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Smoke Signals (4/12) Movie CLIP – John Wayne’s Teeth (1998) HD

Smoke Signals (4/12) Movie CLIP – John Wayne’s Teeth (1998) HD

Those are our seats. You mean these were your seats. No, that’s not what he means. Now, listen up. These are our seats now and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. So why don’t you and Super Injun there find some place else to have a powwow, okay? Geez, Victor. I – I guess your warrior luck doesn’t work every time. Shut up, Thomas. Man, the cowboys always win. The cowboys don’t always win. Yeah they do! The cowboys always win. Look at Tom Mix. What about John Wayne? Man, he was about the toughest cowboy of them all, i’nit? You know, in all those movies, you never saw John Wayne’s teeth? Not once. I think there’s something wrong when you don’t see a guy’s teeth. John Wayne’s teeth, hey-ya. John Wayne’s teeth, hey-ya, hey-ya Hey-ya hey… John Wayne’s teeth, hey-ya! John Wayne’s teeth, hey-ya, hey-ya, hey. Are they false? Are they real? Are they plastic? Are they steel?

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