to give out candy, but if I lived near her, I would egg her house, she's crushing kids hearts by telling them they're too fat for candy, i'm not fat enough that when people look at me they think i'm fat but if i was really fat and i got a letter telling me that i was too fat to trick or treat, i'd end up in jail for punching a stranger.

  • She's a moron, I wonder if her small brain is capable to understand that there are different body types and some people just can't eat anything without getting fat. Also, she's acting like kids who are fat are dumb, or should be considered as outcast

    evil lady:oh, one candy for you and oh,uh I think you need a letter
    kids:"reading letter" "starts crying"
    evil lady:your welcome

    like come on already who does this to little kids

  • Wow. Shaming people that obviously KNOW they are fat is the wrong way of doing things. Like empowering them and positive feed back Thats the way of helping someone. Not shaming them. Shaming someone only makes them more depressed and more likely to slip into a dark place and less likely to get proper excrcise etc.

  • Why dont u guys show all the excuse making lazy people who eat a lot and make themselves fat and then have hatred towards ppl who u r fit? It happems a lot. Instead yall wanna cater to them knowing that its making it worst.

  • This lady's house will get egged. The lesson just give candy out on Halloween is that too much to ask just saying.

  • Fargo lady… trolling idiots like the Fake Turks for decades! Hats off to "Donna the Deer Lady" and "Cheryl the No Candy to Fat Kids Lady" … you are the Troll of the Century!!!

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