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OMG! Nino baby vomited on mom & weak | What’s wrong with mom milk? | Monkey Daily 2975

OMG! Nino baby vomited on mom & weak | What’s wrong with mom milk? | Monkey Daily 2975

100 Replies to “OMG! Nino baby vomited on mom & weak | What’s wrong with mom milk? | Monkey Daily 2975”

  • That is so cute the nasty son of a bitch was giving nasty ass disgusting mom a bath with its puke then it's so cute when the nasty son of a bitch does its shaking and jerking I think it's on acid.

  • Por favor niño enfermo, un veterinario y medicamentos para recuperar a niño de salud , e st muy enfermito

  • Stomach virus?? Because much milk?? Because he is always sucking on that titt and won’t leave mom alone?? Or all of the options lol 😂. 5:55 he is really having seizures! Poor baby he must have some health condition he looks so white and sick he won’t last longer if he doesn’t get help. He has something very serious…

  • There is something wrong with him, but I think he vomited because her left nipple is to big for him and he gagged on it.

  • He looks yellow and pale, might be jaundice, wouldn't be the first one, but the seizure part is what is worst, he may have fallen or who knows what in the jungle at night, poor little babe, sad to see one suffer

  • You can tell he is really sick – his skin is sagging everywhere- his little scrotum sack is really sagging and in real babies it does that when they have a high fever….. I bet he has a really nasty virus 🦠
    You can tell he can’t get comfortable -I’ve never seen any of them throw up like that before-that was really weird….. I hope he pulls through …………🥺

  • 5:46 is textbook seizure activity. I think there was head trauma from his kidnapping and fall and he has concussion and brain bleed which causes the nausea and brain swelling could trigger seizures and loss of muscle control and balance. Poor thing wasn’t born this way. I don’t think it was poison at all.

  • This is not a drying monkey. This a a monkey that was intentionally drugged by a VO. my guess is that it is a recreational drug like Ketamine like another viewer commented below. This is not death. He's eating. Plenty of energy when not seizing or zoning out staring off into space. This is a monkey that is tripping his balls off right now. Mark my words. He will be fine in a day or two tops. Unless they administer more of the drug to the point he dies from it.

  • Whoever thinks this is how a baby monkey acts when dying needs to watch some video of Krito. That is how death looks. not like this. not even close.

  • I think to he threw up cause tit was too far down in his throat and been suckling too much but he probably was poisoned for views, it's all about the views!!

  • I love watching all the monkeys but the way you people are all over them is just sad. They deserve to live their lives without a camera in their face all the time! I can't subscribe to this anymore. Get out of their faces every minute of the damn day!

  • Both mother and Nikon have blue lips, lead poisoning? Causing jerky movements and nerve pain. The VOs are not helping, stressing all the mothers by chasing her around with a dam camera. The mother have warned them to back off.

  • My daughter use to throw up just like that while I nursed her the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but as she grew older it happened less n less

  • Who knows what disease it's suffering from. They are nothing but virus disease carrying ugly creatures. Bury it when it dies so humans don't get whatever the ugly thing has. Scream til you croak hope it's soon.

  • Was this the Momma monkey that did not pass the placenta for 2 or 3 days? Wonder if mom had some infection in her system that placenta had to be kind of rotten…breast milk probably yucky too…baby is so hungry he keeps sucking for all he's worth…regardless ..

  • Guess we can rule out lack of milk. That wasn't guacamole he was puking up. Poor Nino is gonna be a grease spot without intervention.

  • <shaking her head in disbelief!!!!! Other videos are claiming that he's gotten better, it's shocking to see so many people believe he is better according to what these VOs are claiming, in those videos he is much younger…obviously it was waaay before he got sick, in this particular video, this is the beginning of him getting sick….I will eat my words if I see UPDATED videos in 3-4 weeks of him looking healthy, and not videos claiming he "survived" when in truth those videos are of him taken 2-3 weeks ago, of course he's gonna look "much better" sheesh! …these VOs sure have a lot of people believing in whatever they say

  • Babies can't get sick on mother's milk but they can get sick from something else they eat and then they start vomiting, or they have an infection and start vomiting. When they volit up immediately after nursing they are getting no benefit of the milk and will get weak quickly as well as dehydrated. A Baby that is vomiting like this does need help to stop vomiting or treat the cause for vomiting. A dehydrated baby can get very sick very fast and get very weak very fast and even die.

  • He's acting and looking like he doesn't feel well. Looks like dizziness, may have a headache as well.(he's very uncomfortable/in pain) That would make his eyes track like that and cause him to vomit. Possible concussion, also spine injury/issues. He's having a hard time getting to mom's nipple, holding on to mom, being in certain positions, and supporting his body/head. Which could also cause shaking, twitching, stiffness in movement, and struggling to swallow in certain positions as well.( it all can cause same symptoms, shit, it seems like he has it all honestly) Poor baby.

    SN: His mom looks creepy asf!

  • As long as he keeps suckin them tittys hell survive. Watch and see….theres some magical cure all in that syrup..look at niko..he made this one will too..

  • The way he's acting is he is mad at mom cause milk is nasty….I think mom's milk is no good…That happens all the time with humans, so I would imagine Primates can have cases of it for realz…

  • Aww help it..give it more RAT poison..!!! Or an aspirin glued to an m-80..!!! Now that will solve the problem..!!!

  • If he fell hard and hit his head hard enough. he may have vertigo going on. with vertigo it makes you feel like every thing is spinning around you and sometimes that can make you fall back like he's doing and you can throw up. makes you close ur eyes too like he's doing because of the fast motion you feel with the spin.

  • Brutus before he passed away someone said he got into a barrel of wine,,wonder if this lil one got a hold of some alcohol? He doesn't have good coordination plus vomiting,,hopefully he will get better soon poor lil guy😳🐒💕

  • Look at the nasty tree rats ears.. They're yellow and that means jaundice which is a liver problem! Look at his yellow ears and then look at the healthy tree rats ears you'll see the difference.. Nasty little fucker..

  • Does the mom's face always look swollen around the eyes? Idk this troop.. She looks swollen to me compared to the others.

  • Очень хорошая мама Молодец!!! Посвящает себя детенешу.Подруги есть.

  • Ciao piccolino ma che sguardo fisso da ebete che hai… mi sa che tu duri proprio pochini pochino… stai ingiallendo caro mio… mangi e vomiti che bello sapere che non accumuli niente e piangi e basta perchè ti senti vuoto…..bene bene aspettiamo gli eventi….

  • Now Sept, where is Nino since in April? VOs seem did video on him or her. Is that Nino pass away or another group like Heidi s group?

  • He vomited cause he was a greedy gluttonous little pig who ate too much always on the tit…disgusting rodent needs kicked in the face

  • That little whiny needs its ass busted cry baby..Lucky im not there or i would lite that little cry baby ass up and give it something to whine about.. Dee dee treatment would work too..Crying because it wants the tit.. It get the tit get it right up side its head

  • He is fussy. Prob upset Tummy from who knows what. A fall? A bad worm? These babies are just like human babies they stick everything in their mouths…

  • It’s not moms milk. It’s what Someone fed nino. It’s obvious how the camera jerk is up close and won’t leave them alone. I wouldn’t put nothing past them to make a story for $$.

  • I am concern for all monkey,and i have been watching for over a yr now.Great job to all for there time and being a parent for orphans.Does anybody think that jane maybe having twins or just a big baby?

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