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Peppermint Softgels for Digestive Discomfort NATURAL REMEDIES // doTERRA Essential Oils

Peppermint Softgels for Digestive Discomfort NATURAL REMEDIES // doTERRA Essential Oils

– Hey there, my name is Jenna, and I’m also a
certified health coach and a registered yoga teacher. I’m really excited
to talk to you today about the brand new doTERRA
Peppermint Softgels. These things have
totally made an impact on my digestive system and
I’d love to share that story with you in just a minute. Personally, I deal with a
ton of digestive issues. I have to be gluten-free,
not because I want to be, but because I have to be due
to having coeliac disease which is an autoimmune
condition and the only treatment is to live a lifelong
gluten-free diet. This is just one product
that doTERRA has, and essential oils have
impacted my life in so many ways but I’ve created a little
cheat sheet for you if you’re interested in finding
out how natural solutions can improve your health
and your wellness. And if you want that, just go
ahead and click the link below in the description
of this video, and I’ll send that over to
you with five different ways essential oils have
impacted my life. First, I do wanna just tell
you some little benefits about this capsule that make
it a little bit different than just the doTERRA essential
oil because both have become staples quickly in our house. So peppermint oil on its own
are used a lot to improve my sinuses, the
opening of the airways, also an improve
digestion by getting rid of that nauseous
feeling or heartburn but also some head tension
or some other issues that maybe I even need
a little bit more energy I use my peppermint oil. The capsule is
different because, and it’s actually just not
like any other doTERRA softgel that they have. The material that it uses on
that exterior of the capsule makes it especially formulated so it goes through your stomach
and it’s actually released in your digestive system where
it’s needed to benefit most. Whenever it comes
to your digestion, it can get rid of
occasional gas, bloating, feeling of indigestion,
and it has a wide range of digestive implications. Also, I’ve seen it
helped with belly bloat. So there’s many reasons
why you should take a peppermint capsule
before or after your meals and make it a part of your
regular supplemental routine. When it comes to the
peppermint capsules themselves, I had such an amazing experience
with them on the first day that they were available. So I was traveling out
to doTERRA’s convention which they hold
in Salt Lake City, and I arrived on Monday,
and on the way there, my stomach started to
get a little upset. And I’m not sure if
it was just the travel or maybe something that I
ate in route to convention. But I got there and my
stomach was starting to become a mess. I was having some stomach
cramps, aches, indigestion and heartburn issues. I actually even thought it was
possible that I was pregnant and in my first
trimester and dealing with so much nauseousness. Turns out I wasn’t, but
I thought it was possible with how I couldn’t
keep anything down. And that night, I
was really excited because we were scheduled to
eat dinner at a restaurant in Salt Lake City
that I loved going to, it has such a phenomenal menu. It’s actually a totally
gluten-free restaurant which I have to be gluten-free
for various reasons. And I was just really excited
to be able to eat there, and feel comfortable ordering
pretty much whatever I wanted on the menu. So we get there, our meal
arrives, and I dove right in, and I started eating it, and
about five to 10 minutes later, my stomach started getting
upset, even more upset than it was. I started getting these sweats,
almost like hot flushes, and I just knew
something wasn’t right. So, I told my team members that I was there with
that I needed to head back to the hotel and I
would see them soon. Like, pretty much
right on to our hotel which was about a
block and a half away. And the second that I
got into my hotel room without TMI, everything
came back up. And I was dealing with some
stomach aches then cramping, and almost instant bloating,
actually when I arrive at the restaurant, I had
to reach into my shirt and unbuckle a half
button of my pants because my stomach had started
bloating already that fast. So, that night, I used
some of my essential oils and some of the products
that I already had on hand but I was still feeling
a little ugh the next day when I right woke up. So I woke up and I knew
my stomach wasn’t right, so I decided to try to keep
it as light as possible and I ate a banana that next
day, that Tuesday morning. Now, convention starts
on Wednesday, so
today and that day, I had a business training
and I knew I didn’t want my stomach to be
upset so I pretty much was fearful of eating. Luckily, I kept a banana down
but that’s about all I ate that entire day. On Wednesday, again, I woke up,
my stomach was still a mess. I was still dealing with
a lot of digestive issues, a lot of cramping and
bloating, and just my stomach not feeling great. Well, Wednesday, luckily is
the day that they announced all the new products
and they announced the Peppermint Softgels. As soon as they started
talking about them, I couldn’t wait to get my hands
on these Peppermint Softgels hoping that they could really
provide me some relief. And as soon as I got my
convention kit in hand, I got my capsules
out and I took one pretty much immediately. And within about 30 to 40
minutes, I started feeling a lot better, I started
getting more relief for my digestive issues, and
I just wasn’t feeling so off. Then that night, we had a
dinner reservation again in a nice place and I decided
to try to eat something. That was the first meal
that I was able to keep down since I arrived. So, it was about the
first meal in three days that I was able to eat after
having my Peppermint Softgel. And then, I’ve been taking
the peppermint capsules everyday on a regular
basis since then, and I’ve experienced a
lot more digestive relief. So I’m absolutely in
love with the capsules. I hope you give them a try
especially if you’re dealing with any kind of
digestive issues whether it’s you have the full
gamut of digestive issues, from indigestion to
occasional gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea,
any of those fancy things, and even heartburn. If you like this video, go
ahead and leave a comment below and let me know how you
use natural products to improve your digestion
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  • oh my gosh you went through so much I’m glad to see you are doing better. I haven’t tried those softgels or any other remedies because I don’t know enough to try them but this video was super helpful thank you!

  • My sister would really benefit from these! Great video! I didn’t realize doterra sold essential oils in capsule format. So interesting.

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