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My Techniques For Burping

My Techniques For Burping

I think colic is probably the bane of
pretty much every new mum’s life, at some stage. I think it’s a bit of a
cheap, catchall term for basically, the baby very being unhappy, and crying
and/or screaming, and not pooping or releasing the gas that they need to. So I
have found a few strategies now that I probably wished I’d had way back in the
beginning to help with that, which would involve various things. First of all, you’ve got to make sure that
you burp the baby properly after you feed them, with a cloth on your shoulder so
that they’re not going to be sick all over you, hopefully. And then, the first major
colic attack that I dealt with… I can’t remember how old he was, but I’d
say he’s probably he’s a couple months old. And up until that point, all had been
relatively calm, but I just remember him screaming and screaming, and obviously in
pain, and it was really, really hard for me to deal with. I
remember trying to use the techniques I’d learnt in baby massage, and realizing that
they were absolutely futile. He wasn’t interested at all. I was walking
my fingers across his tummy, and there was an awful lot of pain there,
and it was clear that what I was doing just wasn’t cutting it. So then, I moved
on to trying some colic drops, but to be honest, with my first, not an
awful lot seemed to work very well. Okay, so my strategies for colic would
involve burping the baby properly…sorry…upright like this. But
also, if the baby’s got a sore tummy, it can become quite obvious to you because
the whole body goes stiff, and also, he can lift his legs, which
shows that his tummy’s hurting, and kind of writhe around, and obviously,
also be screaming, unfortunately. So you can also lift him higher up like
this so that your shoulder’s a bit more into his tummy and gives him a bit of a
massage. You can put him over your legs like this, and rub his back or give him a
pat, and they really like that. They get really calm. There’s also a
lovely thing that you can do walking around, if you have the energy, like this. He’s not that calm now, but that’s how you
do it. And then, the other thing I would do is lay him down on his back and bend
his legs, and move them around. And that can be very satisfying if I
actually manage to release the gas.

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