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Right in the Childhood Episode 2 H2 NO!

Right in the Childhood Episode 2 H2 NO!

Tena koe, talofa and good morning to you people of the internet, welcome to Right in the Childhood This is the show where I examine a
children’s TV show or movie It can be a classic one or one that’s
relatively new.One of the many things you can find many reviewing YouTubers nowadays doing is
taking lists of video games movies or TV shows that they either really like or they really hate but it
seems everyone else they know has the opposite view I’m no exception and I also think there is another category that needs to exist Shows that look like they should be
universally panned but you can’t find anything but praise
from friends from critics from anyone and you just can’t understand it I mean how can you like this Why people why? How is it possible? How is it possible for anybody on this planet to like H2O Just Add Water It’s a terrible show and I know it’s targeted at a different demographic but seriously it’s so freaking bad even for kids. This will probably be
the only review like mine you’ll see in the sea of reviews that are mostly done by kids who love it for inspring them to
do their own stupid knockoffs on YouTube.So strap in and
enjoy the ride to discover why I harbor such a strong hatred for this Kangaroo manure. Let’s dive right in H2O follows a trio of Australian
girls Emma played by Mean Girls 2’s Claire Holt, Cleo played by Phoebe Tonkin of The Originals
fame and Rikki played by Cariba Heine, all of who seem
to be trying but failing to portray their characters. Honestly it’s so bad, it’s like watching
a primary school play that only had a week to prepare Emma isn’t too bad but Cleo and Rikki are
just plain bland here people and Phoebe Tonkin got cast in the
originals how? I mean honestly she can even pull
off an American accent! Ok back on track.The girls all end up on a
boat to the CGI paradise known as Mako Island, a mysterious island of the Gold
Coast. Wait a mysterious island off the coast of one
of the biggest holiday destinations in the world? Seriously no one ever thought to explore it? As they explore the island, they happen upon a
moonpool in the island’s volcano As they enter the pool, an unconvincing
special effect occurs as the moon passes over. They swim out and are found by conveniently
nearby harbor patrol boat The next day,the three girls discover in
different circumstances they have gained the power to become mermaids whenever they touch
water and also have magical abilities with
water. The rest of the season revolves around the three girls trying to go
about their lives while coping with their powers. Maybe I’m being a little unfair here. At first glance the premise is not very
original and has been taken on by other
children’s media from movies to books but most of them pull it off
really well making this cliche premise seem more
original. H2O’s story does offer an opportunity to repeat this but
despite promising story arcs for each of its three series the execution in my view is very poor Among the episodes are a revelation to the
school nerd Lewis played by Angus McLaren who is the one good
actor on the show, you could say he’s the Ewan McGregor of H2O, discovering their powers become enhanced when they touch water during a full moon as well as going into what I call on
Ariel state, something like a mermaid drug and then finally coming across a mad
scientist who wants to use them for experimentation I do have a problem with the villain
though. While she’s established before the finale the writers didn’t take the time to build
up the threat she could pose the trio and so the payout is such a letdown for a final episode Also there is another part of the show
that gets on my nerves and that is repetitive and
expected twists in the story It’s kind of like Glee when a power couple breaks
up you can always be certain they’ll get back together at some point and no offence Gleeks but it is really lame. The first example of this is in the
final episode after the trio have finally given up
their powers forever ruining the scientist’s plot. Rikki visits
the beach and as she’s feeling the sea between her feet before you know it whoosh, she assumes her
mermaid form with Lewis later revealing he was told the
powers would be given up for twenty-four hours I was extremely angry not just at the
stupid twist but the fact that they were going to continue the
show The second arc starts with their powers
getting an upgrade on the night of the full moon again a pathetic display of
CGI is displayed here. But this time this
another major arc revolving around a new villain, Charlotte
played by Britney Byrnes it involves a love triangle with Lewis, Charlotte
and Cleo as well as another motivation that comes into play
later. Now the love triangle is a brilliant idea to
show character rivalry and further develop the new character and whilst the characters do make up for
the rushed development of the scientist in the first season it never truly capitalised on the
love triangle. Not properly establishing it until much
later in the season later it’s revealed that Charlotte’s
grandmother was a mermaid who have lost her powers after meeting an old friend of hers who was sort of like a Lewis to an
original trio Including the current trio’s mentor, Miss Chatham this leads her to gain powers at the
moon pool and further cause trouble for the girls after the girls proclaim they have had
enough they use the planetary alignment at the moon pool to remove Charlotte’s
powers forever lewis also breaks up with her and returns to Cleo but its kinda expected again. I mean do
you really think a series regular would keep up a relationship with a bad guy
who wil probably only be in one season? And then there’s
the third season which saw the departure of Emma. Guess she finally realized being on
the show was during her no favors She was replaced by Bella played by
Indiana Evans who became a mermaid in an Irish moonpool at the age of
seven. She joins them just as the moon pool starts using water to attack the
trio for some wild reason halfway through Angus McLaren leaves to
do Packed to the Rafters another Aussie show which was pretty
good and was replaced by love interest for Bella named Will. It’s later discovered the moonpool has crystals which are very valuable and this gives Will’s freediving coach an
opportunity for a quick buck What they don’t notice is that a meteor
his headed for Earth and that the crystals are needed to keep
it at bay. Luckily the girls are able to save the day and thankfully that’s the end of the show the third season was probably the worst in
my opinion as it lacked a proper antagonist and the story just plain sucked. And
again little was left to the imagination story wise Overall story was pretty bad it
offered a lot of promise but failed to deliver especially in the case of the third series.
The closest they got to a good season was season two but even then it was so lame. it does however
try not to follow a single formula for an episode and it does try and put the true into some
very unusual situations for example faking illness to prevent
their secret being revealed given a potion to grant wishes amongst
other things. However the rain thing just doesn’t seem right
if you’re in that situation and got sick every time it rained, wouldn’t you get the
tiniest bit suspicious I mean yeah this is a kid show but even someone should be able
to put two and two together I mean… Don’t make me say it H2O Don’t make me say it It happened in Twilight Yes you have forced me to complement
Twilight the movie didn’t pretend the Cullen
family will protect the secret full stop and it was sure someone was able to realize their true
species. But it’s all sad when the secret trope has big holes like this. One drop of the water reveals their
identity, well how on earth do they manage to keep it secret
so well? Surely there’s something involving water in public that would get you wet. Drinking from a water fountain, washing
your hands, washing off makeup the secret cliche isn’t bad in itself
but in this series it is heavily flawed. There’s been no more episodes of the main show thank heavens, but sadly the show’s
legacy goes on.There’s the aforementioned fan versions that
saturate YouTube’s darkest reaches and there’s a live action spinoff called “Mako Mermaids” A spinoff? A freaking spinoff!? How could
they make a spinoff? Then again, they are Aussies Here’s how I think it would have gone down
if they have been done in New Zealand Alright ladies and gents let’s keep
brainstorming for some new kids show ideas. Ratings are down we need to make sure
that we don’t have a generation worshiping those stupid idiots at Geordie Shore. Any ideas? Oh, I have an idea for you boss. Why don’t we create a show about three girls who become mermaids
which is essentially a gigantic middle finger to the Little Mermaid and all the mythology that makes them so awesome Any good ideas? I’ve even been told by
friends who enjoy H2O that they hate Mako and it got two more seasons how? I mean
honestly if even your original fan base thinks its bad what makes you think it’s a good idea to
continue a show? There’s the animated spinoff: “H2O Mermaid Adventures” an anime style
show with an American voice cast a new fictional sitting and a talking
hermit crab yes a freaking talking hermit crab. Please remind me to
kill whoever created the show I just hope now you can see why I think
H2O’s bad I do need to give it credit and say it does try to be good in some parts but it just falls flat on its face. The acting is bad, the stories are cliche
and the special effects are cringe worthy at best. This show gets a 4 out of 10. Well I hope you enjoyed the H2O
torture and great news if you enjoyed that: it’s
not over! My wonderful best friend Maggie has dared me to watch H2O Mermaid Adventures and being the loyal friend that I am I have to follow through. So you’ll be able to tune in and watch me
torture myself. Oh and Maggie if by any chance you
watching this I’m already masterminding my payback. Well that’s another childhood ruined so until the next video, goodbye Haere ra.

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