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Monster BURPS with a Soda Chug – Burps N Slurps : Diet Mountain Dew

Monster BURPS with a Soda Chug – Burps N Slurps : Diet Mountain Dew

For years, I got hammered by food leading me to be 315 pounds and having numerous health issues at the age of only twenty-two One day enough was enough and I found the tools to help me fight back and now now I hammer food I Find the most tastiest bites and engage the most monstrous fights I’m conquering fears and chugging beard lifting weights and Cleaning plates. I’m Heavy D and these are my adventure What’s up Heavy D nation Heavy D coming back at you with a special announcement This is a special edition of burps and slurps With Diet Mountain Dew and what are we celebrating today? I am here to tell you that last week. I received an offer and a pro contract from the International Federation of competitive eating Major League Eating the ones who do all the Nathan’s Famous hot dog on Coney Island I signed it and I am now a professional here So I want to thank you all for your support and coming along on these adventures so to show My appreciation we’re gonna celebrate With a room-temperature. I’m tired of chugging cold things Diet Mountain Dew Stuck down there Outside I don’t like to let them loose in the outside let’s finish this call it This Friday, I will be in San Diego with M le major league eating and we will be eating glazed doughnuts with the Salvation Army who create the doughnuts were created in World War two and Used for the troops out there. So I’m donating some money for charity. Every doughnut I eat I Will be donating $3 and He asked me a lot of fun will be aboard an aircraft carrier and Hoping to place big in my pro debut. So thank you all for your support over these crazy adventures more to come and Click that subscribe button. If you’re new follow me on Facebook and Instagram cuz all the adventures get posted there and until the next adventure Stay hungry You

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