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Night cough relief

Night cough relief

Since my daughter went to nursery, problems emerged, regarding cold, bronchitis, it was very difficult over night, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t sleep well, we were always at the doctor’s she received various antibiotics, syrups, which helped, but very little. Then I heard of Primed 2, and for 2-3 months I saw the results. My daughter started to sleep well, she could breathe well, she had no more that cough, colds were very rare, and that was fantastic! Primed 2-breathe easily is a product based on honey, which successfully removes the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and smoker’s cough. Its active ingredients absorb fast in organism, causing extension of breathing canals and enabling easier cough-up of thick bronchial secretion, reducing symptoms of suffocation and alleviates asthma attacks. Primed 2 stimulates functioning and regeneration of damaged breathing canals, prevents development of viruses and bacteria, and soothes infections of respiratory organs. Improves immunity and reduces breathing canals mucuous membrane sensitivity to allergens from air. Primed 2 is intended for both children and adults. Primed 2-breathe easily: solution for breathing problems!

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