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Not Getting Enough Nutrients From Foods That Means You Don’t Have Enough Stomach Acid!

Not Getting Enough Nutrients From Foods That Means You Don’t Have Enough Stomach Acid!

Not Getting Enough Nutrients From Foods? That Means You Don’t Have Enough Stomach
Acid! Nutrient deficiency is prevalent across the
Western world, despite the fact that we don’t lack nutrient-rich foods or drinks. Lots of people who struggle with nutrient
deficiency believe that it is because they are eating the wrong types of foods. However, they could be wrong; most people
with nutrient deficiency actually have low levels of stomach acid, which is called alkalosis. This is actually extremely common; nearly
90% of Americans produce too little stomach acid. This can be painful and uncomfortable – but
it is preventable. Here is everything that you need to know about
stomach acid. Causes Of Alkalosis. There are two main causes of alkalosis; over-consumption
of acid blockers and antacids, and high sugar intake. High sugar intake will reduce the minerals
in your stomach, which promotes the growth of bad bacteria. This makes it harder for your body to absorb
vitamins and minerals. People with low stomach acid should also avoid
eating too much-processed food, as this can also reduce your levels of stomach acid. 5 Ways To Help Your Body Create More Stomach
Acid. Eliminate refined sugars and processed food,
as they reduce the levels of acid in your stomach. Try to replace the processed food with organic
food, as your stomach will find organic food easier to digest. Try to drink less liquid with dinner, as it
can dilute your stomach acid. Instead, try to regularly drink small amounts
of water throughout the day. Avoid overeating at meals and make sure that
you chew properly; this puts less stress on your stomach, and chewing your food properly
makes it much easier for your body to digest. Increase your zinc intake, as zinc is crucial
for the production of your stomach acid. Replace antacids with multivitamins, as they
will help your body to create more stomach acid.

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