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[SFM] Steam Train Animated – Sakura Spirit – Tiny Burps & Gateways or something I don’t know

[SFM] Steam Train Animated – Sakura Spirit – Tiny Burps & Gateways or something I don’t know

Ross: It’s like a fucking waking dream every time we’re- OH and we’re back! Ross (now as Tsuyuri? idfk): Welcome… back… Arin (as Takahiro like he’s supposed to): Tsuyuri was just telling us about mana gateways, and mana receivers and… whatever… Danny (as Tsuyuri, again, as he’s supposed to): Spirits and humans have lived apart for a long time, but it wasn’t always like this… Arin (As Takahiro): Wait, spirits have a world of their own?! Ross: Woooaaahhh! Danny: What the fuck do you think we’ve been- *Danny takes a much needed deep breath* Danny (As Tsuyuri): Yes, but that realm has started to merge with this one. Causing some spirits to find themselves trapped here. Ross: Oh no…
[Danny’s speech becomes Increasingly muffled as Takahiro’s attention drifts to more “distracting” matters] Danny (As Tsuyuri): Unfortunately, this happened before the more powerful spirits had the opportunity to reverse the damage done. [facepalm] Arin (As Takahiro): I don’t give a fuck! Sorry, I went off script for a second. Does that mean that Machiko-chan and Maeko-chan are…? Danny (As Tsuyuri): They don’t belong in this world, although neither of them likely realize this. Danny: (rereading the sentence checking for grammar) “Re- realizes this.” [deep sigh] Arin: Realize [All talking over each other about the grammar of an anime visual novel about fox spirits in swimsuits] Danny: Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. Danny (As Tsuyuri): Even now, those girls and their games are mistaken acts of violence [sic]. And as a result, tension arose between the spirits and “who-mans”. Arin (As Takahiro): Well, that sucks. Danny: That’s you, Arin. Arin (As Takahiro): Oh, so Machikan and Maeko-chan… and everybody else in this fucking game… [ROLF] … are discri- [Silence of disbelief] Danny: Go on. Arin: (As Takahiro): … are discriminated against because of those spirits? You can say tha- [wierd noises of holding in a burp], yes… [Burps] Arin (As Takahrio): Then wh- Danny: Sorry. Sorry. I’m very gassy.
Ross: It’s okay. Arin (As Takahiro): Then why didn’t you try to stop them? [Neck stretching sounds? idfk, man. I’m trying my best] Danny (As Tsuyuki): Because I can’t leave this forest, shithead. I’m the guardian spirit of this shrine, shithead. I cannot leave my domain… …head of shit… [Laughter from Arin and Ross] Arin: (As Takahiro’s inner monolouge): “I couldn’t help but wonder what purpose all this talk about shitheads served.” [Danny laughing] “Could it have something to do with all the shit on my head?” [More laughter from Danny and a smol chuckle from Ross] Arin (As Takahiro): Do you think solving the problem with these spirits could be my ticket out of here? Danny (As Tsuyuri): Possibly, It would be difficult to track them down, but there may be an opportunity for you soon. [Sigh] Arin (As Takahiro): An opport- [exasperated sigh] Please, go on! Danny (As Tsuyuri): Allow me to expound for five paragraphs. [Laughter] I’m sensing one of them. For now, you better get the girls and make haste towards the village, before the wild spirit causes any more damage. Arin: Aw, thank god! Arin (As Takahiro’s “narration”): “Nodding my head in agreeement, I quickly ran outside…” [Gasping for air] (tiredly) Oh my god, thank you! “Trying to think of how I could convince Machiko and Maeko to help me save the village…” “I promptly farted…” [Squeaky farts and laughter, A.K.A., a normal Game Grumps playthrough] (A scream of relief) OOOOH! [Laughter] Ross: He should probably open his eyes, as well. Ross (As Machiko): Oh, Tako-kun, Is everything alright? You look… [In a very Little Caeser’s Hot & Ready™ voice] worried… Arin (As Takahiro): Uh, Tsuyuriyuri told me something interesting. It was VERY interesting. OH, the INTEREST that I had in what she was saying! Danny: You wanna take a bet on whether my character will be like “What was it?” Danny: FUCK [Hysterical Laughter] Danny:Yeah!
Arin: Next time on Steam Train!
Ross: Oh, oh my god… Lt. Eddy: Just wanted to quickly say thanks for watching, and I’m currently revising the channel look, and HUGE props to Lichpit for working on the new channel art. Link to the work in the description below. ↓ [Sound of CRT Screen truning of as sound slowly fades in] Ross: Oh, she’s back. Danny: I wonder how he’ll solve the challenges set before him. Who am I talking to? [Laughter] Arin: (continuing Danny’s Joke) Why am I on the black background?

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