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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

New Way to Diagnose Digestive Health

The Center for Disease
Control reports nearly 10 percent of Americans
of all ages are in fair or poor
health. And children aren’t
immune either.The CDC also reports that one in five youths
between six and nineteen suffer from high cholesterol. With us today is Doctor Charles
Stout of Diagnostic Reference Group and Laboratory to help
us qualify, quantify and clarify what ails us. Good morning
Doctor! Good morning, thank you
for having me. Thanks for being
here. So let’s, let’s just start
with this question. What are we
doing wrong? Well, we’re
overmedicating ourselves. There’s over 20 million people
who are on prescription antacids and another 60 million self
medicate every month. That’s 80
million people taking pills for symptoms when the vast majority
of them don’t need it. We’re in
for an instant gratification and unfortunately that’s not
helping. What about the
internet? I see a lot of people,
and I’m guilty right here, You know I’m feeling something, I’ve
got a symptom, I look it up and I know knowledge is power, but
sometimes, you here people say don’t do that! Don’t even look
at that because it’s just steer you in the wrong direction. And
what do I do? I see my symptoms,
I run to the doctor and hence.. Ah yes and that’s the problem. You’re doing more harm than
good, because you’re only going in with half the information. People are trying to match their
symptoms, up against a disease, and not all diseases impact
everybody the same way. Even if
you find one, you don’t know specifically what’s going wrong
in your body that’s why you need to be tested. Because what one
person has, may not effect you the same way. Absolutely not all
diseases have classic symptoms to them. So how do you know
what’s causing it and what, what are you doing to help us find
out more about that underlying cause. Well we’ve developed a
state of the art molecular based test. Okay. This test is the GPP
Okay. Gastrointestinal Pathogens
Plus and what it looks for is the bacteria, parasites, and
fungi that could be the predominant cause of the
patient’s problem. What we do
that’s different than anybody else is we quantify the actual
results, mean like we sit here in the studio and you have these
lights on, when they leave at night they say, hey is the
lights on in the studio? And you
say um well, yes and you come back in it’s a nightlight. You
didn’t worry about that, you were concerned with the big
ones. So when you provide doctor
quantification, actual numbers, now they get a better picture,
we also include the digestive health markers, they’re
important cause it tells the doctor, whether the patient’s
immune system is working properly, or whether it’s thrown
in the towel and said, I give up and we have our Aha moment and
that is Q-par that stands for Quantitative Phenotypic
Antibiotic Resistance. That’s a
mouthful. Mouthful! And bring it
now to break it down for me in simple words. What it does is,
it’s the numbers on specifically what’s going on in your body,
plus it’s your specific drug resistance. Ahhh. That’s really
critical. That’s huge
because then you know exactly, Right. Here’s the problem if
you have a bacterial infection and the doctor wants to use drug
A, if they don’t know whether or not your resistant to that drug,
then when they give it to you, it’s going to cause a super bug
because bacteria will share information. Just like all of us
want to stay alive, the bacteria do to and they figure out ways
to fight off and survive antibiotics. So it’s very, very
important to know what your specific antibiotic resistance
is, before the doctor gives you that drug. Cause, let’s be
honest every DNA makeup is so different, right? Correct! Now
how is this test? Is it a blood
test? No, it’s actually a stool
test. Oh! That you can do in the
convenience and security of your home and we need a specimen
about the size of hershey’s kiss. And you mentioned the
digestive system and I know there’s a huge relation between,
that and our overall health. Give me some more information as
to why they go hand in hand. That’s why we got into this
business, my wife used to come from work, curl up in a ball on
the floor or on the bed with a knot in her stomach and we went
searching for a means of finding out what was the cause. The root
cause, because you understand, you’re entire health is
dependent on the health of your digestive system. If it’s
functioning properly – Everything
else! You will function
properly. If it isn’t, then it
has to get rid of all these toxins and it starts effecting
other organs in your body, all the way up to a lot of your skin
conditions, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, these are the bodies
way of putting forth symptoms and saying hey guys, there’s a
problem in the digestive system something you ate or are
continuing to eat is causing a problem. Ok so here’s the
million dollar question. Why
don’t doctors know about this test? Or why aren’t patients
getting this test so they can hone in on what the exact
problem is and the cause! The
problem is the majority of the physicians that are treating
gastrointestinal issues or gastros, average age is over 60
when they were going through med school they didn’t have the
molecular testing available to be taught on back then, even to
the point where they were taught, jeez ulcers are caused
by spicy food and stress and we know today that they are not. That’s the bacterium and that’s
what we first mention when I said 20 million wrong
prescription antacids, it’s that bacteria going active in your
system that’s the problem. So we
go back to the internet and sometimes knowing too much may
not help but in this scenario, knowledge is power because if a
patent knows of this test they can go into the office see their
doctor and say what? Doc, I need
you to go to DRG lab dot com and order a gastrointestinal
pathogens plus panel for me so that we can find out
specifically what I got going on in my body and what will or will
not work that you want to prescribe so that I can get to
where I wanna be and that’s healthy again. And if patients
do that more and more doctor We will have a healthier society a
happier society and will won’t be spending a half a trillion
dollars a year on pills. Thank
you so much for you time, thank for you for all the information. You’re welcome. If you wanna
find out more about this you can go to DRG testing by visiting
their Web site at DRG lab dot com. That’s DRG lab dot com
and of course you can also recap this segment, go to our website
The Balancing Act dot com. (music.)

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