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My Braids Hurt When I Get Them Done Is That Normal?

My Braids Hurt When I Get Them Done Is That Normal?

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author
of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of howtoblackhair.com and for the special
videos I love to answer all the questions you all send me via email so if you have any
questions that you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below
for additional information so I got email from one of you and her name was Kat, Kat
emailed me that every time she gets her braids done they hurt so bad and it’s really expensive
and she doesn’t want to take them down and she’s has just always gone through this vicious
cycle she’s finally coming to a point which is what should I do should I take them down
or could you give me some suggestions as far as how to deal with really tight hurtful braids
so she didn’t say they were heavy she didn’t say that anything else other than just the
fact that the braids hurt really really bad so Kat I’m going to give you some reasons
as to why your braids hurt really bad for me to give you some resolutions as far as
how to alleviate that and what you want to do next time so first the reason why your
braids hurt really bad is because your braider either braided your hair extremely too tight
to your standard of comfortableness or you’re really really really tender headed is that
they will be in tender head is that a lot of people think that’s a bad thing and I would
rather be tender headed and not to the head and me personally I don’t think I’m tender
headed because I can actually withstand a lot of pain but I need that level of knowing
if something is uncomfortable and not so I wont lose my hair as one big issue with hair
is things that lead to traction alopecia to where hairstyles are so tight that your hair
starts to recede and then you start to start lose hair so what I really want to get back
to is that one you can be tender headed and that’s a very good thing to note braids to
type or two of the style is braids your hair to type in stylust please please pay attention
to your clients because they tell you exactly what they want they tell you would be hurt
if it doesn’t hurt that looks good it doesn’t look good and you want to please them you
want them to continue coming back to so Kat your braids are either too tight or you could
be just tender headed but that still meand that your braids are still too tight and another
thing is that people think the solution of spraying water on your scalp or on your braids
are your hair helps the pain and it really doesn’t what water does is it swells your
real hair and it can swell the extension hair depending on if using synthetic hair or human
hair so if you’re using human hair within your braids it will swell your real hair and
a human hair since it’s real hair and what that does is it tightens the extension hair
around your real hair even further to where that leads to breakage in it self and after
the water dries out feels even more uncomfortable than what it was before you sprayed your braids
now if you have your hair braided with synthetic care water does not wasn’t pedicure and all
because water cannot be absorbed into synthetic hair only into a human hair so when your hair
is braided and you spray water on your scalp for a little bit of relief you will fill little
bit of relief at first but this leads ultimately to breakage at the point where your real hair
and the synthetic hair meets because of this so water does not work on alleviating the
potential disaster that can happen it does give you immediate relief to painful braids
but it will not help your situation better with your braids in the last thing I want
to tell you this can be this piece of ice that I really want to run away that you probably
don’t want to run with because your braids are so expensive and you invested so much
into it is that you down you have to take your braids down because you want to keep
chasing battle with paying for expensive braids and having them done too tight and eventually
want to start to lose hair in areas where you just can’t take a lot of women usually
recede their hair all around their hairline area and also around the temples of the head
I realize that this is the most delicate area because the hair is on the edges are a lot
finer than the rest of your hair in most cases and also its the number one place that has
the least resistance to very tight extensions so if you keep going back to this braider
that keeps braiding your hair tight and keep paying every all your money you are going
to start losing your hair you will always be unhappy with the way your braids feel when
I elaborate they do not hurt when other people usually there braids they don’t hurt if you
listen to how your scalp feels and you pay attention and you know what you can handle
and not handle so Kat I hope that helped you and save a little bit of money by watching
my tutorials and even purchasing my DVD on braiding your own hair so you have to deal
with that anymore so as always if you need more help her any more suggestions or you
need more details about the things I mention this video be sure to check out the description
box below because thats where I list everything for you all enjoyment and for your needs so
I hope they help and to everyone else watching I hope this video has helped you as well as
always I’ll see you all in my next video

88 Replies to “My Braids Hurt When I Get Them Done Is That Normal?”

  • Hi I've been watchn ur tutorials for a month now and I was wondering if u can show us how to do crocheted braids wit Marley twist I've seen a pic of a woman who did it n I would like to try it also

  • I think this situation is quite simple if she goes to the same stylist/ braider…stop going! If she isn't she probably has a tender scalp and needs to make it known that they hurt so they can consciously braid it looser.

  • I was a victim of tight braids around my edges. I think I have traction aloepecia. My hair broke out with wearing tight braids and then they put all that hair on a small stand of your hair which weights it down. What is the best kind of braids for when you have weak sides?

  • Im on my fiance profile bc hes already logged in but Ladies I wanted to ask a question…. My first time recieving box braids  was Sunday my braider was entirely too tight around my edges. I have been spraying braid spray and laying heavy on the Black Jamician Castor Oil and I plan on keeping this hair style in for at least a month. Do you ladies think that my edges will come out? Ive seen the results of too tight braids but then again those ladies told me that it was an over time thing. Some one Help I need this advice!

  • Oh my god I tell my African lady "hey it's too tight" and she goes "haha sorry" just braids even tighter -___- like hello

  • Thanks for this video. A small section of my scalp feels irritated and tingly. Do I have to take my braids out or can I treat this?

  • No braids should hurt ! It shouldn't to get your hair done ! if it hurts it's too tight, tell whoever is doing your hair it's hurting, or leave !

  • My braids hurt when I get them done and sometimes I put water to make it feel better and sometimes I put a lot of oil on my hair and I'm only ten and the hot come hurt

  • of course braids hurt especially the braids called renverse because it's like they are tied to your flesh. everytime i get those done, i do not sleep for a week.

  • This video is very true. I got my Senegalese twist done by the Africans and my edges hurt extremely bad but i am also extremely tender headed. Another temporary relief is putting teething ointment like the ointment for babies who are teething put that on your sore spots and it will numb the pain for a while but it doesn't help for too long the only things that helps is TIME. Give the braids/twist time to loosen.

  • My hair really hart when I'm laughing it hart so bad and when i eat it hart to so i might get this take down and where my hair natural for now on.

  • Can you please help me am pregnant and I never got my hair braid real full and they are heavy and they hurt so so bad please help

  • I got my hair done in an African braiding salon and not only did they braid/twist too tight, but they also yanked out my natural hair by combing it too roughly! When I got home I had to take out the three twists at the nape of my hair and my hair had a lot of breaking because of their carelessness. I'm never going to them again.

  • I'm going to cut to the chase… I'm white and I thought it would be interesting to get braids for fun… Well, I did, 4 to be exact and that was about the most painful experience I ever put upon myself for money. I left them in about 6 hours and took them out. My head is red, tender and sore… Does anyone know if I'm going to lose my hair now? The feeling is what I would think a slow scalping would feel like….seriously

  • Idk why hair stylist braid so tight . I always get bumps on my scalp and pain lasting 2 weeks. I should have to find ways to loosen it, they need to find ways to braid it better.

  • i loved the video
    just watched it because I could barely sleep.
    my mum and sister just made my hair but the pain is killing me, I'd love to take it off but am afraid of how my mum will feel about it,so what should I do??????


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  • She didn't really help. All she said was to take them down if they hurt too bad. She didn't give us instructions like probably rinsing them of with hot water or adding conditioner. For all I know my mom did my braids yesterday and they're not as tight. I rap a scarf around my head while I sleep. It hurts sometimes but not all the time. What I advise you to do is to night do anything productive in that moment. Try moving your braids around maybe even if it hurts just so so and start putting your braids in different styles.

  • With my experience of braids when I get like Ghana weaving it doesn’t hurt but the one time I got box braid noppppeeeee never again

  • Tbh some yall dont even tell ur stylist it be hurting u just sit in that chair waiting for it to be over. Communication is key when getting ur haie done,and if they still braid too tight for ur comfort i would start looking for a new stylist. I go to an african saloon that I love (houston) and it makes me sad when I see these African stylists in other parts of the world causing ppl pain

  • Ugh I did box braids on myself for the first time and they’re alright not so tight (rubberband method) the only problem I have it sleeping!!! During the day they’re fine but at night they hurt like hell!!!!!

  • I have just gotten my hair braided and it is too tight. I am sorry for what I'm about to say but i Thank God I have been blessed with a knowledgeable generous relative that has done my hair for the past year, who understands how to box braid hair and nurture natural hair . She just had a baby so I decided to have some Africans braid my hair for the first time in many many months and good Lord I swear they braided my soul from out of my body, through my scalp. So now I'm on YouTube trying to relieve myself from this despair and loosen these godforsaken braids. I am at the point where I need to either find a decent salon with people who care about their customer's hair or learn to box braid on my own so I don't have to go through this crap and feel like I wasted money cause I'm so unhappy and I suggest if you are capable, to do the same. I'd rather go through the frustrating trial and error of learning how to braid and save my self days of pain and no sleep than spend tons of cash on box braids that hurt like hell and cause my hair to fall out in the long run. Here is a tip ladies, if your braider has no edges run away and take no chances. I'm so mad

  • Been 3 days. Im going to admit defeat and take out the braids that are way too tight and redo those with less hair…..it wont ne as cute as the african braider did it, but at least i can save my edges….it just not worth the chance of snatchi g my edges…even if i paid $$$ for the braids

  • I just got my hair done today and the pain that I an going through I have to take painkillers to get rid of it I but it does really hurt tho but the lady who did my haie did a great job though she did it really well

  • I got mine done two days ago and am taking them down tmw because I’m in pain and I can’t sleep and already have bad headaches in general

  • Yea I don't think that pain is normal. I just got mine done yesterday, Fulani qnd I'm just so annoyed by this pain. My first time.e getting braids an it might be the last time I let some one do that style on me I'm gonna learn how to do it myself

    I had a bad experience in the past getting a weave and I didn't take it out and it pulled my hair out. Smh so if it hurt just take it out and don't worry about what you spent because you could cause traction alope cia from the abuse and trauma on the follicles. Take em out

  • Just got my hair braided today. If I got to go through all this pain for braids I mines well wear a wig lol. I can feel the pulse sensation in my head. I’ve tried everything even wine not helping.

  • After I am in pain I can’t even sleep my head hurts when I put my head on the pillow and I get neck pain. / I am tender headed

  • Im a white girl and i always loved braids but they was so expensive so i bradided my hair by myself today for 12hours now i want to sleep and i cant its so so so so much pain omg i will neevr want to take them off like i worked so hard and watched so much youtube videos to learn how to do them and now im just in love with them like i want to keep them forever but so so much painn😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • What about a tight sew-in? I was able to tolerate the pain at first, but now it’s just getting worse. What do I do?? I still have to leave it on for 3wks!!😭😭😭😭

  • I got a crochet hairstyle and my mom had told the lady to make it a bit tight because every time she did crochet the fake hair would come out, HOWEVER when the lady was doing the left side of my edges she put the fake hair so tight and close to my skin and after three days (my hair usually feels okay after two days) I had to wait until my mom came home at 11 PM for her to help me take it off and she had to CUT OFF the conrow at the root of my hair and the fake hair but STILL my hair was hurting (mind you the crochet and conrow was PULLING on my skin when she crocheted my left edges) don’t make the same mistake 😭😑

  • I have a headache or feel my brain beating for atleast 2 days and I'm very tenderheaded
    but then the braids just feel good on me not too tight no too loose

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