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Obesity Counselling and Long-Term Health Outlooks

Obesity Counselling and Long-Term Health Outlooks

The weight loss conversation
I believe is critical. I’m fairly passionate about discussing
weight loss with my patients. I think it’s… It’s just really should be at the forefront, particularly in patients that
have diabetes, hypertension. You know, it seems like all of the patients
that I’m treating these days have obesity. It’s become like a worldwide pandemic. A lot of the problems can be avoided
by simply addressing the weight, whether they be, you know, addressing sleep apnea,
[inaudible], probably hypertension problems, whether it be diabetic and
the PAD, the CAD issues as well as potentially end of stage renal
failure and dialysis, amputations. All these things can be
linked back to obesity and how they kind of indirectly drive the…
or directly drives the indirect problems. So I think that it is imperative to have
a weight loss discussion with patients besides simply the main reason
why they may be in your office is more or less a secondary conversation about their
long term health and the long term risk reduction. And you really just can’t have a
conversation about long term risk without discussing weight loss in patients.

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