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Smoking with Dave Attell – Smoke Break – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

Smoking with Dave Attell – Smoke Break – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

– What are we doing,
who are we talking to? – Granny move, you granny cam. – I’m angry. – Oh, Eddie Murphy on
“Saturday Night Live” this week. – I thought you
saw him right now. – I go, oh my god! He’s on the top
of that building. – No! Don’t do it.
– No! Oh my god! Comedy’s lost too much. – I’ll fund
“Beverly Hills Cop 4.” – Ill do it right now,
out of pocket. ♪ But tomorrow ♪ ♪♪ (fire crackling) – ♪ It’s so hard ♪
Music video. ♪ It’s so hard ♪ – Hi, I’m Mafee
from “Billions.” – ♪ To say good-bye ♪ Mafee from “Billions” is
seeking a music career now. – Dude, if I put out
a Christmas album. – Soder goes Xmas.
– Yeah I go, ♪ Oh the weather outside
is frightful ♪ Hi, I don’t know what you’re
doing this holiday season. – Oh, it’s when they
gotta scroll up. – Yeah.
All the hits. – ♪ The fire inside’s
delightful ♪ – From some of my
favorite friends. Some from Axe Capital. It’s just a full sellout. – Maybe. – You never know. ♪ For lo– ♪ – ♪ You better watch– ♪
Giamatti pops in. ♪ You better not cry ♪
– Paul Giamatti! – Paul Giamatti, everybody.
– Maggie Siff, I go– – He’s got antlers
that aren’t holding up good. – I go…
♪ Baby don’t go outside ♪ Condola Rashad.
It’s just the whole cast. How did Soder get the whole cast
to do a Christmas album? – Dude, the Asian girl,
that really got us yesterday. Baby it’s cold. I go, “Did you
just call me baby?” – Yeah I go, “No.” Is that,
did I not do that right? – Is that, babo? – ♪ Santa Claus is coming ♪ Different song. – ♪ Walking along as we go– ♪ He goes, I don’t know
the right thing that… I don’t want to upset or… ♪ I come to– ♪ – ♪ O holy night ♪ – Bailing on a song is so great. What do you think about that?
You go… – ♪ Fall on your knees ♪ – ♪ For he– ♪ – Dave! What’s up, buddy?
– Dave Attell. – Is this the new
YouTube page “Smoke Break”? – Yeah, it is!
– Yeah! What a walk on. Dave, you’ve done
Christmas albums. – What? – Dave, you have several.
– Dave’s done Christmas? – Dave Attell.
– That’d be great. Somebody will Photoshop
a picture of you with a sweater on,
on something, doing this where you’re
leaning on a log. Telling some Christmas cheer.
– Just because we’re smoking doesn’t mean
you should do it, kids. – Yeah, this is
an anti-smoking video. – Right now is exactly
when you want to quit, isn’t it? This cold?
– Yeah, I know, right? – Son of a bitch. – I really have hit
a lot of towns this year where it was just smoking in, I guess, freezing weather.
– Yeah. – But you prefer smoking
in freezing weather over smoking in extreme heat? – Well I’m surprised like,
I’d rather go with the heat. – Really?
– I’d rather smoke in the heat. – I’d rather smoke in the cold.
– You know those Discovery Channel shows where
it’s like “Life Below Zero”? – Yeah.
– They never do that like, “Smoking Below Zero.” This week I’m in Newfoundland. – They drop you on Antarctica. – Every year it’s just me
in Edmonton in the middle of winter. I always go,
it’s not even doing anything. I’m not even doing a thing. I just come out here
and kill myself. It’s freezing. And then summertime I’m like, “Man, nothing’s better
than this.” – What about fall
smoking weather? – There is no fall anymore.
– Uncomfortable leaves. – Yeah.
– Don’t get me into a political talk right now. There is no fall anymore.
– Oh god! Climate change smoke talk.
– We’ve taken apart glaciers. – The zcidification
of the ocean has led to the breakdown
in several food chains. – Now there’s fucking
dick fish washing up. – That’s hot.
That’s a boner fish. – The dick fish? – You know what’s great
during a smoke break? Some quiet. – I get it.
– Yeah. – A nice reflective quiet.
– Just in your own world. – So we’re reflecting?
Let’s take a moment. – Did you hear about the…
the gargoyle falling? The piece of the gargoyle fell,
killing a lady yesterday. – Yeah.
– It’s fucking crazy. – Shit.
– Gargoyle. – You never know what’s
gonna happen in this town. – I know, and there’s
some artist somewhere like, “My gargoyle!”
– Yeah. But sir, that was sculpted
by Vincenzo Vatrelli. – It’s some guy.
– Yeah. – He get’s the word,
he’s got a paintbrush in his mouth, “No!”
– “The corner one?” – The one on the corner?
– Where was– Was that a church or…?
– No it was right here. Just on this building.
– Oh, no way, really? – Down on 7th. – Were you guys walking
around when that happened? – No, thank god.
Do you wanna hear a guy who’s gonna live
with a lot of guilt? Apparently they said
her husband, he asked them to stop
so they can get an umbrella. – Was it her husband?
– Or whoever. – It was just the guy
she was with. – Whatever it was,
it was just like, that guy is gonna blame
himself unnecessarily forever. – Yeah. – That guy is gonna
become a gargoyle hunter. – We all know gargoyle
beats umbrella. – Or does it?
– Pretty much every time. – Not if it’s a cartoon. – I’ll tell you what,
not if it’s a solid umbrella. – No, I think gargoyle
wins that every time. Oh we gotta go up,
it’s 6:00. – All right, all right. – We gotta go up here.
That’s the show, Dave. Thanks for coming out.
– Bye, everybody. (fire crackling)

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