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Regional Anesthesia for Surgical Pain Management

Regional Anesthesia for Surgical Pain Management

[♪] – The very essence of what
it means to be a physician is to relieve pain and regional anesthesia fits
well into that philosophy because it is a way that relieves pain, at the same, it minimizes the impact of treatment of that pain. – Regional anesthesiology is the delivery of local anesthetic
around nerves that supply the area that’s gonna
everybody affected by surgery. – They’ll use ultrasound
and they’ll identify the individual nerve and
inject the numbing medicine right around the nerve, so that it can be very, very specific for the area that they want to numb. – [Dr. Thomas] Ultrasound is a game
changer in medicine. Ultrasound enables the proceduralist to visualize what’s going on on the inside by just placing a probe over the area that we want to go to. Being able to see precisely
where you’re going in with their needle and
delivering the medication is the advantage of an ultrasound. – There really is no limit
to how it can be applied, but it can be as complicated as when I do chest wall reconstructions, that what we’ll do is put
catheters to supply each of the nerves of the chest
wall with numbing medicine so that you can come out
of the operating room without discomfort and not
have to have high doses of narcotics through the vein or things by mouth that could
cause stomach irritation. – [Dr. Thomas] There are many patients who
get regional anesthesiology and require no opioids, and then there’s some patients
who do require some opioids, but it’s significantly less
than what you required before. And good evidence based medicine shows us that using what we call a multi-modal approach, minimizing drugs that will cause a patient side effects, but giving them the best
pain control as possible is better for the patient. – I think the important thing for patients to think about is that they have a role in their post-operative recovery and I think it’s actually very important for them to ask about the strategies that we’re gonna provide
to reduce their pain.

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