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Smoked & Fried Chicken Wings Recipe- Jay Ducote’s Barbeque Sauce – BBQGuys.com how-to

Smoked & Fried Chicken Wings Recipe- Jay Ducote’s Barbeque Sauce – BBQGuys.com how-to

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with BBQGuys.com,
today were putting together something that is quick for a crowd. We’ll be making smoked
chicken wings, and if your anything like me.. I love the extra flavor that the smokiness
gives the chicken wings, but.. I really want more of a crisp skin. To do that, I took a
little note from Peking Duck, and after we smoke the wings we’ll flash fry them, and
then I’m gonna top them with a local Louisiana BBQ Sauce made by my buddy Jay-d. Let’s get
to it! Start out with about 20 chicken wings, I have
removed the wing tips. Coat the wings with some olive oil, then I like to season them
with some cajun creole seasoning blend. I’ll link to my recipe if you want to use it, but
also you can sub it out with whatever your favorite creole blend is. I don’t add salt
to my creole blend, so that I can use add as much flavor as I want without having to
worry about over salting. So, if that’s the case with yours, just make sure to add
a little extra salt. To smoke the wings, I have the smoker burner
turned to high, and the center burner set to low. I like to load up the smoker box with
some pecan and cherry wood. I also added a few small pieces of natural lump charcoal
just to add a little extra flavor. Once your grill is preheated to around 350
degrees, it’s time to smoke the wings. I like to load up the warming rack so that the wings
sit a little bit further away from the grill burner, and it will also give the smoke a
chance to spread out some before actually coming in contact with the wings. Let the
wings smoke for about 30-35 minutes, they will get some nice color and caramelization.
These are looking great, I’ll remove them to a pan so that we can slide in the Alfresco
Fryer accessory to crisp the skin! Make sure to turn all burners off, and then once the
fryer accessory is in, i’ll turn on the middle burner to medium-high to preheat the
oil to slightly above 350 degrees. Fill your fryer with peanut oil, allowing a few inches
at the top to make sure the grease doesn’t overflow.
Once your oil is preheated, drop in your wings and let them fry for about a minute, keep
a close eye on them, your just trying to flash fry, you just want them golden brown. Oh,
wow.. these are going to be great! Set them on a paper towel to drain any excess grease,
and blot the tops of the wings. For the BBQ Sauce, today I am using my buddy
Jay D’s sauce, It has a great spicy kick from the blend of cajun spices he uses and I really
like that he adds Louisiana cane syrup to round out the acidity of the sauce. This will
go great on these wings, pour a generous amount of BBQ sauce over the wings, and toss to coat.
All that is left to do is plate up the wings and dig in! Alright.. let’s check them out! Smoked.. flash fried chicken wings? Good stuff!
Top it with Jay D’s sauce.. knocked it out of the park! Thank you for watching today,
I hope you will try these recipes, check back often and look at more of our stuff.. I’m
chef tony matassa and remember.. at BBQGuys.com.. we SMOKE, the competition!

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