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PRECORDIAL CATCH SYNDROME- a harmless condition | Is chest pain a sign of heart attack?

PRECORDIAL CATCH SYNDROME- a harmless condition | Is chest pain a sign of heart attack?

Hello dear friends, I am Dr. Seema Gupta, an Ayurveda Doctor, In Today’s video, let’s discuss a quite common problem nowadays, and that can cause a lot of panics, if occur, at any age group, mostly in youngsters. that is precordial Catch Syndrome A Sharp, stabbing sensation, sometimes felt
in the chest, that occurs suddenly, mostly confused with, or correlated with some heart
disease like angina pectoris, or heart attack. This condition is called Precordial Catch
Syndrome i.e PCS as the pain occurs in front of the heart. in my daily routine, I also come through such type of patients
mainly youngsters, who get afraid of some heart disease, correlating it with that, as
they Google too much🤗 Searching Google is a good thing to keep you
updated, but sometimes it may be misleading, if your knowledge about something is not complete. So coming to the topic, Precordial Chest Pain vs angina pectoris The amazing news is that like a heart attack,
it isn’t dangerous or life-threatening. like in heart attack, the pain doesn’t radiate
or “spread” to other regions of the human body. And also, PCS will not cause different symptoms
— like drenching or nausea, such as like in a heart attack or Angina Sometimes the pain can also be intermingled
with gastric upset i.e acidity pain Features of Precordial Catch Syndrome ●Pain is localized to a place to the front
of the chest usually no larger than one or two fingertips broad. ●Breathing can make the pain more extreme ◆a few people discover that shallow breaths
might help to make symptoms dull. ◆Other people state that one deep inhalation
may evoke a”popping feeling ” that may help to relieve the symptoms. PCS disappears just as quickly and unexpectedly
as it appears, with time sessions usually lasting between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It can be very uncomfortable. The condition may aggravate due to the emotional
panic of the victim by confusing it with a heart attack. There are no other symptoms and no lasting
signs. However, although it’s very, very rarely
dangerous and goes out of its own accord, however, it can trigger anxiety and repeated
shallow breathing can cause an individual to feel dizzy and empty-headed. The feeling also referred to as a Texidor’s
Twitch, might (wrongly ) be mistaken for a heart attack, but it’s, in actuality, a
very common condition that will happen during adolescence and early adulthood. In very rare cases it has also been reported
in younger children of age 6 and in older adults. Reason of PCS or Precordial Chest Pain What can be the exact cause of pain? The truth is that we do not know exactly what
triggers this stabbing and annoying pain an, but many experts believe that the pain is
a result of the irritation or pinching of nerves at the chest or thoracic cavity’s
internal lining i.e the pleura. It’s not, however, due to injury to the
lungs or heart. Although it’s an ultimately benign condition
there should not be any underlying heart disease as ruled out by some professional. Treatment of Precordial Chest Pain Although there is not a guaranteed cure or
a remedy of this problem, however, there are particular scenarios which may prompt an attack
and those may be avoided. PCS generally happens at rest (never while
sleeping) and frequently when the individual changes their posture suddenly. Hence the possibility of an attack of PCS
might be decreased to some extent by sitting up straight and changing the posters with
caution. Otherwise also, it should be a habit to sit,
by keeping your backbone straight always. As mentioned earlier, it is mostly the problem
of adolescents and Young adulthood, the attacks become less frequent,
as we grow up and stops normally up to mid-twenties of our age. So dear Youth, no more panic now, if you sometimes
experience this type of sharp, stabbing, sudden pain in your chest, lasting for a few seconds,
just take a chill pill, improve your posture and get relieved. If the intensity of pain is intolerable, or
remaining for a long time or occurring at short intervals, then there may need to consult
a physician. Friends, this was all about, Precordial Chest
Pain vs angina pectoris-What’s That Sharp Stabbing Chest Pain. I hope you will like this information.

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