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Newborn Baby Care : How to Burp a Newborn

Newborn Baby Care : How to Burp a Newborn

Hi, my name is Windy St. George, and this
is how to burp your baby. After feeding your baby, she’ll need to burp. Make sure that
you have a cloth, or a cloth diaper, or a towel, over your shoulder, to catch any spit
up that might occur, which happens quite often. Lift your baby up to your shoulder, placing
your shoulder into the diaphragm of the baby, about, letting her rest her head on your shoulder,
and give her a good pat. Don’t be afraid to pat quite hard, it doesn’t hurt the baby,
and sometimes it’s necessary, to get that stubborn burp out. Some babies find it easier
to burp, when you rub their back, in a circular manner. You can also try to put the baby on
your forearm. This can only be done when the baby is quite young. Put the cloth on your
arm, and cradling the face in your hand, and laying the baby across your forearm, give
her a good burp. This position sometimes, will get that burp out, a little bit better.
If after five minutes of burping, your baby hasn’t burped, you can go ahead and let her
down. Perhaps, you didn’t hear her burp, or she doesn’t need to burp. If the baby gets
fussy, then you know that there is still some gas trapped in there,and you should try to
burp again. Another method you can use for a baby who has gas in the tummy, is to lift
up their legs, up gently towards their head, and back down again. This will alleviate some
of the gas problems in their tummies.

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