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Omeprazole Granules,Tablets or Paste? Whats best for my horse?

Omeprazole Granules,Tablets or Paste? Whats best for my horse?

A horse owners guide to
choosing the best Omeprazole product. We are often asked by concerned horse
owners which is the best form of omeprazole treatment for their situation.
With our step-by-step guide, Abler will assist you in making the right choice
for your horse’s condition and your budget. Let’s go through each step,
firstly is your horse showing the classic ulcer symptoms; girthy, difficult,
to handle, poor performance and just not himself? Has your horse recently been
trailered, undergone intense training or had a change of diet and feed? Diagnosing the ulcer there are two options 1.Undergo an expensive endoscope or or 2. Simply treat with the approved active ingredient Omeprazole How to choose what is best for your horse. At Abler we offer Omeprazole for ulcers
in three unique paste tablets or granules. You also need
to consider if your horse is off or on his feed. Off feet choose paste or tablets On feed choose either paste tablets or granules The next step is to determine the quantity required and the regime Treatment or a Preventive dose.
All horses are unique and you know your horse best and which form of
administration will best suit your horse At Abler we offer the horse owner an
affordable solution to treat equine gastric ulcers together with worldwide

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