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Minutes Matter: Chest Pain Unit

Minutes Matter: Chest Pain Unit

– The chest pain unit actually started as the patient volume increased
in the emergency room and we had a lot of
cardiac patients coming in and we needed to
re-evaluate those patients, and these are your low risk,
younger population patients. It started off small, we had four beds. These patients would come
in from the emergency room and would not be going up to the floor. We would keep them there for 23 hours. The patients are happy
because their length of stay is much shorter, they stay
there for about 23 hours, sometimes less than that, and their testing is being
done in the department. (What results did you seen in its first six weeks?) Since July 1 that we opened up, we have seen a total of 227 patients in the chest pain unit, 16 of those were admitted to the hospital, but 211 of those patients
we actually seen, did their testing, and sent them home. So that’s 211 patients that we got out of the emergency room and did not have to go
upstairs to the floor. (How are patients followed up once they leave the Chest Pain Unit?) The follow-up is
depending on the physician who has actually seen
them in the hospital. If they have a primary care physician, that physician would be
following up with them. If they do not, they
usually get some information about a primary care physician, otherwise they follow-up with whatever the diagnosis was that we
made for them in the hospital. So that would either follow-up with digestive disease physicians, they can follow-up with a cardiologist if that was something that
was needed over there, or just follow-up with their
primary care physician.

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