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Natural Remedy for Cough and Chronic dry Cough – VitaLife Show Episode 108

Natural Remedy for Cough and Chronic dry Cough – VitaLife Show Episode 108

Welcome to the Vitalife show I’m doctor
Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about natural
cures for a cough. Now cough is something that you know most of us will experience at some point and if
you’re prone to a chronic cough and this is really important for you because and maybe that you’re just not doing the
right thing in taking care of yourself in the right way this could be for your
children as well so for cough of any type one of the things to realize is that the
lungs are actually a detox organ so one of the first and foremost
thing to consider is detoxifying the lungs. Well how do we do
this? There are great natural herbs that exist to help to strengthen and also detoxify the lungs some of which are in my formula
called by the Vitadetox which is full body detox to help to eliminate
toxins and all the internal organs including lungs but also addressing the
liver the kidneys, the digestive tract the skin lymphatic system and the blood
Great idea to do this at least four times a year at the change of each season to help to
get out those toxins because if you think about it we’re
breathing air probably not the most pristine air on a daily basis and we live in a toxic
environment so those toxins are going in the question is how well is our body
actually detoxifying them and allowing them to escape so some
people actually experience when they start the Vitadetox especially if lung issues are sort of their
weaknesses is that they’ll experience a bit of a cough because now the body is
actually helping to eliminate those toxins so Vitadetox check it out at vitatree.com really great to
clear those toxins from the inside out also try to minimize your exposure to as
many inhaled toxins as possible so this
may mean you know going out into the country for a nice
walk in the fresh air once in a while if you live in a toxic or work in a toxic environment, have air cleaners in your home in your
workplace to help to eliminate as many of those toxins as possible and one of the things you can do locally is use eucalyptus oil something that you can purchase at the
health food store get a hundred percent pure eucalyptus oil and
rub it right on the chest and this is great you know for children
I’ve used this for my children as well even you know for the babies as well safe
just put it directly on the chest just a couple of drops and this really helps to
open up the airways and actually detoxify if there are any of those bad bugs
viruses and bacteria helps to kill those as well and inhaling helps to sooth those irritated lungs as well as making a great combination now this is
either I call it a super tea that
you can drink and the ingredients include honey, green
onions, ginger and a little bit of lemon juice and of
course water you boil this all up on the stove in a nice size pot and you can of course keeps this warm or
you can actually refrigerate after you used it and warm it up again It’s a great combination to sooth those irritated mucous membranes and the
lungs as well so if you do have a cough this is a great
natural way to address that and again making sure that our immune
system is healthy and working optimally is really important so I
actually develop the Vitatree Cold Flu and Immune Formula to help to address immunity from the inside out with
surface immunity as well deep immunity meaning that we’re
helping over the long term but also in the event of having a cough
it actually helps to decrease the symptoms that you get well much more quickly so I encourage
you to look that up at vitatree.com again with Vitatree we use 100 percent
natural whole food ingredients no synthetics no synthetic vitamins
minerals no magnesium stearate which is a
filler used in a lot of supplements and no fillers in our supplements either so
exactly what you should be getting in your supplement is what you’re getting
with Vitatree so please do subscribe to our video channel
here at Vitatree to get all the latest and best natural health news information be sure
to like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @vitatree Remember that your health is in your
hands you have the ability to live a healthy life the Vitalife.

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