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Obese girl’s mom and brother call her a pig (shock therapy?). [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.02.25]

Obese girl’s mom and brother call her a pig (shock therapy?). [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.02.25]

It’s titled “Unbelievable Sister.” Hello, I’m an 18-year-old man who’s suffering every day. “Stop eating!” (Out of the blue?) “No one eats after 8 p.m. in this house.” “No way!” “We’ll go exercise in the morning now! You have to get up at 6 a.m., okay?” “No way! I won’t do it!” My sister, who is in 6th grade, weighs 150 lbs. After she was diagnosed as morbidly obese, my mother and sister in a battle over losing weight. “I told you to take your diet pills. Did you take them? Did you eat wild mango? Did you eat oats? If you don’t lose weight, you won’t be able to walk. This is so frustrating!” “Fine! Whatever!” “Don’t speak to Mom that way. Mom, stop buying diet pills.” I end up fighting them, too. Once my sister loses weight, I think this war could end, but… “I’m so hungry. Tripe, chicken feet, beef soup, raw beef… I want to eat them all. Let me just eat one.” “Hey, piggy. Stop eating!” This war against losing weight seems endless. How could I end this war? Could you please help us? Everything this 6th grader wants to eat seems to be a chaser for alcohol. Chicken feet, tripe and beef soup. I went through this, too. That’s right. When I entered 5th grade, I weighed over 110 lbs. But I was only 4’6″ tall at the time. I was the same way. My relatives would tell me I could roll around. – Really? / – That must’ve been tough. How much did you weigh then? I did have a growth spurt then, but I think I weighed around 132 lbs. Until what age? That’s nothing. That’s just mild obesity. Come on. (Go eat some more) (Boo hoo) Before we bring him out, we invited someone special who could help us out. Special guest, please come on out. (Ta-da!) Oh! It’s trainer Yang Chiseung. (Trainer Yang Chiseung – Trainer for celebrities) (Oh! The tiger trainer!) (Sliding down smoothly) (Welcome) What are your thoughts about this concern? What’s important is that she’s a little girl. Young children usually need a lot of help from people around them. I would like to ask… (What?) (Us?) Parents… Wait. Just a moment. (He’s very impatient) (I’m not here yet) You don’t know much about our program. (I was too passionate) Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about his obese sister?) (Lee Juseung) It’s because he’s so handsome. A handsome man. Are you going to a funeral after this? He’s only 18 years old. How bad is it at home that you came here today? It’s a war every day at home. Really? She’s been trying to lose weight for 3 years now. My sister was cute when she was young. But starting in third grade, she became chubby and then she went from chubby to fat. Chubby to fat, like this? Now, she’s fat! (A great expression) Does your sister want to lose weight, too? She might not. She could be happy with who she is now. She does want to lose weight, but she can’t. That was a good question. Between your mom and your sister, whom can you relate to more? I can relate to both of them. My mom pushes her hard and my sister is weak-willed. She has the will, but it’s weak. She wants to lose weight, but is weak-willed. She gives up easily when there’s food. In order to help my sister lose weight, my mom bought many diet products over the past 3 years. She bought diet pills, oriental herbal decoctions, oats, wild mango… – Puer tea. / – Puer tea. Then hibiscus. (She’s tried everything adults do) I heard about them on a morning program. Yes, that’s right. That must’ve cost a lot of money. She spent more than $3,000. (That’s a lot) For all of them. How about exercise? My mom made my sister exercise, too. Taekwondo, hapkido, fitness… She swims in the morning now. Your mom is raising a warrior. (That’s a lot) You called your sister a pig. Isn’t that too harsh? She needs to lose weight, but she eats too much. I can’t help it when I see her eat. Don’t her feelings get hurt? Yes. She cried in her room, so I try to hold back. When she was 5, she could eat a hamburger set alone. At age 5? At age 6, she ate chicken feet, tripe… At age 6? Also, raw beef, live octopus… She’ll be in middle school next year. I’m afraid that her classmates will tease her. You’re worried as her brother. Also child obesity could lead to adult obesity. (Does she know how I feel?) Let’s meet his sister now. I think she’s cute. Hi. Hi. (Who’s the sister that’s extremely obese?) (She’s cute) Do you understand your brother’s concern? I do. Mom and I argue a lot because of my weight. What’s the toughest thing for you? There are so many things I want to eat. When I tell myself I won’t eat it, I become hungry and I give in. It’s the same for adults, too. I understand. I totally understand. What’s your favorite food? Tripe. (Appetizing) (How does a 13-year-old eat tripe?) Whom did you go eat tripe with the first time? With Dad. Tell us how you felt when you tried it. It was spicy and chewy. It was good even in a vegetable wrap. Did you also eat fried rice? Yes. (She knows how to dine) I think she can become the successor of Yeongja. A food child prodigy. (This is not what I pictured) The time I wanted to lose weight the most was when my mom gave away a pretty dress that was too small to a friend. I was so upset then and was determined to lose weight. Did you experience something similar? Yes, you should tell us. My brother said, “Stop stuffing your face, you pig.” (He couldn’t help her out?) (Forget it! I’m going to punish you) Why did you say such a mean thing to her? I thought if I hurt her feelings, she would lose weight. You know that it doesn’t work. Did you ever go through this? I was fat once, too. I was fat in elementary school and lost weight after I started track-and-field. I don’t get good grades. Who? You? She told me, “You’re so stupid.” Then you should’ve studied harder. (They’re cute siblings) I go to this private institute. My brother wasn’t doing well, so he was kicked out. I know me being fat is a problem, but him getting poor grades is even worse. Unbelievable. (She wins) I want her to know how great it feels when she loses weight. – You want her to feel it? / – Yes. What are you doing now in order to lose weight? I swim for an hour and a half in the morning. I don’t like oats, but I eat it because my mom tells me to. She’s trying hard. How often do you go swimming? 5 times a week. That’s almost every day. Aren’t you hungry after swimming? Yes, so I eat oats. You eat more than that, right? I microwaved egg whites and ate them. Then she should’ve lost weight. Have you lost weight? I don’t know. The one who’s upset the most could be their mom. My mom was very upset that I kept gaining weight. I know how her mom feels. What was your mother like? My mom was skinny. That’s why I asked. Their mother seems to be very skinny, too. Hello. (Nice to meet you) Could you please stand up? (Fragile) It must be aggravating for the daughter. Your son is here with his concern. Do you understand his concern? I do understand. My daughter loves to eat too much. It makes me angry when she eats a lot. When she gets on a public bus, no one thinks she’s in elementary school. She said, “The driver didn’t give me any change.” I knew I had to do something about it. Your son told us that you spent over $3,000 on diet products. She is severely obese around her stomach. I bought diet products that are safe for kids that would make her grow tall and lose weight. Were they effective? She doesn’t take them consistently. I ask her, “These are good to lose weight. Are you going to eat them?” She says yes, but she doesn’t in the end. If I tell her no, she would nag at me and buy them anyway. That’s why I tell her yes. My brother goes, “You’re going to eat it? Really?” He said it annoyingly. Of course he teased her. As her brother, you should help her. You could work out with her. We do. Since oats are food, I thought they’d be better than diet pills. How come these products aren’t effective? She works out and eats healthy food. She eats other things, too. (Aha…) She eats ramen and ham. She adds honey to her oats, too. – Honey with oats. / – That tastes good. Was she ever caught eating secretly? One time, I found chicken bones on the table. I asked her, “Did you order chicken?” She said, “That’s what we ate yesterday.” Then the next day, she brought in a box of chicken from the balcony. “I hid it so you wouldn’t eat it.” (She hid food, too?) She can finish a whole chicken by herself. – A whole chicken? / – Yes. Imagine how much she wants to eat. You ate other things, too, right? Yes. Tell us everything. – Be honest. / – It’s all right. Fried chicken from convenience stores. They are good. (Gulp) How many do you eat usually? Two. Big ones? People tend to crave more when they’re forbidden. When T-ara members first debuted, they came to practice “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” They were told not to eat any snacks. I found chocolate wrappers in the bathroom. Since they were forbidden from eating, they would get stressed and eat in hiding. They wanted to survive. Children can’t handle it if they are forced to eat less and exercise more. They should get in the habit of working out first and then cut down on their food later. (True education) It sounds like you like to eat chicken and your dad introduced her to the taste of tripe. Your entire family must like to eat fatty food. Maybe you should try changing the family’s diet. Oh, watch the family menu. I did try when Sowon was trying to lose weight, but I work as a beautician, so I come home late. If I were home, I’d cook 3 meals a day, but I can’t. So it’s my fault, too. I think my husband is… Sabotaging her diet. When we go out to eat, he orders everything she wants to eat. When he buys pastries he buys 13 types at once. He’s a big spender. Let’s talk to the dad now. Sowon resembles her dad. Even the physical constitution. Mom says that Sowon isn’t losing weight because of you. What do you think of that? I think it’s true. – You admit it? / – He’s so nice. I’m here today and I’m about to cry. Why? Because she’s so cute? (Surprised) His baby is here to talk about losing weight. You don’t want her to go through this? That too. I love my daughter so much. She’ll get married one day. I start to cry when I think of that. You’re crying because of that? It’s because she’s going to go away one day? That’s so cute. You don’t want her to get married? I don’t. She tells me that she won’t get married. Is that why you keep telling her to eat? That’s not why, right? That’s not it. I want her to lose weight, too. I told her, “If you lose 10 lbs, I will get you a new phone.” But it’s not effective. Then you shouldn’t buy her food. You buy 13 types of pastries at once. She often shows me her cute side. How do you do that? If I kiss him and ask for something, he does it for me. (Melts his heart) (Now you know why I’m so worried?) Mom spends money on pills and you’re buying food for her. Is there a reason why you love her so much? My father passed away when I was young. We were too poor to eat whatever we want. That is why I want to buy my children whatever foods they want. That’s why I can’t say no to her. Have you tried anything to help her lose weight? I stopped giving her spending money. But she never asked for any. Then where did she get the money? One day, my wife got a call. Sowon was asking her friends to buy her things. She kept getting her friends to buy her food. I was shocked. I was afraid that she would go awry if I didn’t buy her things, so I gave her spending money again. It’s a vicious cycle. I want to ask Sowon. Is there a time when you want to lose weight? If I am not forced to take the pills or swim, I’d be able to lose weight on my own. – You think you can do it? / – Yes. You won’t sneak off to eat chicken? No. (I don’t think so) That’s almost impossible. Do you like the exercise you’re doing now? You don’t really like to swim? I used to work out at the gym. I would do hundreds of squats with weights. Then I need to rest, right? But my brother tells me to do more. Parents must know how to exercise first. Working out at the gym isn’t the answer. You said that you did squats, but if you lift heavy weights, your growth plates could close. (Surprised) You could become obese in the lower body. That’s why I brought a trampoline today. Jumping on a trampoline could stimulate growth plates and help you grow taller. Also, it could consume more calories than running. Let’s see how the trainer does it. An expert will teach you how to exercise well. I want to try it, too. That looks like fun. If you straighten your knees on a trampoline, you could get hurt. Always keep your knees slightly bent. – Then jump like this. / – That’s so easy. (Interested) You can go sideways. Then you can spin around. – That looks like fun. / – It is fun. You can try different moves, too. Please demonstrate for us with music. (What are these gestures?) You’re good. (Acting cute) Yang Chiseung. (Oh my?) (Holding back laughter) (Speeding up) (Exercising hard) He’s moving faster. (That looks tough) Yeah. (You’re the best!) What do you think? Do you want to try it? Yes, it looks fun. It looks fun? – This is a great workout. / – Yes. I’m sweating, too. Why don’t you try? You don’t have to do it right. Just try. (Exercising while having fun) That’s good. (Moving shyly) (There you go, sis) (Good job) (This is easy) Okay. Good. Why don’t you give it to her? I brought one for her. He brought one for you to take home. (I’ll exercise often) Take it with you. (Applause) Something she can do at home with family. We will do rock, paper, scissors. The loser squats down. If it’s a tie, we both sit down. Rock, paper, scissors. We squat down together. Rock, paper, scissors. (A tie) Rock, paper, scissors. This is a squat exercise. (A tie again) (You didn’t plan this, did you?) You end up squatting naturally. (Scared) That must be aggravating. That looks like fun. Try it with your brother. (A siblings’ match) Rock, paper, scissors. (A tie) – 20 minutes would be enough. / – Yes. Rock, paper, scissors. Good, good, good. (She’s panting already) (Lost) (Lost again!) (She is as bad as Hyomin) This is really good. Rock, paper, scissors. Mom and Dad should do this, too. (Try it) Rock, paper, scissors. The entire family can do this. This is great. (Dad keeps losing, too) (Try to win, Dad) Dad and Sowon are the same. He’s having a hard time. (This is the end for me) (It’ll improve their relationship) I think this is a great idea. You can help her as her brother. You can both work out. You heard everything so far. Can you trust Sowon a bit more now? Yes, I want to. I don’t want to argue with her. I want her to go down to a normal weight. Don’t tell her to take diet pills. You never know how those pills could affect a growing child. You should change her diet instead. Dad’s role is very important. I will try my best for my daughter. He dotes on his daughter so much. I was surprised when he cried. She’s just an elementary school student. I can make him cry again. Imagine the day she gets married. Don’t say that. I’ll cry again. She’s getting married. Don’t say it. Don’t. (Boo hoo) Oh no. (Crying again?) Raise your hand if you want to be loved like this. (I have to raise my hand) If you continue to give her money and buy 13 pieces of bread, she’ll get married. She’ll get married tomorrow. No way. He’s so adorable. (Be with me for years) Why don’t you say a word to your sister? You’re pretty, but lose weight a little and become even more beautiful. Let’s be happy and not fight over the diet. You are such a happy family. If you don’t badger me about losing weight, I will lose weight on my own. (Okay!) Sowon. I think your mom feels guilty because she thinks it’s her fault that she wasn’t able to look after you. Why don’t you say something to her? Say a word to your mom. Mom, it’s not your fault. Don’t feel guilty. (So proud) – Do you love her? / – I think Dad’s going to cry. Exercise with me. (Smile) Tell him you’ll get married before you’re 20 if he doesn’t. (I won’t give her away) Oh my. It’s nice to see such a happy family. Yes, it’s heartwarming. Let’s start with Yoonjung. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. One day, if you make up your mind I think you’ll be able to do it. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern either. I would like to say this as someone older. You go on a diet so that you can eat yummy food without feeling guilty. Think of it as controlling your pace. (We will root for you) Child obesity has become such a problem now that 15-20% of kids are suffering from it. She will need everyone’s care and encouragement. So that she stays determined. If you think it’s a concern, press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) Did they get over 100 votes? (What’s the result?) 32 votes. (They got 32 votes) “My Wish” won this week. This is a reward to cheer you up. Until the day we are all worry-free… Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you.

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  • Tbh this a thing in asian cultures, I wouldn’t see this as a concern tbh. It really is shock therapy, my mom used to say that to me to make me lose weight, but when I did, she wouldn’t ever say it again. Before when she didn’t say it, I was terrible and I would get teased by aunts and uncles, they’d talk shit abt me constantly. But when I lost weight I got more social, I was happier Bc I didn’t feel so judged. It was just something my mom was doing so I would actually consider losing my weight. Hopefully people understand this and don’t come at me for it, I’m just explaining something I’ve related to and the reason and purpose I believe it’s not much of a concern

  • in all Asia countries
    moms are telling us we're too skinny and stuff us more food
    but not in Korea, Korean moms be making their kids diet with diet pills and drinks because being fat isn't in their dictionary

  • Lmao they complain about her weight, but ultimately they're the people who keep feeding her! Keep the junk out of the house and limit eating out if you're all so health-conscious!

  • Oh my goodness her dad is so sweet and cares so much about her ❤️ I'm so glad they brought in an actual expert on this episode. I guess they thought it was more important to teach a child how to make healthy choices whereas the adults seem to already have a very different relationship with food and excercise that isn't always healthy.

  • I’m in the 9th grade and I am a little bit overweight and everywhere I look, all of the girls are skinny and pretty in my school and it does make me feel like shit lmao

  • I have yet to watch this episode fully but I have read the comments. This culture of ridicule is not healthy. Another star has just committed suicide from ridicule online. I too had diet pills when I was young. I was sick from them. My heart raced. I hated them. There are good healthy ways to help your kids be at a normal weight. S Korea has no guidelines for healthy weight. It is just the least you can weigh and still be breathing. I do a drama page. I read articles where idols break bones from walking. Walking! This is malnutrition. Okay, it is never going to be resolved I know. It is sad you can't have help and acceptance. Anyone who believes obese people love their situation are wrong. I am finally at 63 losing weight from watching a balanced show from England about weight. Losing weight is not easy.

  • Yes I agree with most of you saying this is mean but you don’t obviously understand the way most Asian families think

  • That girl is so cute. omigosh her voice is sweet I like her alot. Maybe they can try asking her what exercise she love to do then let her do that exercise. walking is the most simple ones among all. but the diet is the problem. wish her and her family well.

  • As a person who struggles with overeating, I feel kinda insulted. But I still lost weight because I started with sports. Then I naturally began to eat less. Since then I lost about 12 kg/ 26 pounds.

    Anyway. I can relate to her. Its really hard to just stop. You have to have your mind set and have a strong willpower. Otherwise you will fall back into eating a lot again.

    Honestly, I hated myself every night every time I realized how much I ate again. Because I always ate without noticing it. Or overeat when I am stressed and stuff like that.

  • Being called a pig by my family just made me give up my binge eating disorder for another and I stopped eating but once a day. It’s ridiculous and not something that helps to lose weight.

  • Just try to encourage her to healthy and doing healthy eating . I think getting her to diet at this age can be embarrassing and make her feel bad .but her brothers is waaay to much 🤬

  • this makes me so sad, it must be so hard for her, but not just her because i bet there are more kids that suffer from this,, ofcourse your weight should be healthy but look at her, she is beautiful and she is JUST A KID , it makes me sad and angry hearing all of this

  • I’m in 7th grade weight more than her like 170 am 5’2 and I don’t look that bad tbh like I’m not tryna be like I’m fat and look kinda skinny cuz yea I’m fat and whenever clothes don’t fit me it makes me feel bad about myself and want to lose weight but I’ve never lost weight but I look skinnier and curvier like idk if I’ve lost weight but it kinda looks like it but all I eat is junkfood like I just finished eating a whole bag of hot Cheetos 💀

  • Just like my family. They believe that by calling me names and bullying me will motivate me to want to lose weight 🙄 idiots…

  • Look at those IDOLS tgey are trying to be polite, trying not to hurt her feeling but other people (exept trainer) is so rude and they are thinking that if i make stupid jokes everything will be ok and i'll solve the problem 😐😠 idk what they are trying to do but i am sure that after this program she will gonna cry at her room again bc i dont think anything changed😕😣 So many koreans (not only koreans but) have strange and disgusting "beauty rules" and sometimes they are going too far😥😤😤😠😠😧😧😔😖

  • i've been there before . its hard when you have money. i can buy all the food i want but then my family struggling then im in the time that i want something to buy. i need to earn and save money to buy that. then i see myself not buying any food and starting to lose weight. i start working out and go to gym additional they tease me that im fat . my relatives and friends. also im jealous to my skinny friends that is why i porsue it

  • I am 14, I weighed 62kg with height 161cm…. Huhh… I've tried so hard to lose weight… I've tried so many diet methods, but it's doesn't work with me. So I'll just accept my body.. i'm pretty enough for myself. 🙂

  • I don't what the hell people are trying to do, making kids eat diet pills. That stuff is harmful for even adults, and you want a child to eat them?

  • “We were poor back then, and we couldnt eat what we wanted so thats why i want to buy everything my kids want”

    My heart😭😭😭💔

  • she is just a kid..honestly at this age if she can eat heartily without any diseases then i think that its better to let her eat..later on in her life if she feels like it she can always hit a gym and lose her weight..a person's physical appearance should absolutely never let him/her feel inferior..this girl is fine..i was chubby at that age too..people ridiculed me but not so much since i was good at studies.. now i am in my high school…i have lost 15lb of weight naturally by cutting down on junk food and have incredibly slimmed down…people do treat me differently now but i never diet..i am still the biggest foodie ever :p

  • I'm so happy the trainer were there or this could really lead to a disaster. Both parents and the brother are wrong. You don't give a KID pills to loose weight, you don't insult someone especially a KID just to make her loose weight, you don't give your daughter/son anything they want giving the excuse it's because you love them. Do they even know that stress can make someone eat more? The trainer gave her something fun to do and gave some good advices. Hope they really listened and are giving her better support and saying nicer words.

  • her muscles are most likely going through inflammation due to the excessive exercise. that’s why a lot of people who workout say that they gain weight after working out when in reality it’s just your muscles going through inflammation and trying to heal. taking breaks is necessary for your muscles to recover, that way you’ll see how much you actually weigh.

  • what's so bad about wishing someone was beautiful and their best self? i don't understand americans. beauty is important, everyone wants to be beautiful even if they don't admit it

  • I was the same. I weighed over 120 kilos in year 6 and I was called fat all the time. I was told to lose weight and I was forced to but it didn’t work until I had my motivation in year 7 to year 8 then I lost weight

  • I can see that a lot of these comments are coming from America and people in the US. You guys have an extreme problem with obesity that I don’t think you really understand that being obese is a problem. A real problem.

  • Im not obese or overweight imacceptable im 149 cm and 47.5 kg btw im 12 but my brother and my MUM calls me a fat pig she doesnt exercise with me or anything she just calls me fatty. Two months ago i secretly bought diet pills and my mum found out about and was like " u don need this shit! Stop using them!'' She made me throw all of them away but i still kept some secretly of course. A week after she found she started calling me fatty again but i cant treaten to use them again if she calls me fatty again or else she will know i still hv some pills left. Idk what to do :(((((((( thx for listening guys

  • Everyone here keep saying her brother and mother fault because keep asking that girl to loose weight, u guys just being ignorant, that girl need to loose her weight, kid obesity will be lead to the adult obesity.. and u guys say "it okey as long she health " how can she be healthy when she literally overweight? . Not only health, her brother mom act trying to help her to look good because obviously people only looking the appearance. And imagine she still overweight until her high school? She definitely being centre of joke and she will get depression about that … it normal for age like her to eat like that but that girl really need to control everything she eat. I dont understand why people keep saying her brother and mother fault for asking her to lose weight

  • Lmao her dad is just like my dad when i tried to diet
    he'll be like : "eat more,eat what you want,eat as much as u want,don't restrict too much." And i find it a bit annoying cuz he always made me falling my diets even though many people told me that i don't need to go on a diet anymore (i'm 5"2 and 100lbs) but i think i need to eat some healthy food and do some workout to make my body look fit :')

  • i feel like 90 percent of the people leaving these comments have never had a sibling. She called him stupid, he called her fat. They both want one another to improve, and its better having them say it to each other out of concern than bullies saying it to hurt them.

  • the guest kinda looks a bit like Dawon from SF9. the 2 SF9 members are also there 😂 it took me long enough to notice.

  • I think before they spout their issues about weight, they should probably fix their attitude towards appearances in general. They're more concerned about her losing weight to be pretty than for her health and their approach to a solution is doing more damage. Man, these people are raising dangerously thin, pretty plastic surgery, suicidal youth 😒

  • when they say the weights and everyone is shocked, it always confuses me for a moment. I was like 'my friend is 143 and she isn't overweight,' but then I remember she's 5'8 and height def matters lol

  • The thing is, Her brother even said that she has a will to lose weight. If she has a will to lose weight than she will eventually do so herself with a little support from her family because if there's a will there's a way. The problem with this is that they're TELLING her to lose weight for the sake of it and their forcing her to work out and take diet pills unwillingly, That makes her feel like its a priority and something she HAS to do which makes her not want to lose weight. She said so herself, "I think I could lose weight myself"

  • She loves food right? You shouldn't shame a child for liking food just because she just weighs a little more than other kids. They only worry about her looks, but not her mental health. Mental health also plays a really big role in losing weight and her family is just destroying that key factor to helping her. Instead, let her eat lots of food, but choose what kind of the food can be consumed. She can eat healthy, filling foods that help with losing weight along with smaller portions of the foods she enjoys. Encourage her to eat healthy and also, eat the same foods she's eating, so it doesn't seem like she's alone.

  • This whole conversation was so damn toxic. No progress and people normalize the show's attitudes and advice. I'm Asian and our take on weight is so freaking unhealthy. We need to start opening our eyes and learning.

  • Irrelevant but she’s thirteen and her hair is dyed?
    I’m thirteen and I’ve never dyed my hair not even toy dyes

  • im litteraly heavier than this girl and never concidered myself as morbidly obese idk what to do anymore like good bye self confidence 🙂

  • I'm over weight as well I'm trying to lose it. But she's young, and I get it it's unhealthy for her at her age, but her brother calling her a pig make it worse. Watching this made me cry not gonna lie. But she's beautiful. And the name calling isn't gonna work out with the losing weight thing. It makes it a whole lot worse. She's beautiful.

  • I remember when I was 15 and trying to lose weight my mom will always nag at me like that and talk like that in front of other people. I was so humiliated and embarrassed that I ended up just eating more, poor girl she must’ve been so embarrassed with her mom and brother talking like that to so Kent people there. But now I decided to ignore her and do things on my my own accord and now I skimmed down, but just remember that the weight and appearance doesn’t define your beauty 💕

  • At school I use to be bullied and my nickname was Piggy that's why my parents worried about me now cuz I was 6 when I started thinking I'm I not good enough for people? Then I told my parents and they said who cares your beautiful my brother doesn't care one bit he just nicknamed me piggy too so now as a 11 year old I'm still worried and I have a habit of starving myself so it's hard

  • There must be a professional psychiatrist in this show I mean the hosts are not professionals and they are making fun of some really serious issues.

  • That poor girl must have felt terrible after all the things they said on that show. Everyone can be overjoyed even weighing 1000 kilos. That's the message the TV should send. She seemed very embarrassed, poor thing.

  • When I was kid I was so fat, and now I'm 13 I lost a lot of weight, and it feels so weird being skinny I like the old me. 😅

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