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Natural Home Remedies for Allergies

Natural Home Remedies for Allergies

Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today here on
Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get
rid of those seasonal allergies. So, if you’re a person who gets chronic allergies,
your nose runs, your eyes get red. You get those head colds or you just feel
miserable, you do not want to miss this. I’ll be going through the best essential oils,
herbs, vitamins, supplements, the diet to overcome allergies very, very fast. And they help me spread the word that food
is medicine. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, click that Love button. Let’s help spread the word together. Let’s dive right in. I’m going to talk about the things you got
to avoid first. Now, these foods I’m about to touch on can
cause inflammation and really increase that overall histamine reaction happening in the
body. And the first one there is alcohol, especially
beer. So, if you’re having allergy symptoms, especially
that redness and your sinuses, you’re going to want to stay away from alcohol, especially
beer would be number one. Staying away from beer of all types of alcohol. I mean doing a little bit of something like
a whiskey or red wine isn’t going to be as harmful. But absolutely, all alcohol especially beer
is going to cause the most inflammation and exacerbate your allergies even more. The next thing here is caffeine. You know, caffeine in general can be really
taxing on the adrenal glands and the kidneys. And really, your kidneys and adrenals are
partly responsible for helping your body filter, really strengthening your overall system,
and your immunity helping you fight allergy. So, you absolutely don’t want to go overboard
with caffeine. Now, doing a little bit of herbal tea with
small amounts of caffeine such as a true green tea or a white tea is going to be fine. But again, lots of caffeine especially in
the form of coffee is going to cause more issues and exacerbate those seasonal allergies. Next thing here, conventional dairy. Now there are a lot of problems with dairy
for allergies, but here are a few. Number one, if you’re doing conventional dairy,
when you pasteurize dairy, it heats it up sometimes at boiling point. And what that’s going to do is it’s going
to kill off all the enzymes, so now your body can’t really break down the proteins and the
lactose as well that’s found in dairy. And so that’s going to absolutely cause allergies
in and of itself. Also, dairy is a very dampening food. Within Chinese medicine, the thing that really
causes Candida and yeast overgrowth and mucus buildup in your sinuses and in your throat
is actually dampness. And milk is very dampening to your body. So, probably, and I mean this, probably the
worst food you could drink or eat during seasonal allergy time is going to be a glass of conventional
milk or cheese is going to really cause allergies to get much worst. And number four here, this might surprise
you but chocolate. Chocolate actually can exacerbate some of
those allergy symptoms as well. Now here’s a bigger one though overall, peanuts. Peanuts, many of them can hold on to mold. And sort of at the top of the food allergy
list, peanuts sit really high. Sugar, another thing you want to stay away
from. We know it feeds yeast, Candida. It causes dampness and causes inflammation
which is going to exacerbate allergies. Artificial sweeteners are going to cause inflammation. Processed foods, fast-food, refined food,
you want to get rid of all these stuff. And, of course, what do you want to eat instead? Real food. Real food that are high in enzymes and nutrients,
that’s going to be the best thing to fight allergies which we’ll talk about here in a
minute. And I have two ones that might surprise you,
melons and bananas. You know, melons and bananas are both more
dampening fruits. And so they’re probably the most damp of all
the fruits. So, if you are going to consume fruits and
you have seasonal allergies, doing fruits that are more drying to the body and that
are really higher in enzymes such as pineapple, and then even berries like blackberries can
be better options as well. And we will touch on the best foods here in
just a minute, or let’s do it now. Let’s talk about raw local honey. Now, you may have heard this before, that
consuming honey can actually help you fight allergies. Now, here’s the truth. Ideally, in order for you to prevent future
allergies, you’re consuming about a teaspoon of a raw local honey every day and here’s
the reason why. It should be local, local is the important
keyword there. You know, when honey is local, those bees
have fed off of local plants and flowers that you’re exposed to that are high in pollens. So, often times when spring rolls around especially
in people, its allergy season, people are not used to the pollen exposure because we’ve
spent almost no time outdoors and we’ve consumed very little local honey. And we haven’t been eating food that’s local
that has those SPO probiotics in dirt we’re eating on a daily basis. So, our body hasn’t built up a natural immunity
to the pollen. Well, here’s a good news. If you start consuming a little bit of raw
local honey every single day and you use that in place of sugar as your natural sweetener,
it’s going to prepare your body for allergy season as well. And if you do have allergies and need a sweetener
during that time, raw local honey or Manuka honey are going to be the best options as
well. The next thing here is hot spicy peppers. The great thing about the compounds from the
hot spicy peppers, for instance Cayenne pepper, contains capsaicin. And capsaicin really opens up your cardiovascular
system, your arterial airways. And so that itself is really going to help
improve your overall nasal flow. So, if you intend to get really congested
with sinuses, it’s going to open those up and either it’s going to help your nose to
drain or just overall help you breathe better. So, hot spicy foods, sprinkle in a little
Cayenne pepper can be great. In fact, one of the most ancient remedies
is mixing a teaspoon of honey with some cinnamon, hot pepper, along with ginger. And doing all those together as a natural
remedy, it’s a great blend and a great way to naturally fight allergies. By the way, if you’re enjoying this training
right now, hey, do me a favor. Press that Share button, click that Like button
right now. You know, more people need to know the truth
on how to use food as medicine. All right, let’s talk about bone broth here. Now, bone broth is great because of how it
strengthens the immune system, really starting in your gut lining. We know that the stronger your immune system
is, often times that can actually keep those allergy symptoms in from your body. It can keep your body from overreacting to
certain things. So, bone broth shouldn’t just be consumed
during allergy season. It should also be consumed year round. Now, probiotic-rich foods can help. Now, I typically though wouldn’t recommend
yogurt as the first thing. I would actually recommend fermented vegetables
for fighting allergies if you are in the middle of allergy. Now, if it’s not during allergy season, doing
some goat’s milk kefir could be great for you or a little bit of sheep’s milk yogurt. But if you’re in the middle of having allergy
issues, I would recommend doing something like a sauerkraut or a kimchi or a kvass,
but some form of a fermented vegetable would be the highest on the list for fighting allergies. Now also, here’s a unique fact. Pineapple is great because it contains a compound
called bromelain. And bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found
in pineapple. It’s been shown to help dull histamine reactions
and help reduce inflammation. Now, there’s also another family of fruits
that can also help us, that are also high in proteolytic enzymes. Papaya contains papain, figs contains ficin,
kiwis contain actinidin, and then ginger which isn’t really a fruit, it’s a root, but it
contains zingibain which also is a proteolytic enzyme that reduces inflammation. So, remember these fruits if you have allergy
season. You want to do pineapple, kiwi, figs, papaya,
and then get some lots of lots of ginger root in your diet there as well. Apple cider vinegar is very high in organic
acids which really support the growth of probiotics. And also, really support your liver and detoxification. So, again, apple cider vinegar. I’d recommend doing a tablespoon mixed with
water and drinking that before meals. And then hey, if you’re going to eat meat
or get some meat in your diet, I would do small portions of meat, large portions of
vegetables and some fruits as your diet. And then organic meat like grass-fed beef,
organic turkey, and then wild caught fish is great because it contains omega-3 fats
which reduce inflammation. Now, let’s talk about the best supplements
for fighting allergies. Number one is spirulina. Spirulina is known as one of nature’s super
foods. Very high in vitamins and minerals, and very
high in chlorophyll which can be alkalizing to the body, and actually also dull any of
those severe allergic symptoms. And now quercetin is a compound that’s found
in very high levels in onions and garlic, and even in certain citrus fruits. And quercetin helps reduce those histamine
reactions in the body. In fact, one of the closest things often times
people will go and get synthetic prescription drugs or taking antihistamine drug. Probably the closest thing to that you can
take as a supplement is a straight quercetin supplement in terms of it acting as a natural
antihistamine. So, the next compound here is butterbur. And we know butterbur is fantastic for, actually
helping headaches. But especially if you’re a person that your
allergy symptoms is affecting your, you’re getting that sinus headache right there, a
lot of pressure, butterbur is one of those supplements you’d want to take there as well
or consider taking. Probiotics we know are good to take year round
or bolstering your immune system, strengthening your gut. I would recommend doing two capsules three
times a day or extra biotics when you’re experiencing allergies. Vitamin A can be great because of its support
for the immune system. Zinc, Zinc is actually known and referred
to as your immune system mineral. Now, vitamin C is known as the vitamin for
the immune system. Zinc is known as the mineral for our immune
system. And it’s really good at also helping heal
the gut lining. Bromelain, we talked about being in pineapple. You can also take that as a supplement. Stinging nettles, I’d recommend taking, you
can take this as a tea or in capsule form. This has some great anti-allergy properties. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now, do me a favor. Punch that Share button, click that Love button
or Like button. You know, so many people are struggling with
seasonal allergies and they have no idea there’s a natural way to combat it through diet, supplements,
and lifestyle tips. So, here’s some lifestyle tips for you. Stay hydrated. You know, often times we don’t get enough
water and liquids in our diet. And really increasing your body’s fluids can
really help with helping you overcome allergies fast. You want to make sure you pretty hydrated. Limit your pollen exposure and listen, most
of the time I tell people get outdoors. But really, the only time you don’t want to
be outdoors, if you don’t want to keep suffering is when you’re in the middle of allergy season. So, again, if you are, if it’s allergy season,
don’t go for a walk out in the park. Literally, stay inside because if not you’re
going to get more pollen and more pollen and more pollen. You really want to stay away from the pollen. Now, here’s something else though. If pollen is really low all year round, that’s
the other thing. You want to be outdoors as much as possible
when it’s not allergy season because your body in very small doses is building up your
immunity. That’s also why you want to shop at your local
farmer’s market and get some of those dirty veggies, and consume raw local honey. If you get outdoors more, eat local, and do
local honey, that’s going to help you have lesser symptoms typically during allergy season. The other thing is shower before bed. Wash all the pollen and the mold and things
off of your body is a good thing to do. Wash your clothes and bedding. Again, pollen is a major problem there. And then wipe down pets and wash your pets. De-clutter, keep doors and windows closed. Again, all of those again, keeping the pollen
at bay is an important thing to get rid of those seasonal allergies. So, remember some of these top tips. Again, some of the big things you want to
avoid. You want to avoid excess alcohol, excess caffeine,
conventional dairy products, chocolate to a degree, peanuts because some of the mold
issues there, sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, melons, and bananas. You want to consume not lots, healthy amounts,
a teaspoon or a tablespoon a couple of times a day of raw local honey, hot and spicy food,
bone broth, probiotic-rich foods, pineapple, apple cider vinegar, organic meat products. Remember these supplements, spirulina, quercetin,
butterbur, probiotics, vitamin A, zinc, bromelain, stinging nettles. And what I want to mention is, the best essential
oils for allergies, thyme oil is one of the best. Thyme contains thyme also. I would do a mixture of thyme and lemon oil,
and frankincense. So, thyme, lemon oil, and frankincense, and
I would do a single drop of those internally or rub, or do them as aromatherapy or rub
them right beneath your nostrils and your temples. Those are some of the best essential oils
to do to help during allergy season and then some lifestyle tips. What we talked about, stay hydrated and overall
with these other things, reduce your exposure to pollen. If you can follow this game plan, hey, you
are going to feel better. You’re going to have less of those seasonal
allergy symptoms. And hey, if you want to learn more on how
to naturally fight allergies, hey, just Google, search my name along with allergies. We’ve got some great articles on my website,
draxe.com. So, if you just Google search, Dr. Axe allergy
season, you’ll find some articles there as well guys. Hey, thanks for watching.

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    Essential oils are great if used according to their guidelines, and all essential oils have guidelines due to self-induced poisoning through ignorance.

    Documented Side Effects, Injuries, and Deaths from Essential Oil Ingestion

    This is the history of essential oils as reported in Encyclopedia Britannica at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/193135/essential-oil. If it doesn't match what you've been told, take it up with them. Far be it from me to argue an encyclopedia.

    In the late 1900's, sales and marketing companies began to offer essential oils through direct sales campaigns, and the information relayed in these one-on-one sales settings has become a hot topic of debate. These essential oil companies have become well-known for promoting the internal use of the straight essential oils, claiming ingesting the pure essential oil straight from the bottle is safe without side effects. However, as history has demonstrated, the internal use of essential oils, some very well-known and familiar to even lay-people, can result in side-effects, injuries, and even deaths. Though these cases are properly and professionally documented, easily obtainable and available for public review, people still demand proof of their existence while defending their decision to ingest straight essential oils to improve and maintain health.

    It is no secret that some of these oils can kill you. But in the recent hype of direct marketing, we seem to have casually forgot. It seems as though, somehow, common knowledge has been hidden from the masses and replaced by a maniacal enthusiasm for one's essential oil brand of choice, an old game used up salesmen have grown tired of playing and is now newly repackaged as a source of side income for mainly stay-at-home moms excited about organic and natural products. (For more on the Multi-Level Marketing of essential oils, read: http://leetea.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Are-All-the-Articles-that-Suggest-Ingesting-Essential-Oils-is-Safe-Written-by-Young-Living-Sales-Reps).

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