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Should Pregnant Women Get a Whooping Cough Vaccine?

Should Pregnant Women Get a Whooping Cough Vaccine?

– I would recommend that a pregnant woman gets her whooping cough vaccine. Adults tend to lose the immunity
to the Pertussis bacteria. So you know, you may have
been vaccinated as a child, and your body forgets how to fight it. And in the early part of the illness, it looks like a cold. You know, you won’t know about it. And before you know, the baby gets it. So I recommend the whooping cough vaccine. Whooping cough in a child can
be a life-threatening illness. So the mother gets vaccinated,
she will not pass it on. She will not get the infection, she will not pass it on to the baby. I actually advise the father
to get the vaccination too. I ask all the family members,
the extended family members who want to take care of the
baby, to get the vaccination. I think by getting the
adults in the house, and even the children vaccinated. You know, you’re doing a
big service to the child because any child who gets whooping cough needs to be in the hospital, especially if it’s an infant or a neonate, ’cause they can get
really very sick from it. They can turn blue, they need oxygen, they need to be in the hospital, which is not a cool thing. You would rather be home with your baby and enjoy your baby, rather than have him or her be sick, yeah.

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