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Short HELP Talk: Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Cough

Short HELP Talk: Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Cough

Hi this is Dr. Manaan Gandhi and today I am going to give you home remedy for cough A lot of people today have been suffering from cough even small children to adults So I will give you the home remedy for cough depending upon the age group and the type of cough If there is excessive coughing in children take 6 Tulsi leaves mix 4 black pepper balls and mix the entire thing with honey after crushing Take this and give it to the child to lick and you will find that within 15 days the child is relieved of coughing If it is a dry cough for an adult then take haldi which is turmeric powder Take sugar and ghee in equal quantities and roast it Once roasted this combination is to be eaten and this will cure dry cough If there is wet cough, then the intake of honey along with yashtimadhu powder also know as Jethi Madh, also known as Mulethi along with sitopaladi powder which is an ayurvedic combination available at any ayurvedic store in equal quantity should be given and should be licked by the patient after which for half hour no water should be taken We want the mixture to coat the entire throat and not go directly into the stomach This will cure any kind of wet cough Thank you this is Dr. Manaan Gandhi and the details of contact are given

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