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Overcoming Asthma through Shaolin Qigong (Chi Kung)

Overcoming Asthma through Shaolin Qigong (Chi Kung)

hi my name is Andy Cusick and I am an
Instructor and Therapist of Shaolin Qigong and this is the story of how I overcame
my health well-being problems From late childhood I was diagnosed with Asthma and allergies, necessitating a dependence on
medication every day By the time I was in my mid-twenties my energy levels were also getting low. Worringly, my general heatlh was getting worse rather than
better. But things changed for me after a chance encounter with a book ‘Qigong for hHalth and Vitality’ whilst
traveling in China in 2005. The message of the books seemed a bit
too good to be true. But I was determined to find out the truth for myself.
So, I travelled to learn directly from the Master of the Art. Everything in the book was proven…and more. And since then it has only been improvements for me, at all levels, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Interestingly, the most difficult part of the journey for me wasn’t travelling across remote
parts of distand lands, by myself. It wasn’t going on intensive course. It was committing to my Qigong practice everyday.
So how do we build such positive new habits? Well, if your internal image of yourself, your identity, is of someone who is sick and
tired. Are you ever not going to be sick and tired? So to reach our goal we need three things. number one: the vision of ourselves achieving our
goal number two: a method to reach the goal.
and number three: a commitment to action toward the goal. All of us can potentially reach the top Mount
Everest but the only people who will are those with a
vision of themselves reaching the top. Who find a method to get
themselves to the top and who commit to daily action towards their goal.
The Vision Approach is what seperates fantasy from direction in life. It may sound fairly obvious when it is spelt out like this. But you’d be surprised how many artists never pick up a brush.
How many writers never pick up a pen. How many people never pick up that book learn that new skill, take that new class, take that risk. Essentially how many people
don’t believe in their own dreams. So to change this we need a vision of ourselves achieving our goal, find a method to reach the goal, and commit to
action towards the goal. The vision approach is integrated into the teaching of our
Qigong beginners course, as well as the support and guidance to build positive new habits. Not to mention the very method which made a
return to health possible not only for me but for thousands of people all around the world. For more
knowledge on our life changing methods and results please subscribe to our YouTube channel and sign up to our free information pack
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  • Dear Andy, this is a great video. It never crossed my mind that you could be a former asthma patient when I met and trained with you on Borneo. Not to mention our comically ill prepared but almost effortless climb up Mount Kinabalu. Best wishes, Omar

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