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Sistema Digestivo 3 (Digestive Model 3)

Sistema Digestivo 3 (Digestive Model 3)

Hi everyone … how to make a DIGESTIVE system model last part In the description of the video are the materials … but in the first video you can check them one by one And you already know the templates I leave in the description of the video for you to download WE CONTINUE … We already have all the organs ready VOLUME… The piece of the stomach … we stretch and bend it with our fingers … creating a hole … only the stomach .. The piece of the liver … we stretch and bend it with our fingers … creating a hole … The piece of the thick intestine … we bend it horizontally with the fingers … and then stretch it a bit vertically … The piece of the small intestine … has marks with arrows … that will indicate us … the direction in which we are going to form the intestine Take a strip of the pink fomi … it does not matter the length… since we are going to join them we are going to fold it in half vertically and so doubled we will be stick the template… following the arrows if one strip is finished we will continue with another … so until the end … to assemble In the silhouette of the body … we will accommodate each organ .. The parotid or salivary gland … we paste it in front of the ear this gland produces the saliva that helps us to chew and swallow food The esophagus … stomach … and duodenum … we place it and stick it flush with the red muscular tube that is the open esophagus that’s where the chewed food goes to the stomach and this is an elastic sack with gastric juices … that help to undo the food that is chewed so that they pass into the duodenum it is the tube that communicates the stomach with the small intestine … and absorbs nutrients and water from food … (here I put the trachea … but can omit … because in the digestive system is not going to study) The large intestine … we place it below the stomach … sticking the left side flush with the silhouette … from the anal canal … rectum and colon … to the stomach … On the right side … we stick the appendix on the silhouette It is a small hollow and narrow branch of the large intestine helps to fight infections, but only in the first years of life … and then it stops working but if it gets full of mucus and parasites … then it gets sick and it becomes inflamed and that is known as appendicitis nd if it were to perforate the appendix everything it contains … contaminates the abdomen and that leads to another disease known as peritonitis Continue sticking the large intestine all along the right side … without hitting the stomach … The liver … we place it next to the stomach sticking it to the flush of the silhouette only by the top now we pull the large intestine a little out without releasing it we stick the liver this organ receives … processes … and balances all the blood that comes out of the stomach and the intestines also creates and metabolizes drugs that the body needs now if we already stick it above the stomach The pancreas stick it under the stomach this organ produces digestive juices and hormones such as insulin … among others The gallbladder … we stick it under the liver this organ stores bile it is a liquid to digest fats… it is produced by the liver and it exits through a bile duct that reaches the duodenum to help the digestion of food The small intestine … we place it in the center accommodate and we stick it all along the edge of the large intestine the duodenum … we put it through the end of the small intestine and stick the other end to the large intestine This organ in the form of a tangled tube … connects the stomach with the large intestine … is divided into three sections: duodenum … jejunum … and ileum in this intestine is finishing the digestion of food where the rest of the water is absorbed … salts … hydrates .. Fat … protein … and the waste goes to the large intestine So we end up with the model of the digestive system and just need to put their names and ready Well I hope you like it … Share it … Comment … Subscribe … Give me a LIKE … And until the next tutorial BYE

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